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  1. Well 2 wins 2 loses, it's not too bad ! Thanks for details !
  2. Thanks mate ! Available in stl file soon
  3. But against Sylvaneth, Jaws of Mork give you a better chance, don't they? The opponent didn't have time to shoot? With an old list, would he have had time to snipe your mangler? What can beat 30 buffed DoK witches...? A colossal may be ? Did you try to focus Mangler and boingrot on this ?
  4. Yes I am agree with you. It's a very good printing quality. I bought this printer on Aliexpress for 275€ when there is a promotion. Or you can buy this one on aliexpress for 169$ the quality is almost the same. But the printing volume is lesser. At the end of this year they will sell a new version, so maybe they will be in promotion. I you have an higher budget. Wait the and of the year, the new printer will be better (more printing volume and 12x more durable). I will post a picture at the end You can follow me on instagram if you want. https://www.instagram.com/fabiendronkert/?hl=fr
  5. Thanks for your the compliment. Yes I printed it 6 times and now I have 3 good prints. The 3 first prints was not good for differents reasons. Currently I use a Photon S anycubic (this is SLA, with liquid resin, if you are using FDM you will not able to have a good result). You can see the painting in progress. For the moment I just apply primers with aerograph. You can see the size next to my mangler What do you think about the printing quality ?
  6. Why not take the Webspinner shaman instead of one Madcap Shaman ? He can cast scuttletide with a bonus of +1. And he can take a very good spell : Sneaky distraction By the way, I think that we can take only one time the same spell. So you can't take 2 times The Hand of Gork. Am I right ?
  7. Hello all, I come form France, I play Gloomspite Gitz and Nighthaunt. But before I was playing the Vampires too. I prefer the hobby to the game. I like sculpt and paint. This is my last 3D Sculpt for example (Colossal squigs) : RENDER_KEYSHOT.10.avi
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