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  1. The new pink horrors are going to be surprisingly good. You're looking at each pink horror being a 5 wound model. So how does wound allocation work now? Your opponent does 15 unsaved wounds to the unit. First unsaved wound is applied and a pink horror splits into 2 blues. Where does the 2nd unsaved wound go? Does your opponent get to pick and put it on a pink? Do you get to pick and put it on a blue? Does it have to go somewhere and nobody gets to decide? If blues and brimstones can die before pinks, or if all the pinks are wiped out, then if the standard is saved until last, you can spend one of your destiny dice with a 1 to get d6 more pinks with 5 wounds apiece (I guess)...
  2. Google translate for the win. The LoN ones are for Neferata and Mannfred The DoK ones are for at the top for the Avatar of Khaine and Blood Stalkers at the bottom.
  3. It's on the French version of the site. I'm also assuming 30 points for 5 spite revenants is a mistake. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/1a4b571b.pdf
  4. So all three treelord variants went down plus Alarielle. -20 points for treelords and -40 points for durthu and ancients. Alarielle went down 60. Should open some things up.
  5. Dang, you're right. Not sure why I forgot that this morning.
  6. Also, one of those mortek guard units was probably 10 less as the current points cost of the list is 2,080.
  7. Only thing I can think of is the stalkers can get it naturally.
  8. It lasts until the caster takes a wound or mortal wound that is not negated. So if he never takes a wound, then yes it would last the entire battle. What I meant by that was that you don't have to keep recasting it every turn if they aren't attacking him.
  9. So the main formation isn't to encircle it as much as you want its front and side protected. Hence it's more of a U shape around its front and sides, but one side will be "weaker", IE it will have less guys, maybe one row of guys instead of 2 or 3. The weaker side will depend on where my enemy's best attack point will be, as well as terrain and other units in my army (you can use it as bait as well.). The formation will also depend on if I plan to get charged or if I will be doing the charge. If it is to get charged I just have one row of Guard in front of it. This way when the enemy rams into them it can move up slightly and get in the gap in between 2 Guard if everything will let him get within 1" for the bludgeons, otherwise you're relying on the 2" feet and tail. Also, if you leave one side of the U protection weaker, if they kill off some of the Guard, you remove them from that side to create an opening for the harvester to pile in through and the guys that are brought back you can chain it from their other side. Remember, the Harvester has a long oval base so when you pile in, you can angle the back part of his base to get a lot of guys you are daisy chaining in on the resurrection, especially if you are bringing back guys that the harvester, himself kills. If both units plan to charge, again, The mortek guard will move up and the weaker side guys will move over to be more central while the harvester will move diagonally (well horizontal and then vertical. his +2" movement over the mortek guard usually makes up the amount he has to go horizontal) up to be even with the guard since his move is 6". Then they should both have the same chance to charge. When they charge, I make sure that there is a pile of Guard within 3" after the charge and upcoming pile in moves. Now, the one thing that makes this whole thing work (and actually the entire army really) is the +3" command ability. IT'S AWESOME and easily a top tier command ability. It can give the Guard that 7" move to keep up with a Harvester, get out of its way for a charge or make them both move really far. Harvesters have a 9" move with it! I really haven't had any movement issues because of that ability. The army can just be so damn fast if it wants to be. It costs RD, but if you go second (the army only has 6 drops which is competitive, but not absolute), you can use them freely and then regenerate them later. Plus you get the free shield wall from the battalion. Lastly, it's important to note that the Harvester and Crawler are the 2 units in the army that don't have a way to give themselves the 6+ ignore wounds. They're not Hekatos units. However, the Mortek Guard Hekatos Champion will give it the 6+ save if it is wholly within 6" and can use the 3" move on the Harvester and give it the +3" to move if a hero isn't nearby. You have to be mindful of it in the game. I really recommend just getting out a Harvester and 20 Guard and just practice moving them around with and without the +3" movement for spacing and whatnot. Also do it for when you are charged to keep enough guys nearby to die and bring back as well as create a space for the harvester to engage the enemy without breaking unit coherency.
