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  1. Attacks are only made with range or melee weapon profiles. Abilities, like the laser, are not attacks.
  2. I am really sad to see breath of gorkamorka go... I felt like it was a very defining spell for our army. Why does GW keep spells like squiggly curse in the book but cut things like fly or +1 to save. I've never used squiggly ever.
  3. I agree the original was a fairly reasonable spell, you had to have a target in range and a buddy even closer, if that was your intent. This new one still only seems good against mega gargants.
  4. I think I saw somebody take one with Prince V and did very well. Fairly certain I read about it on the SBGL page on FB but I am not 100%. I've been considering adding one to my army but I can't really find the points for it. Also after much thinking after my 4-1 tournament result I have hammered out a new list to try. I figured my biggest weakness is something like Ironjawz and SoB so if I can mitigate them with shackles while boosting my overall survivability with mannfred..or just more zombies with lifeswarm then it seems like a step in the right direction. I didn't put relics or Ct cause lazy.
  5. I think the consensus is like 90% yes you can and 10% we don't actually know for sure. I would say go ahead since the mounts are technically melee weapons on the warscroll.
  6. I get the most use out of Ageless Cunning as a mind game tool in deployment. Everyone is familiar with gravesite deepstrikes but not a lot of people(in my opinion) played LoN in the old book. So I basically use it to either force my opponents to deploy stuff to try to block off back field deployments or if they don't care, just drop a skeleton unit or something in their backline for some easy backup for Savage Spearhead and generally a lot of mission have an objective you can get a few bodies on. The bait is basically useless on the zombies as there usually isn't a lot of -rend stuff hitting them turn one but it does do good work on skeletons up in the front line, they can be a 4+ save, potentially ignoring rend 1 if I really care to keep them alive. It makes them surprisingly tanky as a first turn chaff unit for their price point, especially considering then if the skeletons don't die some/all can come back. Overall I would rate the bait as a like 6/10 situational ability that sometimes matters and sometimes is useless. I do play LoN for mostly Unbending Will and Morbeg's Claw yes, and I like Manny cause nobody else liked Manny back in Legions of Nagash days. Unbending Will IMO is one of the strongest CT's in the book, especially on something like a necro which is surprisingly hard to remove from the table. It can essentially "generate" 1-2 free CPs every player turn depending on combats and positioning while freeing up my morale CA for other units with less support. Morbeg's Claw is just there for reliability, +2 to cast in 12" is nice and easy to set up for deployment and I usually get 2/3 uses out of it before I have to bail and run away with that necro. It just helps make those vanhels/pinions/mystic shields go off and hopefully not get unbound by all the slann/ect hanging around in the meta. I tried some Vykros on TTS when the book first dropped, it seemed okay, but the buffs for +1 to wound seem really meh overall and rerolling casts really only matters for Bella who is +1 natively already.
  7. You are correct, archaon was glutted with many a dudes. I basically just put manny up front with all my dudes, my opponent had super low drops like 1/2 so he took first, buffed up archaon and the varanguard and threw them in, i jumped manny out who proceeded to kill everything on the table except for archaon, the 3 varanguard and 1 shrine. My opponent did make what was probably a game losing mistake by pulling archaon back turn 4 to push mannfred away from one of his objectives but all that really did was give me my objective back and let me reposition manny with a teleport. I took easy battle tacticss early like ferocious advance in almost all of my games because zombies and my heroes dont care about charging. I think I went ferocious advance, conquer(took my objective back, with bodies) broken ranks, monstrous takeover, and then savage spearhead. This is kind of how a lot of my games went battle tactics-wise, kind of playing around with how late i can wait to do something like savage spearhead with potential revives or holding a 10 man skeleton unit back to combo with another unit. For the most part the only game I struggle hard with objectives or battle tactics but that game I really went for an early game, potentially game winning, but whiffed and cost me mannfred turn 1. Also, fun fact, I lost every single priority roll day 1 and won every single priority roll in day 2 lol.
  8. Thanks man! Yeah it was rough considering I had only played this list out like 2-3 times max before the tourney and I had some rocky games where I won 2 by only 1 point each. Made a few mistakes here and there but I think my head was in the right place most of the time at least, when the dice weren't failing me lol. And yeah I was surprised to see FEC do that good tbh since they haven't really been a meta king in a while but hey if it works it works, the mega seems really good in that list.
  9. Went to a 100 man GT event this weekend, my first tournament outing with gravelords. Managed to pull a 4-1 score only losing to some varanguard in round 2.
  10. If it is then his army is invalid, too many reinforcements.
  11. Yes but I would also say that was probably the original intention anyway and how I was already playing it, so no nerfs to me.
  12. New FAQ to endless legions now changes the timing to roll to end of every battleshock phase from end of your battleshock phase. Definitely a win there especially if you are going after your opponent and get a revive off in their turn plus it basically doubles the potential revive chances over the course of the game from basically 4(technically 5) to 8(technically 10. ) Technically being if you happened to go second and your opponent kills a unit on their t1.
  13. I was personally expecting skeletons to go to 20 unit size, along with savage orruks because their box size is in 20s and GW tends to match box sizes to unit sizes.
  14. This is exactly what I am sad about as a bonesplitterz purist. That and I thought we would go to 20 models per unit since savage orruks are the "horde" orruks.
  15. I'm really worried about 2 things, that our front line is going to crumble now with a distinct lack of pumping up saves, since the shield is a modifier in melee 5+ is the best we get now which is a big swing down from 3+ rerolling 1s. The other thing is that I was kind of expecting us to go to 20 blocks of models since we are the "horde" orruk faction but we stayed at 10 so I am really worried a list is going to be like, 3-5 heroes, 30x2 arrowboys, 1-2 pig units, and then just MSU shield boys into the sunset and that feels pretty bad to me.
  16. Huh yeah I guess you're right, it's been a long time since i've had to do this in 40k. You would realistically need to move another dog or 2 from each side yeah
  17. It's not even really that bad for dire wolves, if you want to deploy them in a line you basically just do this. You lose the end dogs and make a triangle with the next 2 dogs, now all dogs are within 1" of 2 dogs. So yes it is a net lose of 2 bases worth of screen but it's still good and fast.
  18. TBH battleshock always affected me more as a skeleton horde kind of guy compared to my bonesplitterz who generate infinite CPs to stave off battleshock forever. Skeletons failing morale still drives me mad to this day. Undead stuff should just be immune if wholly within their FNP auras. On a side note, what do you guys think of this list? I will probably swap to 2x30 skeletons rather than this 3x20. Graveguard are pretty strong but man I still don't feel like we have a really good hammer unit that isn't overpriced or super slow and fragile.
  19. Actually the coven throne can still get cover and look out sir since it is not a monster.
  20. I do believe mortal wounds caused as part of a weapon's attack counts as wounds inflicted by the model. In the core rules under mortal wounds. "After they have been allocated, a mortal wound is treated in the same manner as any other wound for all rules purposes."
  21. Hilariously, you cannot double proc the invo spell since it is neither a lore of vampires or deathmages spell.
  22. yeah a retreat is a normal move made within 3" of an enemy, Riders of Ruin is a retreat move at the end of the day until it is FAQ'd to say otherwise.
  23. This, based on the core rules a retreat move is a normal move you make if you are within 3" of an enemy.
  24. I'm going to be really sad if they removed graveguard from our book, they're my favorite models to use as a centerpiece hammer unit that keeps coming back. Otherwide my lists have very little in terms of choppiness.
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