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  1. Excited for the buddy cop adventures of Sigmar and Nagash they hinted at in the Soul Wars book.
  2. Very similar to the Ad-Mech. From the repeated cog pattern to the mix of high tech and low. The big tell is the tiny spikes, which are just like those that are on Dragoon's feet.
  3. What if it's a repackage but they duplicate only some sprues? The Iron Golems for example have the Dominar and Drillmaster on one sprue, the Ogor Breacher and Armator on another with the Prefector/Signifier split between them. But, the three Iron Legionaries are all on their own sprue. What if we get an additional of that last one making the box: Dominar, Drillmaster, Prefector/Sgnifier, Breacher, Armator and 6 Legionaries?
  4. There's more to that bird than meets the eye.
  5. I really like this recolor. I think that the best part of them is that since they are "constructed" out of bone rather than being skeletons it removes the expectation that their bodies should be painted "like bones". Undead armies have always had an issue looking similar since the major aesthetic and color scheme is "bones all the way down" . Vampire Counts got away from this by including Vampires, spirits, undead wolves and bats. Tomb Kings got away from this by including a bunch of constructed and going heavy in on the Egyptian decoration (mummies, masks, armor, big shields, things made of "not bone". This new army gets away from the bone problem indirectly. Their non-bone bones can be painted in other colors to simulate other materials fairly easily. You could do grey stone, red stone, obsidian, marble, jade, terracotta, or even metal. The possibilities are really astounding. IF I collect them, I've already got my idea: Terracotta "Bones" and Jade armor.
  6. There's so much here and I'm sure it has to do with a big consolidation of the range for free cities, it is a lot of the oldest units going (glade guard are circa 2007 I think?), as well as a lot of specific heroes and old mounted/unmounted kits. Thunderers/Quarellers and the Canons are old models as well. Either way the older models are out and I'm curious to see tomorrow's announcement brings for Free Cities. Can't imagine they put this much stuff up and say nothing.
  7. Are you allowed to have more than one leader (or boss) per warband?
  8. Shockingly there was no thread for everyone's favorite madmen. So, this is now the official thread for the light of the Bad Moon to shine bright! So here's what we know so far: Gloomspite Gitz Leaders - Boingrot Boss - Squig Hopper Boss - Moonclan Boss Gloomspite Gitz Fighters - Boingrot Bounder - Squig Hopper - Cave Squig - Squig Herder - Stabba with Pokin' Spear - Stabba with Barbed Net - Shoota - Stabba So while we have a great variety of fighters, the only one we know anything about is the Squig Hopper (from the card previews). These have a solid attack, higher wounds, high movement and access to different types of tactics, but are priced like cavalry at a few hundred points. Still they give us an idea what the rest of the warband will be: expensive but fast (and extra bouncy) squig riders, cheaper stabba/shootas, slighly tougher squigs, and mighty (yet cowardly) leaders. Post more as we hear it and I'll do my best to fill out this section into a kind of guide. Happy Bouncing everyone!
  9. This is actually a stealth announcement for Hero Man, a new faction of only one model.
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