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  1. I dunno, maybe? You raise a fair point. The winds are out of my sails a little with this news. My local meta is pretty heavy on the shooting and I only really felt confident I could weather it with PE
  2. It might be because I run katakros as my general, but i've found OBR to be deceptively slow. On paper, yes we are. But if you have the RDP to spend we can be quite quick across the board with the 7' move + run. I've certainly caught a few opponents with surprise with how quickly my army was able to move across the board.
  3. 1. I'm not sure what you mean, it seems a lot of lists run a liege-kavalos. He's definitely a good unit, I feel. I think maybe some of the more recent tournament lists ran Nagash and a whole mess of either guard or deathriders. 2. I've had really good success running a squad of six stalkers. They devastate anything they can get to. 3. I think they are viable. I've seen lists that ran a large core of deathriders that seemed to do fairly good! 4. People usually don't seem to have space for them, I think. They are definitely good if you have the spare points! 5. Arkhan, I like
  4. I think I may be needing to pickup some new brushes and was wondering, what brand of brushes do you use?
  5. I actually super like this list a lot. I need to pick up a second catapult to finish off my "competitive" build, but I could run yours too if I picked up some boxes for immortis guard. I may have to add that to my shopping cart whenever I can actually order minis again haha
  6. He only gives mortis praetorians the +1 to save, but all of his other abilities will be applied to your army no matter what subfaction you take (like the +1 to hit bubble). Also keep in mind that Katakros also has the mortis praetorian keyword so his save becomes a 2+ when he uses Supreme Lord
  7. So haven't posted anything here for awhile. Mainly because I wasn't happy with my scheme so after getting some inspiration I've been working through my minis again. Though to be honest the new scheme doesn't really fit the name, but I don't think it would be appreciated if I made a separate thread for the same army so here we go! The new scheme is heavily inspired (ripped off) from the Eternals of Amonkhet. But I wanted to keep the cold/ice bases for them. Haven't taken a shot of my guard yet, I have ten done but I'm kinda wanting to get a full squad of 20 done
  8. Ah yes the stardrake. I admit I had slightly forgotten about that unit (local stormcast player doesn't run one, and I haven't taken my reapers to a tournament yet) so if you're going up against one it might be smart to change up how you position the harvester. I mainly run that formation to better protect it against flanking attacks since it's such a "Kill this thing first" target. The harvester off to the side of the block, or behind them may work? That way you can still regen units when they die. You could also bring the harvester around after the guard are engaged, though i'd still be wo
  9. I've seen some people (and how I usually use them) have the harvester in the middle of the mortek guard ranks sort of like MMMMMMMMMM MMMMM HarvsterMMMMM As the harvester can reach over the front line mortek to smash enemy units.
  10. What if you started your first turn (assuming survival happens) you use Endless Duty to give both the catapults an additional attack? Seem like it would be pretty great. Then you can have the liege move up the field to support the riders?
  11. Making some progress on my Amonkhet Eternals inspired Bonereapers! This time, the harvester
  12. I'm curious on the Soulmason. His ability to easily give our rerolling 1s seemed like a pretty sweet thing, since he can potentially cast it several times. I wonder what they suggested taking instead? I typically have been running Katakros+Soulmason lately. Edit: Plus it's my only source of dispells haha. Interesting that they don't seem to rate the Stalkers very highly
  13. I rolled with Arkan + Katakros for awhile, and it was definitely a powerful combination. Though lately i've been running katakros + soulmason in order to get one more 200pt thing into my army. I think a harvester with Nagash might be a bit too much. He can bring back 3 wounds/models on up to five units. Plenty durable.
  14. I think i've seen some lists that ran with a bunch of deathriders instead of guard, those seemed to perform pretty well? Though you're points about it coming down to if your opponent being able to deal with Nagash or not is pretty spot on I think.
  15. I think several of the lists that made it quite far in the recent tournaments used Nagash, i'd have to look them up though.
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