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  1. I find disturbing you find disturbing me beign discouraged by this discourageful lack of news😆
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/05/11/old-world-update-bearsgw-homepage-post-4/
  3. What a silent place we have here for a while. So I'll feel free to share something I've been thinking. It is my opinión that this (hopefully marvellous) Old World is something greatly impulsed by the Total War success, and there you can see how some characters have a different look related to their classic counterpart , beign Snikch the DeathMaster a clear example. I believe it is very feasible the Special Characters miniatures reflect this New looks rather than the classic ones. What do you think?
  4. It totally reminds me of the Old Mangler Squigs from WHFB. Heck, it is almost a perfect mix between the faces the 2 models had. I'm pretty sure this is greenskins's stuff. Fingers crossed.
  5. It's pretty common knowledge that we have never been announced about a project so early too, so the amount of time needed to develop TOW or any other system has nothing to do in my opinion.
  6. To be honest, actually the weirdest thing I found here and that I really can't buy is TOW beign announced by GW yet when supossedly there are still 3/4 years for it to be launched 😕??? Is there any precedent for such an anticipated reveal on WH History? What is the reason for this rush? I have the impression that we are beign deceived, and it will come out a lot sooner than we are beign told... 3/4 years is more than enough time for things to happen, like to suffer a cancellation/delay, and so. I can't see the point in taking the risk of letting down the fan base.
  7. The scaly thing and the New rumour engine are from the same model: We are seeing the New greenskins wyvern tail and chest/belly plate. ☺️
  8. Just make Greenskins more humanesque "culturally speaking" ala WHFB, more greedy, with the Diogenes Syndrome carrying on whatever piece of clothe fur armour metal or whatever you want, not just a bunch of punchers in ironclad. For me the problem with IJ is that they seem too "clean", just metal and skin, no real trophies aside some beast skulls . Play wise, made them heavier on cavalry/chariots/machines, charge impacts and put the Gitmob again in the mix. Make their purpose to run at full speed through all mortal realms like a tornado without stopping, because they workship Gorkamorka's first strike on land and they have to continue moving the force it generated eons ago. Think in something like Mad Max going green. I'm a nerd of Old Fashioned O&G, I'm not denying it, but I truly belive this would work so effing good.
  9. I can't really believe nobody is speculating with my good Old fashioned Greenskins when Destruction is on topic...it ain't proppa...
  10. On the Idoneth codex there are only 2 references to greenskins, both beign about orruks, but what I found interesting is that while the second one specifies a "Bonesplitters´ vast raft-flotillas fleet", the first one talks about a "flotsam islands constructed by the greenskins" without clarifying their faction. To make rafts is one thing, but whole islands is another that seems very out of the Bonesplitters league. Furthermore, and while this could be wild speculation for my part, lately some events like it´s been rumoured that Destruction is going to have some love in the next months, plus GW seems to be eager to "resurrect" old Destruction factions (see Ogres), the fact that Greenskins are legal on the Big Waaagh (they were took out and retaken again later in the WB, and we even get a Faq and update on the orc warboss CA) while their models are no more avaible, added to that we now have the incoming new Goblin Wolf Riders while the keyword Gitmob is removed from the GW Webstore, and... where the f**k has the Foot of Gork gone to?, it all makes me think that old (regular) Orcs and Goblins are going to be gathered again ala Orruk Warclans in a future battletome. It would continue the trend and makes sense. They can be different from the IJ and BS beign more humanized/technological (which will match their aesthetics), this new army could be heavy on cavalry and chariots/machines (where goblins put their doom divers and rock lobber). I can even see their battletome called "Rampaging Destroyers"...it would be cool. Besides that, if you look at the Legends PDF, there is no warscroll for Orc Warboss or Orc Great Shaman on Boar, maybe because there will be new models with new warscroll that will affect their profile, the same way BS boar boys affected the savage orc boar boys´one, or the Mangler Squigs have there a warscroll ala Gloomspite instead of the former Compendium one. Just my two cents.
  11. Yes, I know is an option that you can or can not use. That is not the point I try to spot on. What I´m saying is, look for instance Gorbad Ironclaw´s or Grimgor Ironhide´s warscroll on Compendium, and then look the Legend ones, and then repeat the operation with the Tyrion´s or Malekith´s ones. As you could see, in the Compendium warscrolls, the difference between the characters power levels were less abysmal than on the Legends ones. That is what I mean. The compendium profiles were more balanced between faction´s characters. What they have done is practically repeat the OP status of some factions that we very well know WH Fantasy had, and taking into account there is no points value in this system, things are even worse, in my opinion, an stepback on playability. Repeating past mistakes is not the path to follow . If someone wants to play weak ass o&g against all mighty elfs, we already have the WH Fantasy profiles and rules system, we didn´t need these "Legends" option for that matter...
  12. Sorry if it was talked before, I can´t find anything related to, so to my point: The recently released "Heroes" PDF on Legends... is insulting to a classic orc player. All factions have almost all (if not all ) their heroes fairly empowered compared to their previous Compendium versions, but classic O&G characters remains practically the same or have even been nerfed. After see what they did on DE, I was really hoping to see some love and balance to all other factions, my greenskins included, but instead, what we have got is a comeback to WH Fantasy, where the favourite children were always shinning on a different level. I´m not trying to be offensive to any other faction´s player, but GW really failed (again) when it comes to O&G. What a dissapoinment.
  13. The lack of a preview for regular orcs only leads toward this two possibilities: -They are going to dissapear as an "into the mix" AoS faction or -They are going to be one of the next Destruction factions to have a new Battletome The first one is more unlikely in my opinion, for the very same reason I think the second is the winning one: GW likes to hint oftenly in the codex´s lore the next factions who are going to arise in new Battletomes, and with Greenskins this have happened in the Idoneth book where it is mentioned that they built a fortress city in an island. Taking this into account, and as I theorized in a previous post sometime ago, we must be facing a new approach to the old orcs as a more technological society, beign this another hint on itself, given that is different enough to the old days and you might think that GW is taking his time to re-adapt and reimaging them to AoS era ala Bonesplitters or DoK. Furthermore, maybe the SC on the Order alliance is not a typo, but a repositioning to make them even more different as an Orruk faction.
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