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  1. Great stuff as always That 6x Wurrgog Prophet list is the kind of thing I live for now with Bonesplitterz!
  2. I was looking at some similar. I really do think we've been forced into MSU style to be competitive, since I think our goal is to tag objectives and then immediately attack our opponent all out. There's something menacing about throwing massive quantities of Big Stabbas out that can generate MWs in Icebonez. My thoughts are that if you are playing Icebonez, you either play: Boarboys and then units that have D2 on their attacks, which means Big Bosses, Rogue Idols, and Big Stabbas Boarboys and MSU Maniaks since they take advantage of Icebonez through sheer weight of attacks Boarboys and Wurrgogs in the most epic staring contest of all time. Otherwise, I think the other "competitive" list is the MSU Bonegrinz with 1x Big Boss General, 5x Wardokks with the Save Dance, 10x Units of MSU Arrowboys, and an endless spell of your choice. I'd run with the Soulsnare Shackles myself. If nothing else, the psychological shock of telling your opponent you can shoot 300 times if everyone is nearby should make them play cautiously lol
  3. That's the kind of degeneracy I can get behind
  4. Gonna play this at an upcoming tournament. I have epically low expectations here, but I fully intend to surprise people with just how mobile the army can be. Icebonez BATTLE REGIMENT 1x Savage Big Boss (65) --General --CT: Great Hunter 1x Maniak Weirdnob (100) --Artefact: Glowin Tattooz --Mount Trait: Fast'Un --Spell: GorkaMorka's War Cry 1x Savage Big Boss (65) 5x Savage Boarboys w/ Chompas (140) 5x Savage Boarboys w/ Chompas (140) 5x Savage Boarboys w/ Chompas (140) BATTLE REGIMENT 1x Savage Big Boss (65) 1x Savage Big Boss (65) 1x Savage Big Boss (65) 5x Savage Boarboys Maniaks (145) 5x Savage Boarboys Maniaks (145) Rogue Idol (430) 1995/2000 7 units can move pre-game 8", which in this case would be all of non-hero units. Hopefully by being a two drop, that would let me go first in a lot of cases. In my hero phase, I would use the Fast'Un trait to march up the Weirdnob 12", within 6" of a Rogue Idol, and then cast the WarCry on something they have on their front line--given that most deployment zones are 12" apart, I might need to use Tireless Trackers on him to get in range of something. Of course, if he's just going to get auto-unbound, who cares anyway. After that, move into range of my opponent, and then charge their entire front line on T1 with everything. Given that a lot of damage comes from buffs in most non-monster armies, I should be able to dump damage across the board with minimal crack back. On my opponent's turn, I'll activate the BS Waaagh, and then hopefully hold on long enough to score on the objectives. Block of Big Bosses will run around tagging objectives, since they are all individual models. Bad? Probably, but at least I'm going to have fun!
  5. I'm going to run 6 in Icebonez and abandon sanity. The idea being that if you think of them less as heroes and more as a 390 point unit whose models pile-in individually and end up with the following attack profile: 36A/3/3/-1/2 that deal 2 MWs on 6s to wound in Icebonez. And then they can let another unit pile in and fight after that.
