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  1. Hey all, Tempest Eye and Ironclads have me excited. What do you think about this list? Key callouts are a 9in movement minimum on the first turn for our troops, with the Ironclads shooting on 3's rerolling 1's, and wounding on 3's and 2's. Vanguard Palladors are for potential T1 charges and extra shooting. Let me know what you think. Lord-Ordinator (140) -General -Command Trait: Hawk-eyed -Artefact: Thermalrider Cloak Battlemage (90) - Spell: Lore of Eagles - Celestial Visions - Realm: Ghur Sorceress (90) -Spell: Lore of Eagles - Aura of Glory -City Role: General's Adjutant UNITS 30x Eternal Guard (330) 6x Vanguard-Palladors (360) -Boltstorm Pistols and Starstrike Javelins 10x Darkshards (100) 10x Darkshards (100) Arkanaut Ironclad (380) -Main Gun: Aethermatic Volley Gun Arkanaut Ironclad (380) -Main Gun: Aethermatic Volley Gun
  2. Went 2-1 for 5th place out of 10 teams and best sportsmanship at the Doubles tournament today! I ran Skaven with a Warpseer and my teammate ran FEC and Terrorgheists. The tournament fules had us share CPs on our team, so the plan was for me to feed Command Points to his guys. It went very well! Me: Verminlord Warpseer (Suspicious Stone, Master of Magic) Warlock Engineer 20x Clanrats 20x Clanrats 3 Stormfiends (Shock Gauntlets, Ratling Cannons, Wind Launchers) Warp Lightning Vortex FEC Gristlegore: Varghulf Courtier (General) Abhorrant Archregent Terrorgheist Terrorgheist Round 1 was Battle for the Pass against Sylvaneth and Khorne running all daemons. Warpseer tanked almost 50 wounds before retreating, when my Stormfiends shot their Bloodthirster off the table. Terrorgheists got to Feeding Frenzy 4 times this game. 1-0 Round 2 was Scorched Earth vs Maggotkin + BoC. This was an absolute meat grinder so I don't remember much, but they got a double turn which stole momentum, and rolled really well on their charges. We lost, but at one point we had 6 command points in one turn and the Terrorgheists killed 70+ models all at once. 1-1 Round 3 was Duality of Death vs Stormcast (Anvils) + Sylvaneth. Stormcast player dropped 9 Vanguard Raptors to shoot the Warpseer off, but lemme tell you, he took 74 wounds to die after all his saves! WLV came in clutch here, killing his banner guy and 4 vanguard Raptors. He stayed long enough on the board that a double turn going into round 3 sealed the game for us. The Varghulf Courtier dueled a Treelord Ancient in a Sylvaneth Wildwood for two turns and almost killed it. 2-1 Great Tournament, and I'm happy with the result. 10/10 would do again.
  3. I had similar thoughts. If I can pop some backline heroes, then the WLC's will have done their jobs. The big hope is that by removing those heroes, the terrorgheists should cause enough damage to cause whole units to melt in the battleshock phase. I'm also considering taking the command trait for the Warpseer that steals enemy CP's on 6's, but that seems too greedy lol.
  4. Awesome, thank you! Unfortunately I own no Jezzails and the tournament is this Saturday otherwise 9x Jezzails sounds great. I was considering 2x Warp Lightning Cannons which I do have instead of the WLV and 3x Stormfiends. Which would you rather do?
  5. Update on upcoming Doubles Tournament: My teammate is bringing Flesh Eater Courts running Gristlegore (Archregent, Varghulf Courtier, 2x Terrorgheists). They released the rules packet today, and the team gets to share CP's which is great for multiple Feeding Frenzy a turn. Based on this information, which list would you take? Verminlord Warpseer Warlock Engineer 20x Clanrats 20x Clanrats 3x Stormfiends Warp Lightning Vortex OR Grey Seer Warlock Engineer 20x Clanrats 20x Clanrats 6x Stormfiends
  6. So I built my terrorgheist kit, and apparently the front left claw rock thing does not fit flush with the other rock formations. What's an easy way to fill the gap between the rock formation and the base?
  7. My concern is that even with his Terrorgheists I'll still need to be able to win combat one side of the board so he can focus on one specific army at a time. Our plan is for him to summon 20 ghouls with his Archregent so he can secure objectives without me needing to shift my Clanrats. I suppose I can drop the Monks, and bump the 20 rat unit to 40, then add another block of 40. Thank The Great Horned Rat for movement trays lol. Would 6 Jezzails be enough at 1000 points? Changing the Monks to 6 Jezzails and the Clawlord to a Warlock Engineer also sounds interesting. I was looking to trying out the Acolytes but have heard mixed things about them.
  8. Hello everyone! I have a doubles tournament coming up at 1k each, and my partner will be running Gristlegore FEC. I am planning on focusing on board control with 80-100 bodies while he goes hunting with his terrorgheists. Which list would you take? C+C appreciated, of course! Here’s his list: Leaders Abhorrent Arch-Regent Varghulf Courtier (General) Units Terrorgheist Terrorgheist And here’s my first choice Leaders Verminlord Warpseer (General) Master of Magic - Command Trait Suspicious Stone - Artefact Clawlord Verminous Valour - Mighty Warlord Command Trait Units 40x Clanrats 20x Clanrats 40x Plague Monks (Woe Staves) And my second choice: Leaders Verminlord Warpseer Suspicious Stone - Artefact Warlock Engineer (General) Deranged Inventor - Command Trait More-more-more Warp Power! Units 40x Clanrats 20x Clanrats 20x Skryre Acolytes Endless Spells Soulsnare Shackles
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