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  1. Lucky Snake Eyes
    So I really want to run chosen, but really don't like the current sculpts for them. So now I have the bright idea of kitbashing my own. Problem is I'm stuck between two ideas:
    The first is to play off the greek theme shown off in some of the slaanesh artwork for mortals, my idea is to take Idoneth helmets and put them on the bodies of kairic acolytes, replacing the shields with marauder round shields and adding some slaanesh iconography here and there. The big axes carried by some of the acolytes already looks good for the chaos greatblades chosen are supposed to have so that's a plus.
    The second idea was somewhat inspired by Slaanesh's good old boy toy Sigvald and his mirror guard. This idea would involve taking some stormcast bodies, which i'm currently stuck between using liberators or the winged ones (I can't remember their name for the life of me) and replace the shoulders, heads, weapons and shields with leftover bits from my chaos knights, then paint them up to be as shiny and obnoxiously silver and gold as possible.
    Anyone have any preferences for which I should go with or have any other ideas to pitch in?
  2. Lucky Snake Eyes
    Hey all, 
    Back in January I started collecting a hosts of slaanesh army, and by collecting I mean converting my slaves to darkness as I was losing interest in our decisively indecisive chaos worshipers. Now that the newly renamed Hedonites and Darkoath are on their way, I'm all in on chaos this year (sorry nagash, looks like my LoN will be collecting dust for a bit) Being a recent college graduate money is still tight, so in a bout to save cash on some units that are overpriced or slaanesh forbid still cast in metal,  I'm doing some kitbashing.
    To start I've made a base for my Lord of chaos so that I can run him as a mounted slaanesh lord. Unlike regular mounted lords who can be easily kitbashed from chaos knights, slaanesh lords like to be special and ride snakes on 60mm round bases. So after taking a spare horse and some bits leftover from a gorebeast, and a banner from a seekers kit, I whipped up a base and magnetized it so that I can slot my lord of chaos into it. It's nothing special or extravagant, but it get's the job done.

    My next project is going to be a warqueen. I do love the official model, but man is it overpriced for it's size and warscroll stats. I have similar feelings with the anniversary noise marine for 40k, gorgeous but doesn't justify it's price. So I've decided to make my own while including a twist that i wish was more common with slaves/darkoath by making her a Valkyrie. I intend to use Valkia as the base for the conversion for obvious reasons and having already had her for when I thought she'd make for a neat ally. I've already repainted her armour from red and brass to the steel and gold I'm using in my slaanesh/darkoath colour scheme, but I can't decide on what to do for the weapon or whether to keep slaupnir. I also intend to replace the head for one with hair but don't own many helmetless female models having a collection consisting of daemons, tin cans and corpses. So I'm looking for ideas on what would make for a good head if anyone has any suggestions. One of my local stores collects peoples loose bits so I may be able to find something worth using.

    I'm also considering a future conversion involving the shrinemaster from the chaos warshrine, I already have him based separately so I may convert him into a warchief or maybe some new priest if darkoath or slaanesh get new priest rules.
    Anyone else been doing any recent kitbashing? And what's been your reason/inspiration to attempt it?
  3. Lucky Snake Eyes
    So I've finally tried taking my hosts of slaanesh to a tournament and pulled a pretty significant win streak of 3-0 with an 87 point total.
    You may ask what my secret to victory is, what crazy kill list I brought or how many daemonettes I threw at my opponent. But honestly my list was sub par and built around a joke strat that worked way better than it had any right to. I ran a single 30 stack of our favourite daemon ladies along with 2 units of hellstriders, a KoS, enrapturess, exalted chariot herald and had the bright idea of running a gaodsworn champions of ruin battalion consisting of 15 warriors with greatblades, a unit of 5 knights, exalted hero and a lord of chaos on foot. By taking advantage of the gryph feather charm, realm walker greaves and the allure of slaanesh I was able to use seeker host shenanigans to almost consistently turn 1 charge my opponents locking them in their own deployment zone for most of the game. Pair this with hellstriders and other means of ****** with my opponents hit rolls and spells I managed to hold down my opponents for the majority of each game and have my cheap heroes hold objectives. The godsworn battalion also helped deal with big threats such as when an ironjaws player brought a rogue idol to "inspire" his orruks. 