  6. For sure. I'm in it more for the memes now that anything. *Looks at 6 big bosses*
  7. One of the big issues ist arroeboyz are a single activation, whereas 3 units of Maniaks are 3 activations. This gives the opponent a chance to damage the unit which will reduce their fighting effectiveness since it drops them below 5 models. That said, you can give a Maniak Weirdnob the Fast 'Un mount trait which lets it make a normal move in the hero phase. Theoretically if you went first and with an 8" Tireless Trackers pregame move, the Weirdnob could move 20" then cast GorkaMorka's War Cry, make the enemy unit fight last. THEN you said in the Boys. Unless you play against Teclis :c
  8. Hey you, yes, you! Do you like playing Herohammer? Do you ever look at Idoneth Deepkin or LRL with envy over their abilities to fight multiple times in a row but you exclusively think green is the best color and that aelfs really need to cultivate mass? Now introducing: The Clone Wars (tm)! Where you can fight with 6x Savage Big bosses in a row followed by a Rogue Idol or whatever! That's 36A/3/3/-1/2 with 2 MWs on 6s to wound. This is of course a memey list, but the idea of forcing opponents to split their attacks among 6 Big Bosses who are walking up the field with each other is just too good to pass up at least one test with. Icebonez Warlord Battalion GENERAL: Savage Big Boss 65 --Command Trait: Great Hunter --Artefact: Glowin Tattooz Savage Big Boss 65 --Artefact: Arcane Tome --Spell: GorkaMorka War Cry Savage Big Boss 65 --Artefact: Vial of Manticore Poison 10x Savage Orruks w/ Chompas 165 10x Savage Boarboys w/ Stikkas 280 5x Boarboy Maniaks 145 Warlord Battalion 3x Savage Big Boss 195 10x Savage Orruks w/ Chompas 165 10x Savage Boarboys w/ Stikkas 280 5x Boarboy Maniaks 145 Alpha Beast Pack Rogue Idol 430 Rogue Idol 430 2k on the dot
  9. They're also TOTEMS so they can issue commands as well. Here's what I'll be trying out: Icebonez BATTLE REGIMENT Wurrgog 150 -General -Command Trait: Master of Magic -Artefact: Glowin Tattooz -Spell: Power of the Wereboar Maniak Weirdnob 100 -Spell: Glowy Green Tusks 20x Savage Orruks w/ Stikkas 330 10x Boarboys w/ Stikkas 280 10x Boarboys w/ Stikkas 280 ALPHA BEAST PACK Rogue Idol 430 Rogue Idol 430 2000/2000
  10. A Bonesplitterz list running Bonegrinz placed 9th at the Lone Star Open. Anyone have the list?
  11. I have! He has been an all-star so far between being able to delete large blocks of infantry, his great spellcasting, and his small base size allowing you to do some creative pile-ins and Scurrying. Last game I killed 40 Mortek Guard with just him, letting Stormfiends take care of other higher priority targets.
  12. Played Veins of Ghur against an OBR opponent running Arkhan. Thanquol was the MVP of the game--even with only 2 Warpfire Throwers, his Unleash Hell wiped 20 Mortek Guard. In the next shooting phase, he wiped out 20 more Mortek Guard! Also, his small-ish base makes it so much easier to Scurry out of combat. Thoroughly impressed so far.
  13. Where is mentioned that the Hekatos keyword grants the ability to issue commands? The only times I see Hekatos mentioned as being able to issue commands is the pre-FAQ wording on Unstoppable Advance and on Deathless Warriors. The Hekatos keyword is never referenced in regards to issuing commands so far as I can tell. The designer's commentary calls out that commands are issued by the unit leaders which is still true in 3.0, but in 2.0 the Stalkers could issue commands to themselves because that's what their warscroll said. Stalkers/Immortis don't have unit leaders, and the FAQ did not clarify beyond that. RAW, they wouldn't be able to issue their command is how my local group have been interpreting it unless there's something critical I'm overlooking?
  14. Just to be clear, Necropolis Stalkers/Immortis Guards can't issue their command abilities since they don't have a unit leader right?
  15. Here is a theoretical list of mine that I'm looking to test. It has poor objectives game, but there's something to be said about having your entire army do shooting. Stormfiends continue to over-perform, and with Mystic Shield and such they can be surprisingly tanky. All of the Engineers have MMMWP for redundancy. I've learned that -1 to hit is not all that great, so every unit will be able to land shots at -2, or completely bypass in the case of WLC's. The idea would be to park the WLC's in the backfield and demolish things one at a time while the deathball of Stormfiends + Arch-Warlock march up the field flanked by the Acolytes, who can run and tag objectives as necessary. The single Warpfire Projector is to shore up matches against Immortek guard, basically. I'm going to test this out soon, so let me know what you think! Comes out to 2k exactly. Command Entourage (Command Point) Arch-Warlock (175) --General --Command Trait: Deranged Inventor --Artefact: Amulet of Destiny (or Vigordust Injector, not sure which yet) --Spell: MMM-Warp-Power! Warlock Engineer (125) --Spell: MMM-Warp-Power! Warlock Engineer (125) --Spell: MMM-Warp-Power! Hunters of the Heartland Skryre Acolytes x10 (130) Skryre Acolytes x10 (130) Stormfiends x9 (945) --3x Ratling Guns --2x Windlaunchers --1x Warpfire Projectors --3x Shock Gauntlets No Battalion Warp Lightning Cannon (185) Warp Lightning Cannon (185)
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