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  1. This 100%. I've played six games now with the core rules pdf and GHB leaks with both Soulblight and Stormcast against Ogors, Behemat, and Slaves, and honestly I'm having way more fun with 3.0 than I thought I'd be once I actually played it. It feels like an actual fleshed out game compared to 2.0's paper thin coating over 1.0's nearly non-existent framework. There's still some wonky wording and interactions with certain factions, but the ruleset literally isn't even out yet and there's going to be a plethora of FAQs I'm sure. I don't know how thick the 40k players are here, but ya'll wouldn't
  2. What's a solid kastelai core looking like right now? Prince V with a VLoZD buddy and 3 units of x5 Blood Knights? I'm building this army from scratch so I'm looking at what to buy next and kastelai with blood knights seems the most interesting to me. Vyrkos comes in close second. I already have one unit of Blood Knights and 20 skeletons currently, and I bought a few of the vyrkos characters just cause they look cool, but Radukar seems to be pretty useful regardless of the clan you take.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the non-thunderstrike stormcast stay at 4+ saves honestly
  4. True but if the Liberators stay close to what they are now at 115 then I'd still rather take the 2" spears and mortal wounds at 15 points more. Sequitors are definitely hurting once again though and I ran them at their last price hike.
  5. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/06/21/these-new-learn-to-play-videos-make-it-easier-than-ever-to-get-into-warhammer-age-of-sigmar/
  6. Vindictors going to 130 and only being 15 points more than the new Liberators really injected some well needed emergency life into the spear boys cause for a second there I was worried they'd be immediately too overpriced straight out of Dominion
  7. It's weird to see people already lowering the prices of Dominion when my LGS sold out of their Dominions stock within the first day
  8. This is what I assumed when reading those rules. I know most named wizards state on their warscroll that they have access to X lore or spells, like nagash having access to all of the soulblight spells. I would assume that counts as being "otherwise stated", and it could be updated in a FAQ to also include the universal spell lore.
  9. Pretty sure I understand this now. I'm kinda used to this from 40k with hit rolls, but it comes up way less often. Basically if I was being attacked by a Rend 0 weapon and had a Save characteristic of 4, but had two +2 Save effects on me, I would still only ever be +1 so my save would be on a 3+ instead of 2+, but if it was a Rend -2 my two +1 Save effects would still cancel out the rend.
  10. I don't understand this. How can you mitigate rend if you can only ever get +1 to your save.
  11. 9th edition 40k is exactly what I'm thinking of when I see reactions to 3.0 lol. those were a hard few weeks to live through up until the release of indomitus.
  12. I really don't think these are deserving of kneejerk doom and gloom reactions honestly. The most atrocious part about it is GW showing off rules and abilities without any larger ruleset context that could make a lot of reactions look premature.
  13. As much as I love the KO all of this blind and aggressive support from people that seem to have never played a game with them is getting pretty tiresome. I've played about seven games in a decently competitive play group so far with a few combinations of lists and options and I have to say that they are by far my weakest army, even behind my stormcast, which is my main squeeze. This book needs a massive FAQ , and some serious points adjustments, to say the least. Our options are limited, we don't have many answers to other armies, and a majority of our units hit like a wet paper towel and
  14. Drill Launchers or Skyhooks on the endrin boys? I like the chance of doing 3 flat mortal wounds and the -3 rend is pretty hot. Flat 3 damage is pretty good too though.
  15. I think Urbaz is one of the clearer winners because of it's extra aethergold output which can make their units incredibly punchy or survivable if used correctly. Zilfin and Nar are close seconds because of the stronger ship support and anti-magic respectively. Zon can be pretty strong, but I think it's more of a one-trick pony by using large charging blobs of buffed Skywardens. That being said it's the only Skyport that makes Skywardens a viable option when taken en masse. Thrying could have some fun lists, but Mhornar is mostly useless, which is a shame because that's the Skyport I
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