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  1. The pot only helps when casting spells, not prayers. And a full BCR list often run up the board, leaving the pot behind so i guess it's not as good as when you use butchers and slaughtermaster. But using the pot is free so the benefits you get are just bonuses.
  2. Yeah, and at that point you're investing half your army to buff one unit that could be debuffed by your opponent or just being heavy focused and killed.
  3. Never tried 12 in one unit, but 8 ironguts have a very high damage output. A group of 12 gluttons sometimes struggle to get everyone into combat but with 2" range ironguts would most likely be able to fight. the problem, as i see it, is that a group of 12 will probably be suuuper focused and killed before being able to do much and battleshock also becomes a problem.
  4. Line of sight is often played quite generously within reason, so skip trying to shoot someones spearhead.
  5. You measure range from the base and line of sight from the models head, "can my model actually see the target".
  6. No please don't do this 100p is worth 5 frost sabre models (yeah ok, you buy them in pairs but you know what i mean) and 5 models has 15 attacks, does the extra cp you get out weight those 15 attacks? If i would go an "all out frost sabre army" i would consider going tribeless (for that command trait on a hunter which gives d3 cp) or winterbite. but either way I would put aetherquartz brooch in and also buy an extra cp. Maaaaybe go 2 battalions in winter bite to also get the artefact for hunters to get +1cp (first turn) and +1 save (so battalion + artefact gives 2 cp)
  7. Absolutely, with this i would aim to add a butcher especially if you run Bloodgullet. Another thing you can do if you dont have any more models right now is just to add the battalion Goremand, costs 140p and you include all really the necessary units.
  8. Hi, I have a question regarding running multiple Black Coaches. The question is if you do this 2 times if you have two coaches (roll a total of 6 dice for each coach)? When reading the rule it sounds like you do this 2 times because of "roll 2 dice for each black coach" (and you have two models with this ability) and not something like "roll 3 dice for this model". I can't find any information about this when reading the errata or designers commentary, and i have never seen someone take two coaches in a list before.
  9. To use the cauldron ability he needs to be close both to the enemy and to your own units to be able to buff and deal damage. I see the slaughtermaster as a buff piece who keep up with my gluttons and ironguts, while a butcher is more of a ranged caster. I also usually put my butcher on a balewind vortex and give him debuff spells like ribcracker and give buffspells to the slaughtermaster like blood feast. I see the slaughtermaster as a more offensive buff piece who need to be close to combat but try to keep him as safe as possible.
  10. The mawpot is like a rectangle and is 16-17cm long and 9-10cm wide depending where you measure.
  11. The interesting thing with ironfists are that you do all save rolls before allocating wounds, meaning that someone can overkill you and you return based on the total damage. Gluttons of 3 suck because they don't get banners and bellowers. If you run into a buffed 20 man unit of mortek and they bombard you with attacks it might work, but this is very situational and still costs you 120p. Against -1 rend (so only saving on 6), 12 gluttons return ~9.3 mw before dying. 3 gluttons would return 2.3 mw. For this to work you need your opponent to really overkill you to make any real difference and it's easily played around, e.g. by not piling in with the mortek.
  12. I would swap spells on the butcher and the slaughtermaster and use the slaughtermaster more aggressive with the gluttons. This just to be close enough to buff the gluttons (or maybe ironguts) with +1 to hit from the cauldron ability and also buff them with blood feast. The butcher can be more passive and chill with the canons trying to cast his own spell och switch to blubbergrub stench when the canons need to charge. In Underguts in general I'm gonna use skal as battalion instead which is cheaper so i can have even more leadbelchers instead of ironguts and gluttons. And i will also spam units of 2 leadbelchers to make a hard time for my opponent to focus the attacks.
  13. The battalion have the tzeentch keyword therefore only works under a tzeentch alligiance. Our phantasmagoria battalion is special and is FAQed to work for both alligiances. The rule of thumb is that battletomes don't mix.
  14. The d6 mw in the combat phase is a mount trait but it only does that against war machines and units with 4+ or better save, so 5+ and 6+ save cant be hurt by that ability. If he does that to, lets say Gors, he is playing it wrong because Gors have a 5+ save with +1 to save rolls in close combat (if they have shields of course). Stonehorns are one of mawtribes strongest units so i would try raiders to soften it up. If he plays with ethereal amulet you are going to have a hard time no matter what you do but if he doesn't then you can try to use wildfire taurus to make him go last and focus the stonehorn with bestigors and/or bullgors. Rend is key so try bait him to the herdstone.
  15. I have attended a few tournaments in Sweden and they only used realm artifacts. I guess the spells are included in the core but it's up to the TO to decide. In my experience the TO allows artifacts but exclude the spells, fighting on "neutral grounds" . The motivation for this has been to keep the battles as balanced and fair as possible.
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