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  1. I wasn't even aware this ability hasn't been changed for GS with familiars. Sure, summoning 10 pinks is nice, but do you really use it every game you play? And what do you do if no realmgate is available during a tournament? In my opinion Book of Profane Secrets seems a bit OP and I simply don't use it, but honestly I feel like I'll change my mind - especially after dealing lately (poorly) with some OP and unfun lists (eg. Plague Monks x 180). EDIT: Nota bene - GS with Familiars is still there in updated Warscroll Builder (Pitched Battle). What now?
  2. GW said each Grand Alliance will get a battletome until the end of 2019.
  3. Lately I tend to use him as a conduit to summon Blue Horrors and capture objectives. Remember - summoning won't reveal him. He can still be pretty annoying as an potential endless spellcaster (Pendulum or Geminids) or just a hero your opponent may have difficulties to get rid of.
  4. Gaunt Summoner with Familiars as a general standing on Vortex, equipped with Gryph-feather Charm and using Arcane Sacrifice on Pink Horrors is always there for me. Lately I experiment with The Changeling casting Aethervoid Pendulum on high priority targets and then summoning a bunch of Blue Horrors. Fun and confusing, but a bit costly. LoC or Kairos with Umbral Spellportal to nuke or block something with a spawn. And two units of Pinks to fuel summoning. Well they are the core of my lists, completed with a mix of Ogroid, Blue Scribes, Curseling, Magister, Daemon Prince, Tzaangor Enlightened or basic Tzaangors. I would gladly field few Flamers, Chariots or Screamers, but they feel useless, especially against armies with good saves – with whom I tend to play regularly.
  5. This! Unfortunately And in Heavy spellcasting tzeentch is outclassed by a lot of other armies. but we had so much utility with the old horror splitting that things were ridiculous. I miss that time. I want my utility, my tricks, my shenanigans back. Not necessarily 4d6 dmg spells and stuff like that but more tools in our ever changing and mind twisting toolbox 😀 I hope incoming (sooner or later) update will cover this mind twisting toolbox 😀. Tzeentch should be THE army of magic and I'm pretty sure most people here decided to give Tzeentch a try because of it. With all these issues in mind I still play only magic-heavy lists and, even when losing, I enjoy it a lot. Our time will come 😀.
  6. Right now heavy spellcasting lists seem, to say the least, not rewarding to play. Magic is fun and all, but (in comparison to e.g. shooting) has just too much limitations (high casting value, potential unbinding, 18” range at best and before you move) and forces you to spend more and more points on endless spells, making your wizards even more overcosted – Gaunt and Familiars without Balewind Vortex? LoC or Kairos without Spellportal? Keeping in mind their feebleness and almost no combat potential all you can do is to screen them hard and hope they would survive till your hero phase. And that your opponent haven't fielded any Knight-Incantors with their damned scrolls making your essential casts an overcosted failure :) .
  7. All warscroll changes had been implenented to AoS app. You will find some tips and specific DoT rules here: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Age_of_Sigmar/Tactics/Chaos/Disciples_of_Tzeentch , but keep in mind, not everything is up to date there.
  8. Yesterday I've faced my friend and his Stormcast Eternals (1000pts). We played 3 games and, despite me winning one of them (by 1 Victory Point), I felt completely overwhelmed. Here is his list: Anvils of Heldenhammer Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger (General) Lord-Celestant on Dracoth Knight-Incantor Sequitors Sequitors Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows Quicksilver Swords Sequitors with their save or to hit re-rolls may be ultra durable or killy (for their 120pts they seem broken), Vanguard-Raptors ditch horrid amount of damage to low-save armies, Quicksilver Sword are painful for Chaos, Lords hit hard and are vulnerable to mortal wounds only and my crucial spell is always unbound by Incantor. How would you deal with them?
  9. Question about Magister's Magic-touched ability - it works only once per hero phase, I presume?
  10. Purple Sun of Shyish: "If the unit has Wounds characteristic of 6 or more, it suffers 2D6 mortal wounds instead". According to this an unit of 5 Liberators has 10 wounds and I should deal them 2d6 mw - is it correct?
  11. And I was wondering if taking Magister is a good deal right now... . GW should definitely update FAQed warscrolls.
  12. Last pink is a lone one-wound model in a unit, so nothing should prevent him from summoning Balewind Vortex.
  13. Information from Balewind Vortex warscroll: "Wizards with a Wounds characteristic of 9 or more, that are part of a unit of two or more models, or that are already on a Balewind Vortex, cannot attempt to cast this spell". So only your last pink survivor can summon it ;).
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