  10. Some thoughts after having played the army for almost a month now: The army has three very intimidating units. All three units can have major effects on your opponent’s battleplan and have to be dealt with or, at least, have a plan to deal with lest they throw a large monkey wrench into their plan. These units are the Mortek Crawler, Gothizzar Harvester and Mortek Guard Mortek Crawler: This is my love/hate piece. I’m not really a fan of it and don’t really want to take it. However it can deal with key units in your opponent’s army early which can cause all types of problems. This causes me to want to take it because, if it works, it can easily take out that mage with Ignax’s Scales in Halloweart, or the Slaughterpriests in Blades of Khorne, the Warchanter in Orruk armies etc. The issue is that it’s highly reliant on luck since it has no rend. It’s not going to wear down what it’s shooting at. It’s either going to kill it or do nothing. There isn’t any in between. Because I usually have worse then average luck it means I usually expect it to do nothing. Your opponent will hate seeing it because all they will see is something that’s about to kill their key wizard/priest first turn and will complain bitterly if it happens. Meanwhile, many turns it will do nothing like it did in turns 1-3 of my game last night. It keeps your opponent honest and has high potential to take apart your opponent’s plan which will earn it a place in my lists. At the same time since it relies so heavily on luck, which I don’t have, it will always feel like I’m wasting my 200 points. Gothizzar Harvester: I LOVE these guys. When near your 20+ Mortek Guard blocks your opponent will just see an immortal unit until the harvester is dead. I’ve watched my opponents have to change their approach on how to tackle the Mortek Guard (which are the real threat) because of the harvester. Just bubble wrap it and make the whole blob into a really tough nut to crack. I’ve heard many utterances that it was useless to shoot the guard or to send in a unit or two to soften it up because the harvester would just regrow them and “waste the shots”. What happens is that it usually ends up taking the firepower which allows the Mortek Guard to get to where they’re going intact and in numbers which is when the real fun begins. I’ve also had times where it attacks first, then my opponent will go and attack it instead of something that has yet to attack because they need to get rid of it before they hit the other target, otherwise it can bring them back or even heal itself back up. It almost messes with your opponent’s activation order because of what it can do. Also, it’s not bad at shooting or in melee either so is certainly a threat there. Mortal wounds, a standard -2 rend and 4 good shots are all great. Mortek Guard: These guys are the real stars of the army and are certainly no tax on the army. I’m finding myself building around them rather then just sticking them on the side or supporting other things. Shieldwall is so stinking good, especially on a 3+ model, that it cannot be understated. Throw in that they never run away, can go up to movement 7 with a +1 to charge and can come back easily and they’re stars. On top of that, they’re really good in melee. I haven’t had any problems getting the majority, if not all, of the 20 into the fight because of their 25mm bases so it’s swords all the way. The native -1 rend is too good to pass up. Especially because it can be buffed with an extra -1 rend, +1 attack or +1 to hit easily. Then they also have the exploding 6s. Finally, they’re what many other units like the Harvester, mages and Liege Kavalos are really built around to support. To see the lengths that my opponents have gone to deal with my battleline has been great to watch. I still think the spell lore is suspect. The spells are very situational. I’m leaning towards Protection of Nagash and Drain Vitality as being my top 2 right now after several games. Protection because it can make your guys really durable and you only have to cast it once so it frees up spells later. But mainly because it adds that teleport option to grab things backfield later which is