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  1. Shovel Knight Stormcast is FINISHED! I'm extremely proud of how he came out, I wanted to make a tribute to probably my most favourite video game character. Conversion is a Stromcast Liberator with sculpted parts added. Hope you guys like it!!
  2. Finished another archer for my army, you can find how I painted the sword here: Thanks for watching!
  3. I use Rosemary and Co Series 33, Raphael 8404 and Windsor and Newton Series 7. As for sizes, I tend to like bigger sizes, 2 is usually my favourite one
  4. Sadly no, i never do painting videos on my armies because I paint them in the times when I cannot record a video, that's it when my kid of wife is around or there's noise. I record videos late at night usually. That being said, all you see in those is already done in some shape or form on other videos, there is nothing new, just tell me is anything interests you
  5. Thanks! I absolutely love those ikea lamps, I have four, two for painting and two for pictures but have plans to get at least another three when this is all over
  6. Had tons of fun painting and learning NMM lately, this time I try Steel using Darren Latham style and method but my own paint recipe, check the full tutorial: Hope you guys like it!
  7. Something a bit more advanced today. Gold NMM. Darren Latham Style!
  8. A bit more progress in the Undead army means a new video! This one is How to Paint - Ethereal Steel
  9. Decided to make a tutorial on the Purple NMM as so many people asked for it. This is the first time doing NMM and an amazing learning experience for me. I always feared NMM and never got to do it, now I'm glad I did. You never know what you are capable of, until you just go a do it. Paint Bravely!
  10. I finally finished my video tutorial on how to paint SPOOOOOKY BOIS. Go check it out now: I really hope you like it guys! And as always thanks for watching!
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