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  1. Yes! Everyone does it wrong, that's why I decided to show it in the video. It's a trick I learned A LONG time ago from some of the best historical miniature painters. Blue, green or a mix of the two give the most realistic beard stubble as they are the complementary colour to the Caucasian flesh.
  2. My new tutorial on how to paint flesh is up and running check it out guys! I think you would find it useful. As always, thanks for the support!
  3. Finished a new video! I really hope you guys like it as it is the video that has had more work put into it, including hearing myself speak while editing. Absolute hell!
  4. Hi Guys! I decided that instead of spamming the forum with new Threads for each video I make, it's better to have them all in one big thread. Hope you like them! 1. How to Paint - Intense Green 2. How to Paint - Saturated Red 3. Intense Blue
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I wanted to show the full technique as well as the colour recipe. That part you are mentioning is called feathering, I quickly clean the brush and use it to smooth the transition of the glaze. I can't talk while recording as I paint at night and my kid is asleep, I'm also not a words person tbh 🤣. I could try to add some text bubble on the techniques in future episodes. Thanks to all your feedback I hope to make the videos better with each episode.
  6. I think I will merge them all into one. I will be recording and editing the blue tutorial tonight I hope. I LOVE my handles, have two small and a big one. I also have three pots with blue-tack. They serve different purposes, you can't really use paint pots and blue tack with heavy or large miniatures, that's what I use the handles for (specially metal cavalry like this ones), for regular plastic infantry? Pots and blue tack all day!
  7. Hi again guys, Just uploaded another video tutorial on my channel, really hope you like it. I would also want to ask if you would rather have all the tutorials on one big thread or make individual posts for each one? Thanks for watching!
  8. Hi Guys! I've been wanting to do painting tutorials for quite some time and finally found a way to do them that is easy for me and hopefully nice for you to watch too. That being said I already found a better setup that will be showcased in the next video that is being edited right now, but for now I'm very proud to present to you my first video: HOW TO PAINT - Green with Ease! Hope you find it useful, expect the next one: How to Paint Red with ease, next week. I already have Blue, Yellow and Chainmail ready too! Thanks for watching!
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