unexpected in the army. Drain Vitality because so much keys off 6s to hit or save right now that it can really blunt the damage output of those Hedonites or Bloodletters. Because of this, I’m not sold on Arkhan as being a great option in the army. He looks good on paper, but he’s expensive to only provide 1 RD point and I never really feel like I’m getting much out of his spellcasting. He’s never dominated a game for me when I’ve used him on a level of what I’d bring with his points if they were freed up elsewhere. If I had him and a Liege Kavalos, I’d actually seriously consider bringing a 2nd Liege Kavalos and one of the 3 generic wizards instead for the extra RD points. I want to play with the Mortisan Soulreaper more. With Protection of Nagash I think he’s very underrated in a Petrifex army because he can be very tanky, yet actually do well in melee. I’d like to try him in a Crematorian army as the general for the damage 3 weapon plus actually making use of the explosion. I’ve really enjoyed the Mortek Shield Corps Battalion. Extra artifact, extra RD point, reduces your drops by 3 and basically gives you 2 free RD points a battle round. It’s been fantastic. Since the Mortek Guard will be up in your face most turns, you get mileage out of it every round (unlike the deathrider one) and what you’re getting is the first thing on your list to do. I’ve noticed that I’ve been plinking away with the 1 MW with the Nexus recently with the negative to wizards as the #2 (not a big deal against Khorne or my Orruk Buddy). I’ve mentioned before using it to get the 1st wound on a 6 wound hero so the Crawler can one shot it (see the luck above). I’m also using it more to supplement the Harvester shooting because, again, their shooting is quite good and you can use them as assassins also. The other two abilities needing the unit to be wholly within 18” and only working on a 4+ has made me shy away from it unless the MW really wouldn’t help anywhere. Anywhere, thought I’d put up the list I’m eager to try out next: Petrifex Elite Mortisan Soulreaper General with Godbone Armor, Protection of Nagash Liege Kavalos with Helm of the Ordained Mortisan Boneshaper with Drain Vitality 20 Mortek Guard with Swords, 2 Greatswords 20 Mortek Guard with Swords, 2 Greatswords 20 Mortek Guard with Swords, 2 Greatswords Gothizzar Harvester Gothizzar Harvester Gothizzar Harvester Mortek Shield Corps Battalion Bone-Tithe Shrieker Soulstealer Carrion (for healing the Soulreaper. The army has lots of shooting and can do impact hits on the Kavalos so lots of opportunity for rolls) 2,000 points exactly
  11. Played a 2,000 point game against a friend and his Ironjawz last night. Thought I’d put up another battle report. His army: Ironsunz Megaboss on Maw-Krusha General with Sunblessed Armor and +1 damage mount trait Orruk Warchanter with Killa Beat Orrus Weirdnob Shaman with Hand of Gork 10 Orruk Brutes 5 Orruk Brutes 10 Orruk Ardboyz 6 Orruk Gore-gruntas Rogue Idol My army: Petrifex Elite Mortisan Soulreaper General with Godbone Armor and Protection of Nagash Liege Kavalos with Helm of the Ordained Mortisan Boneshaper with Reinforce Battle-Shields 20 Mortek Guard with Swords, 2 Greatswords 20 Mortek Guard with Swords, 2 Greatswords 10 Mortek Guard with Swords, 1 Greatsword 5 Kavalos Deathriders with Swords Gothizzar Harvester Gothizzar Harvester Mortek Crawler Mortek Shield-Corps Battalion We played the Places of Power mission. He won the roll to pick sides and began setting up. We ended up with 20 Mortek Guard bubble wrapping a Gothizzar Harvester and Boneshaper on my left across from his 10 Ardboyz, 5 Brutes and Weirdnob for that objective. For the center it was shaping up to be his Rogue Idol, 10 Brutes and Warchanter with the Mawcrusher between that objective and the right one and his pigs on the right. I set up the Crawler, Liege Kavalos, and 20 Mortek Guard towards the center (with the Nexus right there), the 2nd Harvester near the Guard between the objectives, then the 10 Mortek Guard, Soulreaper and Deathriders on the end. I had 7 drops to his 8 so finished setting up first and let him take the first turn. First Turn I began by generating my RD points. Rolled