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  1. Just finished uploading this new tutorial. How to Paint - LIGHT WOOD
  2. That is a good question and one that I don't know the correct answer for. The only brands I've tried and know are good are Liquitex and Daler Rowney. I'm guessing both would be the same and that the name is just marketing. Acrylic ink is acrylic ink. That being said I would probably go for Schmincke on the basis that they make the best acrylic white paint on the planet so their white ink should be good but that is it. In some art shops they let you try the product on a piece of paper first, trying it on some black paper should give you all the info you need. Sorry that I cannot be of more help.
  3. Yeah I've heard that too, in fact I even said that when I was recording the video but it got scrapped in the editing as the rambling was already too long. My ceramite white has always been a decent colour, never had any problems with the two pots I bought at all but I heard horror stories. I guess that is why GW made a new recipe (Corax White) and scrapped it. Thanks for the support! It's greatly appreciated
  4. I reached an amazing milestone on the YouTube channel and wanted to give something back to the community, THANKS GUYS!
  5. Yeah, it's been a very confusing thing all this. But I've seen it confirmed elsewhere, they are going away.
  6. I'm afraid they are going away. The clear paints are those candy coats previously made by FW.
  7. Citadel Glazes are sadly going away as you may know. So I decided to show you how you can make the exact same product VERY CHEAPLY. The video includes precise colour matching and dilution recipes. Hope you find it useful!
  8. SURPRISE NINJA TUTORIAL! I uploaded a second tutorial this week! How to Paint Chainmail VERY easily!
  9. Tutorial on painting BLACK is finished. It includes 4 extra black recipes that can be used with the same techniques.
  10. Thank you very much! It's great fun making them, glad you liked them. More very soon
  11. My tutorial on painting Yellow is now uploaded, I really hope you like it!
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