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  1. Anyone else notice one catapult is firing the screaming skulls we have seen before and the other is firing an urn or pot?
  2. There's plenty of ways around it. Anything that throws out mortal wounds will also do well.
  3. We'll have to see. The reroll saves will work super well against high volume attack units like daemonettes and witch aelves.
  4. Who's ready for 3+(2+ in cover) save battleline with rerollable saves, 6+ feel no pain, immune to battleshock and can be resurrected? 😍
  5. This explains it best, and yes, the Deepkin ability is affected: Who Fights First?
  6. No, they overwrite each other unless one of them states otherwise (it's why slaanesh specifically states they negate and go normally). If you have always strikes first and are given strikes last you are going last.
  7. It's way early to be making decisions about the power level of the army. Yesterday they also stated that the Bonereapers have their own unique set of command points in addition to normal command points called Relentless Discipline points that can be used by unit leaders. The example they used was that the Mortek Guard can shield wall and reroll their saving throws. Given that the basic wizard shown Sunday had a save of 4+, the Mortek Guard should have at least a 4+ save and may have something else given they have shields. If you throw in the faction that gives a +1 save you're looking at a battleline unit having a 3+ rerollable save at worst! It could even get to a 2+ save if they are in cover or if shields add +1 to their save (or if they're 3+ to begin with). Then they probably have a 6+ ignore wounds like all undead. That's really, REALLY good. Not to mention they ignore battleshock because evidentally the entire army ignores battleshock. I know they have a Ld of 10, but it's still a lot better with the debuffs out there. They've stated that units with swords are better for small units. I don't think they're talking about units of 20 there. I'll be very surprised if the minimum unit size is 20 and it goes up by 20s.
  8. My friends and I haven't had any issues with recognizing the leaves quickly on my sylvaneth dice except for the dark green summer dice which is more of an issue of the color and not style.
  9. On all the faction dice the skull is the 1 and the faction symbol is the 6. Personally I think they're fine.
  10. It's from the supplier for the game store. The other prices were fairly standard, but I only asked about the Bonereapers: $40 for the battletome $50 for the Bone Tithe Nexus $20 for the Warscroll Cards $35 for the dice $35 for the Endless Spells
  11. Just heard from my supplier that Feast of Bones will retail for $195 US.
  12. Just heard from my supplier. Feast of Bones is $195 US.
  13. Looking at the Mortison Boneshaper: Boneshaper heals 3 wounds to a unit within 6", and if they don't have any wounds allocated to them you can bring back up to 3 wounds worth of models. Also a wizard with a spell that picks a unit within 18" and you roll a dice for each model in the unit within 18" and visible. For each roll of a 6 the unit takes a mortal wound. Stats are 5" move, 4+ save, 10 Bravery and 5 wounds. Talons are 1" reach, 2 attacks 3+/4+/-/1.
  14. Your guess is as good as mine. Like I've stated before. I think they're the only poor unit in the book unless near the horn.
  15. They're soft until you can reroll all hits for all of them and they can neuter or kill threats in a single round.
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