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  1. I played two 2k point games today with the anvils stormhost ability against ogors and deepkin. The ability never went off against the ogors as he was running all stonehorns which are really high leadership, but it almost always went off against the deepkin. It saved me from a few clutch wounds on my stardrake and vindictors but honestly I'm not sure if just having the hammer's 6+ ward would have been better. overall it's a pretty lackluster ability, but at least it's unique. any opinions on what's the better stormhost at this point? I'm pretty sure it's hammers.
  2. I was really looking forward to vanquishers and my hopes were dashed
  3. I'm very conflicted on what stormhost has the better ability. I pretty lukewarm about Anvil's new one. It's super situational and can be played around easily.
  4. As somebody with a full army of painted sacrosanct anvils I agree with this. Without any white robes and red accents it's just a black model with bits of gold and it kinda loses its visual appeal. It's why I'm thinking about starting a whole separate stomcast army painted as the celestial vindicators.
  5. honestly AoS needs less books, not more. they can barely keep up with what they have now. imagine how long it would take to see updated battletomes if every single insignificant faction had their own book. I'm all in on big juicy multi-faction books like Cities and Warclans.
  6. their release planning right now probably sounds like a lot of hyperventilating and existential blank stares after covid and brexit tag teamed the entire company. It's definitely annoying, but I don't really blame them. I do hope their normal pace of reveals and releases comes back at some point though.
  7. Honestly for me this is the closest GW has ever gotten to making a "proper" dragon. Get that wibbly wobbly snake stuff outta here dragons are supposed to be built like a double door fridge on steroids.
  8. have you ever even seen a star drake?
  9. these are literally the best looking dragons gw have ever made, and are the only dragons that actually look like dragons. the star drake looks like a hunk of horribly posed plastic compared to these.
  10. This is me right now. I keep trying to make lists to fit the new things into my anvils army but it's hard to think of anything decent knowing there's a looming release and a bunch of missing new units. Thankfully I have soulblight to keep me occupied.
  11. I'm pretty convinced this will be the Carrion King since he's never been described as being dead, just out and about somewhere.
  12. Has anyone built any list with the dominion stuff yet or is everyone sort of in limbo and waiting for the book like me?
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