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  1. I would argue that a rule from an command trait is added after the alligiance ability takes affect, making the trait rule the most resent one giving it priority. You can't add a trait to your list if you haven't already chosen the right alligiance. The commentary is about the alligiance ability not the trait.
  2. I needed to quote this to a friend who plays slaanesh and often beats my ghosts and BoC, and brags about winning.
  3. I converted my centigors from gors and glade riders, but yeah, they really need new models. I would love a hero ghorgon, could be named but i rather not. But a named version of beastlord och doombull would be epic.
  4. I haven't tested it yet, I'm still waiting for my order to arrive. But I'm really encouraged to try it out as soon as possible and i have some friends which has competitive lists and are good players so i can write here after some games on how it went. I have never played with mortis engine so i dont really know but the heal is only good for multi-wound models because it doesn't resurrect. It feels like the warscroll could use an update. +1 to casting seems good to get those important sells off and the model looks awesome.
  5. I have a ~3000p worth of nighthaunt and i like to run alot of spirit hosts. They cost 120 for 3 (if i remember correctly) for a more elit-ish army with units of 6 spirithosts. If you support a unit of spirit hosts with a spirit torment for reroll 1 to hit you can do some mortal wounds. And if you use lightshard of a harvest moon on a guardian of souls to reroll all failed hit rolls then we are really talking mortal wounds. A nice thing with nighthaunt is that they are fast and easy to paint.
  6. It's the opponent that makes the move and "the closest unit" is measured one time "at the start of the move". In all other cases I'm aware of when 2 things are equally close the player who does stuff choose one, the opponent in this case. I interpret the text concerning models to make sure that each model actually moves as close as possible so that the opponent can't make a thin line in the direction, keeping the main 80% where they were.
  7. No it's not automatically doing 2d6. I thought so at first but it's not the case.
  8. Yes, and she needs to be the general too.
  9. Oh ups, old list. I changed the list to include one more mage, like GoS, instead of the executioner (did some small changes to the other units to afford it) . I can then cast shroud of terror reliability with Reikenor and the horrorghast with the other mage. For trait & artifact I'm using Tragic emanations and brooch on the Dreadblade. (might use gryph-feather charm instead due to using him more offensively) All that gives me a max bravery reduction of minus 6-8. Hope to do some damage with all those screams.
  10. If you want to try LoG you would only need forbidden power. GHB19 if you want battleplans and general rules. List-wise the more "competitive" list is to spam as much cp as possible, so bravery bomb seems the weaker option. I don't like following the meta so im building a bravery bomb list. Anyway, myrmourn are great because the can dispel an endless spell (your own for example) and the damage they take can easily be healed from gravesites. Dreadblade as general is a good choice anyhow. I can attach my 2000p list of LoG bravery bomb. Not the most optimized list but I'm using the models i already have. LoG2000p.pdf
  11. Mortal wounds are really hurting nighthaunt and their heroes has a low wound count. Use rockguts to take out the heroes and fellwater to debuff the other units. Many of the ghosts hit on 4+ so debuff them and remember that modifiers are applied after rerolls.
  12. I would invest the time to magnetize the heroes so you can change. I regret choosing the runefather because i want to use two runesons on mag instead.
  13. Yeah sure, a wizard is needed for casting the cogs. 😁 Just thought i saw some rule misinterpretation using shaman to speed up bulls.
  14. Why the shaman? Darkwalkers let you ambush warherd but they dont get the other synergies, like shaman speed buff. "... considered to have the brayherd keyword for the purpose of the brayherd ambush battle trait"
  15. Sorry but you are missing out on battlelines troops. You have only one unit which is battleline if your shaman is the general. Stay away from gors and get ungors and bestigors instead. A breyherd build is what most people do.
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