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  1. While his 4" move does suck he's still far more durable than both a stardrake or alarielle and he could easily kill both in one round of combat, In fact the only thing he couldn't outright kill in combat would be Morathi, but he'll more than likely outlast her either way.
  2. Gotrek is an absolute unit. I would take him over a stardrake every time.
  3. I think his phalanx is pretty good, and so is his command ability, but ultimately nothing super competitive. I think his command ability butts heads with the anvils ability a bit when it comes to choosing which one to use.
  4. Well it's pretty true considering it's happened already, so, I guess get your torch? I can understand why people are angry, but it should have been expected to happen eventually since day one.
  5. Lore-wise stormcast are usually a full head or two taller than the average human so like 6'5 to 7". It's touched on a bit in Soul Wars, but it's different than older material where they're like 8 feet tall.
  6. I found an old witch hunter that I had laying around. Does anybody use this guy? If so then what for? His profile is pretty decent but he doesn't seem to do much.
  7. I don't know about the wizards on lizards, but the on foot guys are better with the staves since they have longer range.
  8. I wonder if Glymmsforge will be in this book. I wouldn't mind painting up some purple Glymmsmen to run with my Anvils, but if not then it's either down to Greywater or Anvilgard.
  9. That's something I could look into, but I'd probably still stick with the Drakesworn and just toss in Everblaze instead.
  10. They're cheap enough to run 4 along with hounds as battleline. We're both going to a tournament in August so he's not putting on the brakes anytime soon. I have the models in my collection to run Anvilstrike, but I'm trying to avoid it because of how boring it is to play and how poorly I play it. I'm also trying to find a reason to dust off my Drakesworn. Things I also own, x3 Ballista + Ordinator 20+ Sequitors only 10 Liberators almost every hero in the line I've thought about dropping the Grand Convocation and abandon the endless spells (even though I like playing them) and just running 3 ballista with my Stardrake, but I'm not sure how well that would run.
  11. What are some good artifacts to load onto a stardrake? And is there any way to survive a bloodthirster in combat with one?
  12. Coming here as an SCE player. How the heck am I supposed to deal with 4 blood thirsters of incessant rage running tyrants of blood?
  13. I doubt they will, but unless they release new models for at least the freeguild troops I wont be too hyped for this. When the guard or handgunners are packed together in a block they look alright as whole, but once you break it down to individual models you really notice how lackluster and aged they are, especially in comparison to the rest of the AoS line.
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