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  1. So I have two lists that i've been toying with. The first one i've been playing a few games with and it seems like it's doing well, but I have a second i've been thinking of trying out just to see if I can work more "punch" in. I've kind of been avoiding running big three blocks of guard, but I might think about it since the first list has six drops and the second has seven. Leaders: Arkhan the Black Katakros Battleline: 20 mortek guard 20 mortek guard 5 deathriders Others: 6 Stalkers Endless Spell The other list is Leaders: Katakros Soulmason (godbone armor) Battleline: 20 mortek guard 20 mortek guard 5 deatheriders Others: 6 Stalkers Behemoth: 1 Crawler Endless Spell
  2. We got our FAQ a few months ago iirc. Unless you're meaning another one?
  3. I saw somewhere on their facebook (i'll try and track a screenshot down later, i'm at work) that OBR during the first round of the siege get +1 to their saves. I'm sure you can imagine the salt that flowed through the comments.
  4. I went against a Tempest Eye cities army last weekend, and if I was any legion but PE I don't know if my units would have been able to reach his gunline without being obliterated. Having to charge into his handgunners cost me 10 mortek guard before they even got into combat. It was a really messy fight, even if I eventually came out on top thanks mostly to some teleport shenanigans with Arkhan (And my opponent managing to roll just bad enough to leave arkhan with 1 wound left)
  5. So it seems like there's quite a bit of us at the LVO. Hopefully if they bring the nerfs they don't overdo it
  6. Petrifex is considered the best, due to the +1 to save and also the -1 rend legion ability. I would assume Null Myriad would be pretty strong against a spell caster heavy matchup.
  7. I haven't had many games with this list, but it was a pretty great success against my opponent. Even if I was too tired and made some hilariously bad misplays. Another user put this up. Arkhan brought tremendous good unbinding rolls against my maggotkin opponent (who was running a GUO, Glottkin, and Exalted GUO) and the OBR spells put in some work with their buffs. Katakros is also great with his debuffs, his massive +1 hit aura, and all that juicy juicy RDP Arkhan Katakros 20 mortek 20 mortek 5 Deathriders 6 Stalkers Nightmare Predator I think your list will be fine with 2 catapults, but against heavy armored armies or armies that can do a bit of outflanking it might be a problem maybe?
  8. Don't feel bad! I think I worded that big post badly if i'm being honest! If I feel like the list i'm bringing is "strong" then I usually clear it with my opponent first. I don't want to bring my big boy list against a meme list you know? I'm trying to get loads of practice in because I eventually would like to try my hand at some tournaments in my local area. So people at the shop seem willing to throw down on that lol.
  9. Actually everyone is super chill at the shop! Nobody has really complained about the OBR, except the Skaven player 😂 I was really worried about it once I saw some complaints online, but everyone I play with comes away with having a good time so I guess i'm lucky there. Hopefully it's because i'm very friendly the entire time.
  10. This is very true for every game i've played against people at my local shop. Everyone seems to enjoy facing them, as they're used to just charging headlong and smashing things apart but my army is able to take the hit and punch back. Which I guess is a bit different for them. I was running a crawler and harvesters for awhile. I've since swapped them out for some other things and am trying out a unit of six stalkers. The ogor/maggotkin guy at the shop actually super loves the 20 mortek guard blocks with a harvester as support idea, and would love to go against a Crematorium meme list featuring them. The sylvaneth player actually did deep strike some revenants (I think?) in behind my crawler to try and take it out, but Arkhan just gobbled them up. And the FEC player tried to bullrush into the crawler but it didn't make it that far and got tied up by the mortek guard, which let me move the stalkers in and decimate his two terrorgeists. So far my limited experience lines up with your points, if you just charge guns blazing into the OBR they will most likely blunt your attack, take the hit, and swing back. The players all seem semi-competitive so i've been fielding petrifex (I also just really love the extra rend command ability) but i've started asking them if they're cool with it now, I don't mind swapping to a different legion if they'd prefer it. So far they do appreciate that the army doesn't really do any fight first/fight last/fight again shenanigans that other armies do.
  11. I feel like his mini is more "surveying the battlefield" sort of stance. The way he has his shield set gives me this feeling of this is all beneath him? Maybe i'm looking too much into it based on his lore.
  12. What's the list you brought against your opponents, and if you're fielding harvesters are you using your guard to bubble wrap them?
  13. I decided to try a scheme inspires by the Eternals of Magic the Gathering's more recent sets. I think I found a new scheme to repaint all my stuff with 😅 Though I should find a better way to do the purple glow from the eyes
  14. I'm bringing six stalkers against my frequent Ogor opponent, and i'm really hoping to give him a shock with how much damage those stalkers bring. But yeah, my catapult has largely acted as a DISTRACTION CARNIFEX for my opponents
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