    I had a real stroke of luck going against 3 armies that all have multi-wound models having faced ironjaws, stormcasts and gutbusters. The ironjaws put up a good fight and neither of us had much left on the table by the end, the gutbusters player had smashed his way clean through the left side of the table only to have lost due to my surprising survivability due to the near constant -1s and -2s to hit. The stormcast player I miraculously had managed to table thanks to sniping out some key pieces such as his lord ordinator early on.
    In a way I kind of hope hedonites fully embrace the theme of ****** with their opponents dice as a sort of mirror of tzeench's ability to mess with their own dice. Anyone else managed to pull wins recently in ways they hadn't expected to work out?
  4. Lucky Snake Eyes
    Hello wargamers, lore nerds, dice fiends and 'that guys'.
    I figured I'd open up the first post to this blog by talking about something I hadn't put much thought into until recently, player morale. Naturally we nerds like to share our hobbies with others and love to see more people get involved in our not so little game of toy soldiers, but sometimes people lose the enthusiasm that keeps us going through those downtrodden times of broken armies, sub par battletomes  or lack thereof. 
    My local wargaming community is pretty casual. Most people play for fun and like to try goofy lists, a lot of us proxy frequently to experiment with neat army ideas and instances of 'that guy' syndrome are few and far between. We've got our competitive players that only roll up for tournaments and our casual players that play whenever they get the chance, but we've also got a few people who just can't seem to catch a break.  
    For example we've got a gaming lounge in my town that I frequent for AoS and occasionally 40k. Naturally the owner and the employees are all a bunch of nerds who enjoy warhammer, D&D, magic etc. but don't often get many chances to play since, well they have a business to run. One of the employees, the owners brother, is an ironjawz player. Nice enough guy but is kept busy by work and doesn't get to put his army to the table often. I was asked by a friend (stormcast scum) to come in and fill a spot for a 2v2 game because I play Legions of Nagash and my partner was a Vampire Counts player from 8th edition WFB who missed the AoS train due to a prolonged stay in Japan. So me, the ironjawz player, stormcast scum and vampire weeb sit down for a 3000pt 2v2 (1500pts per team member). My partner had brought a lot of vampires and bloodknights to the table so I showed him legion of blood (he was using grand host originally having not looked into the 3 sub legions) so he made his VLoZD his general, gave it the walking death command trait (6+ automatically damages without wound or save rolls) and then proceeded to roll hot dice all day and demolish 1700pts in units with just the VLoZD... His VLoZD got into combat with some brutes turn 1 and proceeded to mulch all 3 units of brutes the ironjaws player had over the course of the game (with a little help from my skeles in round 2) We where using realmgates so come round 2 the ironjaws maw crusha was warped to the opposite end of the board to deal with some skeletons moving on an objective. By round 3 all the ironjaws player had left was his maw crusha while this VLoZD was sat there belly full of orruk with 4 wounds left. Me and  stormcast scum where mostly at each others throats all game over a center objective with my Arkhan taking the heat of the ballistas off of weebs VLoZD. Me and stormcast scum are used to defeats as we face each other almost weekly having a good laugh trying to one up each others lists, but our ironjaws friend was feeling pretty down having just his lonely maw crusher by the end of round 2. None of us had particularly competitive lists that day but apparently ironjaws has been on a bit of a losing streak. That paired with how infrequently he gets to play, it seems like he's losing interest in the game despite how much he seemed to enjoy it when I first met him.
    Weeb was loving the game at least. Always glad to see someone get back into the hobby, especially when they join the objectively best grand alliance (totally not typing this while painting the masque of slaanesh)
    Anyone else have stories to share about discouraged players? Ever been a discouraged player yourself? Anyone have any ideas on how to help raise the spirits of players feeling down on their hobby?  
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