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  1. Yeah those requirements 😑 for me the troggboss doesn't do much more than enabling troggs as battleline. I rarely use his CA but when I do I could have used all out attack instead just as efficient (not many units near which are also in an important combat) . I also often drown in CP so no real need to hide the general to preserve that Cp generation either. I always run 2-3 cave-shaman and a troggboss, and sometimes the hag as well.
  2. Hi and welcome! The pot's footprint is like a rectangle 9-10 x 17cm (depending on where on the model you measure) Fun idea to make like Dino riders! I have a desert theme with some photos in a recent post if you are interested in some greenstuff inspiration. Because they are mostly bald it's easy to put hats on them.
  3. I have tried a few versions of Undergut lists and I have to say that i really became fond of gnobblars, especially if i included a tyrant in the list anyway. That 60-man strong block of battleshock immune dudes takes a while for the opponent to chew through. One of the weaknesses with ironblasters is that they don't have a good way of rerolling any dice, volley fire is an option but it becomes super expensive because the canons are single units. Look out sir is also annoying, with artefact it becomes ±0 of course but then you are back on the swingy 4+ to hit. So i consider ironblasters to be more of a monster hunters option instead.
  4. For Bloodgullet lists I tend to bring 2 slaughtermasters (which follow the gluttons/ironguts around) and 1 butcher on a balewind vortex (in the back near the pot). As @Kramer said, the boxes are very similar and have the same bodies as a base so its easy to mix and match the parts between sets. If you get a SC-box, consider magnetize some of the different options so you easily can change things around. And for those who are interested in my theme here are some other desert gluttons WIP, and I'm really slow as well...
  5. For me a single box of rockguts costs ~35£ and they are only worth 140p. And for the battleforce box, if you do not want the squigs to go full troggs, then the battleforce box is worth 250 + 2x140 = 530p. So - cost efficient, not really no. Here are the white dwarf rules if you are interested.
  6. Hi (again) I'm also heavily invested in mawtribe and especially on the gutbuster side. Comparing beastclaw and gutbusters I would say that they both can perform great but beastclaw monsters are the slightly better option. That is mostly because gutbusters rely on magic and can be shut down when facing a strong magic army (or some bad casting rolls) . Ironguts can be nuts in their damage output, with buffs from spells and abilities, they can have 4 attacks each hit and wound on 2+/3+, rend -2 and 3 dmg, the opponent will cry facing that profile. The box, to me, is somewhat of a mixed bag. In Bloodgullet (magic heavy buff subfaction) you are interested in gluttons and ironguts, maybe a few leadbelchers. So this box is missing out on butchers and slaughtermasters which are very important for them. Underguts (the shooty subfaction) is interested in leadbelchers, alot of them, but this box only has 4. They could also consider the Ironblaster as well as the tyrant for an artifact combo with gruesome trophy rack to help the Ironblasters (or leadbelchers) snipe heroes and monsters. Lastly is the gargant, I'm not that impressed and I wouldn't play with that dude because other things does his job better. Can be a fun addition but not the greatest. As for rockguts as allies, this has the same problem as the gargant, other thing does the job better. Rockguts can be compared to ironguts but ironguts has more attacks (but only -1 rend) but they have access to buffs and synergies that takes them far beyond rockguts. But even a gutbusters heavy list can benefit greatly from a Frostlord on Stonehorn so if you dive into this army those models eventually appears around the corner.
  7. I have a 2k army of almost exclusively troggoths with the addition of a pair of cave-shamans. I have great experience playing with them but I haven't investigated/experimented with moonclan/squigs/spiders. They are slow but can hit hard and I really like them. The competetive aspect I would say is some what limited, we recently got an trogg update in white dwarf which is really nice and good (allowing us to return half a unit of troggs after they are destroyed). What we lack is flexibility to answer well to other armies, our only tricks are hand of gork (teleport spell) and a new battalion that let us retreat and charge/shoot. So the troggoths are a little one dimensioned due to only having a few choices when it comes so units. Rockguts has few attack, high rend, high dmg. Fellwaters has many attacks, ok rend, ok dmg. Yesterday I played against idoneth deepkin and had big problems with his tanky eels with a 3+ unrendable save, had 6 rockguts doing nothing against them because of they have few attack and rely on their rend for consistency. I wouldn't expect to see them take you to the top in the tournaments but they are fun to play and are good looking models. (they are absolutely not useless but might struggle against the top meta)
  8. Gloomspite has generally bad saves so gluttons should be able to get their damage through quite easily. Bloodgullet is more focused on gluttons and magic, giving you buffed up gluttons ready to smash. Do you know what your friend is focusing on in the gloomspite list? Moonclan, spiderfang, troggoths? As an example, one of moonclans strengths is bodies to control objectives, so our stonehorns can be good to help counter that.