my 10 dice and failed to get a single 6, so had 5 for the turn. He gave his Mawcrusher +1 damage from the Warchanter and attempted to Hand of Gork a unit but it was unbound by the Boneshaper. He was wary of my hidden speed so advanced up the table and got into position to countercharge but otherwise it was an uneventful turn and didn’t score any points. On my turn the Nexus wounded the Warchanter once. The Boneshaper gave the Harvester near him Mystic Shield and the Soulreaper put up his Protection of Nagash. As my army was also out of range to grab the objectives with my heroes they moved up. I gave the 2 units of 20 Mortek Guard +3” so they could keep up with their Harvesters, but otherwise I didn’t plan to start engaging him until turn 2 to allow his Ironsunz ability to wear off and to keep the Harvesters with the Mortek Guard (didn’t want one or the other to fail that 7+ charge when you can’t reroll. For shooting one Harvester killed an Ardboy with his eyeball lasers while the 2nd failed to do any damage to his Mawcrusha. The Crawler then was given +1 shot from the Liege Kavalos and got +1 to hit from his artifact and shot at his Warchanter. It hit 4 times, then only wounded 1 time and it was saved by the guy hiding in some terrain. There were no charges so the turn ended and I didn’t score any points either. Second Turn I won the roll to go first and chose to go first. I rolled for my RD points and once again failed to roll any 6s and so had 5 RD points. The Nexus was out of range to get the Rogue Idol or Mawcrusha completely within 18” so it decided to wound the Mawcrusha once. The Boneshaper attempted to cast spirit shards but it was unbound and the Soulreaper failed to cast Soul-Blast (gogo double 1s). The army moved up with the Mortek Guard and Harvester on the left getting ready to charge and the Boneshaper taking that objective. The other 20 Mortek Guard and Harvester moved up towards his Idol with the Kavalos getting into position to provide his buff (but it would have overextended him to take the objective.) Finally the 10 Mortek Guard, Soulreaper and Deathriders moved up to take the right objective and to deny him the space to land the Mawcrusha and getting the Deathriders 4” from the end of his Pigs to deny some of them fighting. For shooting the crawler once again fired at the Warchanter, hit him all 3 times, wounded twice and he saved both once again. One harvester killed another Ardboy while the 2nd did 2 wounds to his Mawcrusha. The left Harvester and 20 Guard charged his 8 Ardboyz, 5 Brutes and Weirdnob and the center Harvester and 20 Guard charged his Rogue Idol. Finally the Deathriders charged the Pigs and rolled double 1s (2nd time that turn for that side of the table) and failed their charge by 1”. He then spent a command point to counter charge my Mortek Guard with his 10 Brutes. At the start of the turn one unit of Mortek Guard got the free Shield Wall and +1 rend while the other also got Shield Wall and +1 rend leaving me with 2 command points. I went first with my Harvester on the Rogue Idol. Hitting on 2s it managed to do 2 mortal wounds, hit 2 further times and fail to wound with the bludgeon, then on 2s and 2s with the fists and tail it hit once, wounded and did 1 more wound when the other was saved with its ignore wounds ability. Knowing that he had to kill the Harvester first he attacked with the Idol back and managed to do 10 wounds to the Harvester after armor saves, but 2 were saved on the 6+ leaving it at 2 wounds. I then had the other Harvester go and it killed 4 Ardboyz. His 10 Brutes piled in against the Mortek Guard on the Rogue Idol and failed to kill a single Guard after rerolls. The other Guard went and killed 2 more Ardboyz and 2 Brutes. Those Ardboyz, Brutes and Weirdnob also completely failed to kill any Mortek Guard. Finally the Mortek Guard on the Rogue Idol whiffed completely against the Brutes (only 3 could fight them) and the rest only managed 5 more wounds on the Rogue Idol giving it 8 (I wasn’t rolling my attacks that well, but the saves were huge). He then spent a command point to keep the Brutes from running away, but the Ardboyz all fled to battleshock. Finally, since