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  1. Just did the honest warhammer podcast and holy thanks helped so much !
  2. Thanks I will check this out !
  3. DavisMMA125

    KO List Help ?

    I’m jumping into a new army and love KO, going be a good switch from Ironjawz. I have no idea where to start. What does a semi competitive 1000 point list look like. Want to build for the new meeting engagement. thanks for help I just have no idea where to start.
  4. I hope can use in AOS as like chaos mercenary options possibly. Chaos only mercs
  5. Ya that’s not great but rather have them push out a great product as I could not get into Underworlds or Shadespire. Hoping this is the skermish product I want. But excited to see what people think cause my hopes are so high.
  6. Love this Warband, i am curious if that whole band is one box and the cost. Would love to collect just each band just to paint even if game is not good. Love these models and have hopes for this game. Hope the whole band pictured is just a box set.
  7. Thanks ! Going finish up the rider here but I was intimidated but was not bad. I’ll def look into how to do bone next time. But getting a army which is painted on board is main priority and get the basics of painting down like dry brushing and layering a bit, etc. Just touch ups and few things and will have a fully painted 2000 ironjawz army. Took two months but I’m happy even with mistakes. Onto the next soon.
  8. Just got into Age Of Sigmar and working on my first army. Working on finishing touches of a 2000 ironjawz army. Had up and downs at the start of army with painting but took aim this weekend at the Maw Crusher and here it is. Overall I am proud I got the mount done in two days and was my first monster or large thing I’ve ever painted besides boars might change those arm blades and maybe try add something to make wings pop out a tad more, if anyone has advice.
  9. You just broke my heart lol just got this sent to me but could not find anything about it. Damn shame
  10. Anyone have more info on this, date or potential new units/models ? What would you guys like to see in the new tomb? I would love a MegaBoss on a Boar and more ways to deal out Mortal Wounds.
  11. Thank you so much, really appreciate it. Will have to share after girlfriend gets started. Picked up paints and models are in for first 1200 points .
  12. Points change will help, my ironjawz in the gaming group just have a hard time winning against these newer armies.
  13. Looks so good, how you do skin just black with some grey for highlights ? Love the skin being dark. She wants teal and dark skin like yours with pink hair. And silver armour. Newer at painting both of us just take time and watch tutorials.
  14. Thanks a ton I appreciate it, just got a deal off Kijiji and got 30 demonetts, and 10 seekers for 40 bucks to go with it so have a good core. Let’s me splurge a bit more on 2 keepers I’m thinking now.
  15. Hey guys I’m new to AOS, just got back into it with a group of friends and the gf. Have not played since 8th edition. I collect Iron jaws and gf is on Slaanesh. We are trying build her a 2000 point army and have the Slaanesh side of the demon starter set and a start collecting box. So question is what would be a way to approach 2000 point with what we have for a somewhat competitive army. Don’t need optimum list but just were to go so can compete with everyone. I am clueless in Slaanesh. Thanks
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