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  1. Are all the spites one unit? I'd personally have 2 units of 5 and a 3rd unit that can go from 15-20. Only other thing would be a 2nd unit of 3 sword hunters. Maybe Ylthari's Guardians if you wanted to be completionist, but they aren't that good right now.
  2. By shooting they can't in one turn. The max wounds 6 shots doing D3 wounds could do is 18. To get 17 every shot has to hit, wound, not be saved and roll 5 or 6 on 5 wounding dice and a 3+ on the 6th. You can't get that to average.
  3. I understand the terrible luck shooting with the ancients. I have it too. I've been using Gnarlroot to help even it out as the reroll 1s to hit also affects shooting. I think bow hunters at 180 may still be overpriced but at 160 would be closer to where they should be. Also, the thing with the updated Alarielle's summoning is that you can use it after she uses her massive movement which allows you to get some sword hunters closer. I also think summoning a treelord to have a stomp near her may have merit also. Lastly, here's those promised pictures of a Treelord Ancient in a different pose. You need a little putty on the waist and neck as the joints don't fit perfectly but it really isn't bad at all. I also added a Durthu in a different pose for anyone curious as well.
  4. Lol, it's because they are 180 while 20 is 2000. The lists I'm using clock in at 1990 and I can't afford it. I wanted a larger unit and 15 has functioned well for me. I agree that it would be good for the bows to get some wounds on large threats. My problem is that for 200 points you've got a unit that averages just under 3 wounds on a 4+ model (unless you buff the bows at all with rerolls to hit). 3 wounds is the target number just to knock a large target off its first row on the damage table. I don't usually roll great and will usually roll just under average which is 2 wounds which doesn't do much of anything to soften up a large target before it gets to me. I've never run into a game where by the end I wished I had bows over swords, but every game with bows leaves me wishing I took my 2nd unit of swords. The shooting from the ancient(s) and/or durthu plus spells is usually enough for me to clear the chaff or weaken large targets but aren't totally worthless in melee. It's just opinions, but I've never had them do anything really meaningful in a game other then finish off something with 1-2 wounds unless they rolled stupidly above average.
  5. I've been going with 1 unit of 15 spites, 1 unit of 5 spites and 1 unit of 5 tree revenants or spite revenants for my battlelines in the book depending on how my points are. Every list I've used has had 1 unit of 6 scythes and 1 unit of greatswords and I will bring a 2nd unit of greatswords on occasion. They are so good with an arch revenant in support and the glade effects now. Spites are good because they're cheap plus 3 attacks each hitting on 3+ and wounding on a 3+ is quite good. And their -1 bravery and reroll successful battleshock tests for enemies has worked on occasion as a bonus. Factor that with dryads having to stay wholly within 6" of a wyldwood for the -1 to hit and it lowered their profile from before a little, though they're still good and usable. Tree revenants are still only good for teleporting to take objectives or act as blockers in my experience. If they had the strike first the guardians originally had they'd be good. Pity they didn't get it and the guardians lost it.
  6. I love spites now. 1-2 units of 5 tree revenants is about all you ever need. Also, kurnoth hunters with bows are a trap. I strongly feel you should go with units of 3 swords or 6 scythes with them.
  7. I just remembered I had these 2 pictures that show the ancients. They're not great to see exactly how they look but it does show the one that is more of a durthu pose. I'll still put up better pictures later today.
  8. I'll put up pictures of my 2 later today when I get home from work. It takes a little putty, but not much at all to work
  9. Correct. Wounds are applied one at a time, even if multiple wounds come from one hit.
  10. After re-read the rules I think you are right on that point. We just assumed abilities went before attacks at the start of the phase
  11. Will have to wait and see their size when they're released before I could say anything about it. Anyway, played my Gnarlroot list from a few pages ago against a Gristlegore list with 2 kings on terrorgheists, 1 king on a royal dragon and other odds and ends. We ended up calling it after 2 rounds with a decisive victory for the Sylvaneth. Few observations: 1) The new treelord stomps were by far the MVP of the game. I went first and moved up and then he charged my screen of spite revenants with some ghouls and a terrorgheist king. The stomp missed and the spites got wiped out by the combined attacks from the terrorgheist and ghouls but the spites did manage to kill 8 ghouls. However ancient did not get wounded at the 3" range and did 5 wounds to the terrorgheist. My turn the 6 scythe hunters and arch-revenant charged into that mess. Meanwhile 3 sword hunters charged another group of 20 ghouls and the treelord charged the ghouls and the other terrorgheist and the ancient general also charged that terrorgheist. All three stomps went off and both sets of ghouls and the unwounded terrorgheist were going last. The scythe hunters activated first , got +1 attack from the arch revenant and proceeded to wipe out all but one in the ghoul unit and killed the wounded terrorgheist. Then the other ancient and treelord did 12 wounds to the 2nd terrorgheist and the sword hunders killed 11 ghouls. The terrorgheist did 10 wounds back to the ancient general due to a few failed saves and one of those crappy 6 mortal wound bites. On his turn his general on the dragon charged in and promptly went from striking first to striking last and had his head handed to him by the scythe hunters. The surviving terrorgheist also got stomped and wiped out by the treelord. The explosion from it only did one wound to the ancient with 2 wounds left and he had to use his last command point to activate it and kill my general. After that, at that point he was down to his arch-regent, 1 unit of ghouls and what he had summoned the last turn with his command point and the throne (a courtier and some of the vargulfs) and resigned. He said that the new stomp effect was devastating and I didn't disagree. 2) We played this game with the wyldwood summoning spell as part of the deepwood lore because of the warhammer community article. In the first turn I had the one I started with, then the free one from the ancient ability and then an unstoppable one from the Vesperal Gem. Was pretty impressive having 3 out in the first turn and your opponent not being able to do anything about it. Plus, you can carpet the field with them early since they only have to be 1" from things. I ended up preordering 4 boxes of awakened wyldwoods because of this so that I could have one more to summon later in the game. 3) Lastly, I have to say that in all 4 of my games with the new book the kurnoth hunters have been the backbone of the army. the arch-revenant and glade effects add so much to them with letting them reroll 1s to hit, getting to attack twice, doing 2 hits, resummoning dead ones, the mortal wounds on the swords, the extra attack from the arch-revenant command ability (and he doesn't even have to be near them for them to get it!) I still think the bow hunters stink and are the only thing not worth using at all in the book, but 1-2 units of 3 swords and 1 unit of 6 scythes with an arch revenant and either the winterleaf or gnarlroot glade effects have done so much. They're just plain awesome and have been on a whole new level with the buffs from the new book!
  12. First thing is we need to see the list you usually use. There are a lot of variables to look at but that is a good starting point.
  13. https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2019/07/next-weeks-mega-40k-aos-products-pricing-confirmed.html They get a lot of things wrong, but they usually get these prices right.
  14. I will be curious if the new non-awakened wyldwoods function as they do now and if sylvaneth keep their immunity to them.
  15. One little thing in the Sylvaneth Preview on the Warhammer-Community site today was that they mentioned Verdant Blessing being part of the Deepwood Lore. I know that the preview isn't the final say on the matter, but could be taken as how GW views it and may rule in a designer's commentary for the Vesperal Gem. Letting the Gem auto-generate unstoppable Awakened Wyldwoods would be great.
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