I now controlled 2 objectives I scored 2 points. On his turn he once again tried to use the Hand of Gork but it was unbound for a second time. The warchanter then gave the Rogue Idol +1 damage and put a +1 to hit on the Mortek Guard against him. He then used Mighty Destroyers on the Rogue Idol to have it fight and attack the Harvester. It got 2 wounds past the armor save and the harvester failed both 6+ saves and died. That one was close! He didn’t have much to move. He scooted his Warchanter back to get more then 1” into the woods so he couldn’t be seen by the Crawler. The Pigs scooted over to give some spacing then the Mawcrusher landed there. He then bellowed at my Soulreaper but failed to damage him. For charges the Pigs charged the Deathriders, the Mawcrusha charged the Deathriders, Soulreaper and Mortek Guard (I hadn’t thought my positioning that well since I was convinced the Deathriders wouldn’t fail that 4” charge when they get +1” to charge. That’ll learn me. The Mawcrusha considered using its bulk on the Soulreaper but once my friend confirmed what protection of Nagash did, he decided to use it against the 10 Mortek Guard and killed 2. In the combat phase one unit of Mortek Guard got the free shield wall while the other got the last 2 RD points for Shield Wall and +1 rend. He went first with Mawcrusha and went for the Soulreaper so that it could kill him and then he could fight with someone else. He hit and wounded the Soulreaper 11 times and 12 total wounds got through his armor. 3 were saved by his 6+ ignore wounds but the Protection of Nagash only saved 1 and after the Godbone armor he barely did 7 wounds to him killing him. He was really worried when he saw me rolling 8 dice knowing that I only needed 2 5+ for him to survive! He then activated his Rogue Idol and killed 8 Mortek Guard. By removing dead models I was able to get that unit outside of 3+ of the Brutes they were once in combat with. Those Mortek Guard fought back and did 7 more wounds back to the Idol leaving it at 1. The Pigs then attacked my Deathriders and killed 1 and wounded another once. My Mortek Guard on the other side of the table went and killed his Weirdnob and remaining 3 Brutes. Finally the Deathriders did 2 wounds to the Pigs and the Deathriders and 8 Mortek Guard did 4 more wounds to the Mawcrusha having it taking 7 total wounds and getting the Strength from Victory to +1. He then scored a point since his Mawcrusha killed my Boneshaper and took his objective. Third turn He won the roll and went for the double turn. I rolled 8 dice for my RD and for the third time rolled no 6s (28 rolls and counting with no 6s) giving me 4. His Warchanter again put up the +1 to hit on my 10 Mortek Guard and gave the Rogue Idol +1 damage in a desperate attempt to kill the Mortek Guard before the killed him. The Idol then fought again with Mighty Destroyer and killed 8 of the Mortek Guard leaving 2. He only had one unit to move, so his Warchanter left the woods to get away from my left side which had wiped out the Orruks. His Mawcrusha shot at the 8 Mortek Guard on him but failed to kill any. His Brutes then charged the 2 Mortek Guard and got 3 brutes in. At the start of the combat phase I figured those two were dead, so the 8 Mortek Guard got the free Shield Wall but I didn’t spend any other command abilities. He then activated the brutes in combat with the 2 Mortek Guard and completely failed to kill anyone. The remaining two guard smiled about their luck and decided not to push it so attacked the Rogue Idol with the Greatsword killing it. The resulting explosion killed both Guard, wounded a Brute once and did 2 wounds to the Warchanter. The Mawcrusha then split its attacks between the remaining 4 deathriders and 8 Mortek Guard. It didn’t kill any Guard but did kill 2 Deathriders. The Deathriders then went and did another wound to the Mawcrusha and were finished off by the Pigs. Finally the Mortek Guard went and did 2 more wounds to the Mawcrusha getting it to 10 wounds. He then scored 2 more points for the objective putting him at 3. I went and the Nexus failed to give the Brutes -1 to hit. The Boneshaper then put a Mystic Shield up