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  1. It's really just the butcher variants and maneaters (which are super easy to kit-bash). Tyrant and Hunter both got plastic kits, (i'll ignore the Gorger). There are a lot of things you can use for Sabretusks, I use Fenrisian Wolves. I think this is becoming more and more of a problem. Case in point... Mawtribes. With so much D2, they pretty much lose to a faction like Coalesced Seraphon. Petrifex have a cake-walk against armies that cant throw out mortal wounds. A ton of factions that are reliant on 4w support characters now get them insta-gibbed by 3 or 4 armies. The new Lumineth spell that DOUBLES THE COST OF COMMAND TRAITS. Some of the things out there are just not beatable with certain factions.
  2. Yeah. They are magically cursed to always be starving though. They eat dirt and rocks when there is nothing else. Butchers will chop off their own arms and eat them.
  3. They eat themselves all the time actually. Whenever there is a ritual challenge, for instance to become the Tyrant, the loser is eaten by the victor.
  4. You cant because the mawpot only refills when an enemy model is slain, not any model.
  5. Its not a problem when review copies are sent because instead of half wondering and squinting at blurry leaks we actually have all the information. This is some sort of weird hybrid case where we dont have any actual reviews of the content, and just have random pages from people that received the book early.
  6. I think that's legitimate. Probably doesn't come up often though
  7. Any changes to general matched play?
  8. I think she is better as an ally to Ogres bc she compliments their weaknesses well. Vanilla Ogre battleline troops have no AP and poor saves, so her spell is useful. Also it's nice to have a bit of range.
  9. Well then you are going to have a bad time unless you pick a top tier meta army... most factions in the game cant deal with army wide 2 or 3+ rerolling saves for instance. It's skew bc you either have the AP or you dont deal with it.
  10. Yeah, bc we have no ways of dealing with top tier meta like OBR and Tzeentch when we have almost no AP, weak spell casting, and limited mortal wound generation. In a tournament I'd rather have my Seraphon, but in a random pick up game I think I'd rather have Ogres bc their raw brute force is strong unless you are playing against some sort of tournament skew.
  11. I actually play Seraphon as my other army and this is a bit misleading. Salamanders are definitely super good, short range not withstanding. They are in the same ballpark as stationary Leadbelchers though. Kroak honestly is very good at hero sniping due to his ability to aim mortal wounds around, but he wouldnt have the best matchup vs. Ogres. His abilities spread out mortal wounds at a high efficiently against multiple units (which is why he is good at sniping characters), but would seriously struggle vs. big Ogre blobs where you have 3-5 huge wound soaking units. To optimize Kroak, you also need to also spend another 300pts+ on support, like a banner and Guard. Seraphon are a super weird rock paper scissors match-up for Mawtribes bc the Coalesced 'take 1 less damage per attack' probably hurts us more than any other faction due to our prolific 2d attacks, but I think we have a great matchup vs. starborne, and leadbelcher / frost sabre lists dont really care.
  12. Anyone else get the idea to use the LOTR goblins as Gnoblars? They are pretty cheap, and I think the more serious aesthetic fits my army better. They are also pretty much the exact same size.
  13. After painting basically a wall of flesh I realized I wanted to mix it up hah. Lorewise it definitely makes sense that as a wandering band absorbing tribes from different lands and different realms they wouldn't all look the same. Also, painting black skin was cool skill set to develop. They were all primed with ubashi bone. Then I shaded with fleshtone. Then for the dark skin guys I did a layer of katachan flesh, with 50/50 katachan / tusker highlights for a nice reddish black tan look. The white guys were just Canadian flesh + Kislev flesh.
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