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  1. Awesome, thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi I am sure this is an obvious answer but just wanted to check. When building your warband pick a champion. This gives you a number of followers Then you can pick on any of the followers tables? Retinue/hero/elite.. So nothing stopping you taking four heroes if your champion provides four follower slots. ( not that i would) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Rat orgres are a pretty decent shooty unit, played with them recently and they can really soften up a unit with shooting before tearing them up, also quite hardy.
  4. In the response to me they say she cant go over 10 models, which would make her even worse as a 10, 11,12 nets you 10 models. They dont say you can over spend as you do when building the army. It is wierd as, as mentioned most abilities place a unit ( minimum size). This ability allows you to place a unit below minimum size at full cost.
  5. @WoollyMammoth i agree thats how its should work and will play it that way. But my answer came straight from the AoS FB page. Hopefully they will fix it
  6. Go a reply from GW seems she is not worth it. Also she cant summon above 10 models
  7. I have been wondering this as well. Cant see her getting table time in matched play. Also isnt there a minimum unit size? So she will break this as she is most often going to summon below this
  8. Hi All, placed my preorder today and have been looking through the warscrolls and i am a bit confused on how tou make sure you have Wlydwoods on the table in order to take advantage of the many abilities that need them. seems i have to hope my opponent doesnt mind me tailoring the table set up to my advantage. am i missing something? cheers
  9. In Summoning, are the points set aside strictly for summoning spells? Or do they also include abilities that let you add units during the battle that are not summoning. For example Alarrielle has an ability to roll on a table during the hero phase and possibly add a treelord or unit of dryads. Also some of the battle plans enable a command abilty that lets you generate units.
  10. When might we see/hear the podcast review. So excited for the coming weeks releases
  11. Hi, what is the name of the Podcast ? cheers for all the answers
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