on the remaining Harvester. The 20 Mortek Guard got +3” movement and hoofed it towards those brutes while the Harvester started to chase the Warchanter. The Liege Kavalos moved around to be able to charge the Brutes and claim the middle objective. In shooting, the Harvester wounded the Warchanter again putting him at 4 wounds taken and the Crawler fired at the Mawcrusha but failed to get through its armor. The Liege Kavalos and Mortek Guard charged the 10 Brutes in the middle with the Liege Kavalos rolling an 11 for its charge. He then rolled his 11 dice and failed to roll any 6s for the impact (so that’s 39 and counting for those keeping score). In the combat phase the 8 Mortek Guard got the free Shield Wall while the other Guard got Shield Wall and the Liege Kavalos got +1 Rend and +1 Attack (not many Guard were going to get into combat. I just needed them there to be closer so the Brutes wouldn’t pile in on the Liege Kavalos.) The Liege Kavalos then went and killed a Brute and wounded another. The Brutes went and killed one Mortek Guard and didn’t wound the Kavalos. The Mortek Guard then went and did 2 more wounds to the Mawcrusha getting it to 12. It killed one back with the mortal wound from the Shield and killed 2 more in attacks. The Mortek Guard then piled into the brutes and killed 2 more but none ran. I then scored 3 points getting me to 5 Fourth Turn I won the roll and decided to have a double turn. I rolled my 6 RD dice and roll 2 6s! putting me at 6 RD points. The Boneshaper hit the Brutes with the Shards doing 1 mortal wound but was out of range to heal the dead Mortek Guard. The Nexus then wounded the Mawcrusha. The Harvester fired at the Warchanter but failed to damage him and the Crawler fired at the Mawcrusha, wounding him twice and he finally failed a save killing it dead. The Harvester charged the Warchanter. The Mortek Guard got the free Shield Wall and got +1 attack and +1 Rend. They then fought the Brutes and killed 5. The Brutes then piled in to try to kill the Kavalos before he went but failed to get any wounds past my armor saves. The Harvester then pounded the Warchanter into a pancake and the Liege Kavalos killed another Brute. The remaining Brutes then ran away. I then scored 5 more points putting me at ten. He then only had the pigs so they charged the small unit of Mortek Guard that that been a thorn in the side of the Mawcrusha and finally managed to wipe them out. He didn’t have any heroes left so didn’t score any more points We then called the game as I was ahead 10-3, had 2 heroes and he only had his 6 Gore-gruntas left.
  12. Your first artifact has to be the godbone armor. If you take battalions your second or more artifacts can be anything you want.
  13. Zandtos is only very situationally better then a generic liege kavalos. He is only better if you have someone else to take artifacts and if you don't overly care about the legion traits (crematorians). Otherwise you should always take a generic liege kavalos. Also, I'd probably drop the bonereaper for the shield corps battalion to reduce your drops. The shaper and Mason are enough magical support.
  14. Just want to make sure I'm using these Gothizzar Harvesters correctly. You roll after each wound is applied and bring them back immediately, instead of at the end correct? So, If I have 20 Mortek Guard all within 3" of the Harvester and Skarbrand rushes in and does 24 mortal wounds to them of which the Mortek Guard fail 20 of the 6+ saves 20 will die. However, the Harvester will roll after each wound is applied and bring one back immediately, rather than waiting to roll 20 dice after all 20 wounds are applied and the unit is wiped out. Basically, the difference here is if he waits until the end, no unit survives to return guys to, while if it's after each wound is applied, then you can bring them back. It's a big difference and critical for Crematorians.
  15. Yeah, the lords of the ossiarch empire rule on p73 states you can include Nagash or Arkhan in the army and they gain the ossiarch bonereapers rule,but if you include them you cannot include any mercenary units in your army.
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