  9. Core rules say that you must take battleshock for each unit that has any models slain. So something need to die before rolling. If the bravery debuff and the casualties are high can result in "X models fleeing + whatever you roll", but they need to fail the battleshock before loosing any models.
  10. Somtimes people rearrange the order in their head to make it easier for them to think which easily can cause problems thinking "oh with - 2 rend i need to then roll 6s" *rolls*. Leading to not knowing the difference between "reroll failed hit rolls" and "reroll hit rolls" So by learning the right sequence by heart you know that the dice only fails at the end and that you have the opportunity to do stuff beforehand.
  11. I prefer double hand weapons. Receiving 1 dmg attacks without rend to your 12 ironfist will return on average 10 mw. (4*12*1.33/6) and for higher damage attack your gluttons will die sooner with fewer save rolls, so less damage returned. Buffed gluttons in Bloodgullet can do some heavy lifting, especially with double hand weapons and they dont need to die to gain its benefit so they can gain even more value somewhere else on the battlefield. A "trick" you can do is taking 3 gluttons with ironfists and charge right into a buffed horde unit with many attacks like mortek guards and let them destroy those gluttons. Because you do all save rolls before actually allocating the damage you have the potential to return alot because they are overkilling them. This is something i wouldn't rely on though.
  12. I would enjoy to see something similar to the coven throne's spell, roll against bravery and if you succeed the target is too afraid to fight back. Or some way (like a spell) to force the opponent to retreat or flee, like the opposite effect of a great bray-shaman's spell. Instead of "move as close as possibly" to "move as far away as possible".
  13. Every time in the past when I've tried to build more towards bravary debuff (in NH and later in LoG) i wanted my Tomb Banshees to do the damage after the debuffs were in place but i have struggled because of leader limitations. I wanted many Tomb Banshees to do dmg but i needed other heroes to do the casting of spells and so on. I would love to see a similar approach to the Tomb Banshee as in the fyreslayers book where Doomseeker and Grimwrath Berserker are heroes but not leaders, so you can spam them if you want. I also wanted to see a change to Inspiring Presence in the latest GHB but sadly not this time. I want it to be a flat buff to bravery characteristic, say +10 bravery for each cp spent, and that you can spam it on the same unit if you want. That would be beneficial for bravery debuffing synergies instead of just shutting them down by "spend a cp and be 100% safe". This would also make it more expensive for a cowardly army to never fail battleshock tests after heavy losses. #makebraverygreatagain
  14. Dirgehorn gives enemies - 1 to hit with a growing range over time. Palisade have a chance of giving - 1 to hit to enemies within 6" on a roll of 5+ at the start of each turn. So i guess the combo is just stacking - to hit modifiers. The thing though is that the palisade triggers at the start of each turn so the chance (only 33% btw) of debuffing comes the turn after you cast it making it hard to utilize. To use the palisade as a debuff you either need to pin the enemy down for at least a turn 📍 or predict the future 🔮. Another combo that to me seems more likely is to have a Shaggoth with hailstorm (halve move and run/charge rolls for a unit) and ally in a Khorne daemon prince (halve run and charge rolls as an aoe) . The interesting thing here is that both effects halve the enemy's charge roll, this means that if the enemy is 3" away that unit must roll 10+ to charge! 10 / 2 / 2 = 2.5" charge. Why debuff a unit's to hit characteristic when you can make it unable to attack at all?! (one spell that casts on a 6, and one cp for the command ability)
  15. On unmodified 6 to hit makes the attack becomes 3 attacks instead of 1. And about combining things between books, as a rule of thumb you can't. But BoC has the exception of using some battalions and use another book instead of our own.
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