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  1. As nice as that math sounds it's never happened in the weekly games I've played. Those bloodthirsters almost always hit every hit and they absolutely wound every wound, there's always at least one or two that do mortals.
  2. Off the top of my head it's the reapers of vengeance host with a council of blood battalion running 2 insensate rages, an unfettered fury, two priests, a max block of bloodletters, the bloodletter character, and two units of hounds.
  3. Because raptors/ballista can only do so much against 42 wounds spread across multiple targets.
  4. Insensate Rage drops 4 mortals on a six to wound, gets 5 attacks, and can attack twice without buffs. Add two more, one of which gets to swing immediately after the other.
  5. Really any khorne can push out enough mortal wounds to take that drake out unless it's reaver spam or something.
  6. Khorne. Against all my other buddies it's a cheesy meme, but when three bloodthirsters go flying at it half the army is gone including the drake.
  7. I have. Still gets wrecked by mortal wounds if there's enough of them.
  8. Yup, I'm running sequitors as battleline. I played around with the stardrake version, and it's really powerful, but I didn't have fun with it and when it inevitably dies to a bucket of mortal wounds there goes a massive points investment. If the arcanum dies to mortal wounds then it's whatever, if he doesn't then he's a serious pain to remove.
  9. Been playing around with an arcanum on dracoline with smoldering helm+castellant+staunch and it's been pretty memey. I think an arcanum on a gryph with that combo might be more useful though since the dracoline gets benefits from charging despite bounding leap helping me not to do so. The gryph arcanum can also heal which just makes him even harder to kill.
  10. Thanks for that excellent write-up. The punch yourself Stardrake seems pretty fun so I might try that out sometime in the near future. Still currently trying to hammer out my Anvilstrike list though.
  11. What exactly would the stardrake list look like? I'm still playing around with Anvilstrike, but I was also considering the stardrake as a potential list going forward.
  12. As much as that's true I'm not giving my friend that much credit haha. Is there really any way to deal with swamp lists like that? I'm practicing for NOVA and I feel like I'm going to be seeing more horde lists than monster lists.
  13. So I just experienced 160 bloodreavers today. Not fun lol. Anvilstrike didn't stand a chance.
  14. Just played with this and it went pretty well. I forgot to use anvils twice though so rip me,
  15. I'm still having trouble justifying a Knight-Azyros in my list. He's a throwaway 100 points for a single round of re-rolling 1s at best.
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