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  1. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time
  2. The Old World will certainly be in 28mm scale. No way GW passes up on all the people from their other systems who will buy the models just for conversions alone, let alone the returning players and new converts.
  3. A "Bretonnia but Vampires" army would be so very cool. Led, of course, by a mysterious knight in black armor, his arms sable a serpent or tongued gules. Though honestly, you can make a pretty decent proxy list for Bretonnia in general with FEC. Esp if you embrace Parravon's Flying Circus as your background
  4. I think that 1) the actual middle ages were far weirder and grimmer than a lot of you seem to think. There's a lot of scope for a more historically grounded army that also has crazy and weird aesthetics. 2) Bretonnia will be in the Old World, presumably, so I don't necessarily need them in Age of Sigmar. But, if GW wanted to do them, I think it could be very cool. Problem is that SCE steal a lot of Bretonnia's thunder in that they are the "elite" human army with lots of monster-riding broskis and the magical favor of a deity enhancing them.
  5. 6th edition warhammer and 2nd ed WFRP were the height of the background and aesthetic. Throw Mordheim in there too. Bretonnia would work just fine in the new setting. People who don't like Bretonnia are just peasants, jealous of their betters
  6. Well that sucks. He was their best AoS author by far.
  7. Dark Harvest is good enough to be a legit folk horror novel on its own. Basically no knowledge of AoS is needed to understand it. I got some serious Laird Barron vibes from it. Easily the best AoS novel, and among the best novels BL has ever published.
  8. This all jives well with my experience. I like the WFRP low-fantasy approach best, I admit. But people who like the more high fantasy stuff better are cool too. Thats the great part of Warhammer. You can have both. I know its human nature and all, but the balkanization of the fanbase into ridiculous camps based on which version of the background they prefer is tiresome. Its a game predicated on "Your Guys" (TM). People who want to wield lore like a cudgel to get rid of people having the wrong type of fun is silly. Let people have their things.
  9. This would be awesome. Tchaikovsky would easily be the best author that has ever written for BL. His novels "Guns of the Dawn" and "Redemptions Blade" are both excellent. The first is if Jane Austen wrote "The Things They Carried." The second is a "how do we rebuild society after defeating the Dark Lord." Highly recommend.
  10. Scibor minis makes some nice resin highlander dwarfs IIRC. Could be a nice place to start!
  11. Could do like Highlander hill dwarfs that don't worship any god (cuz no dwarf would worship an orc god! Thats a grudgin!) but trust only in the riddle of steel, waging endless war on those around them because anyone who isn't a dwarf isn't worth keeping alive and any dwarf that isn't from the hills isn't a dwarf
  12. The actual truth. They will make excellent fodder for chaos dwarf conversions with the bull heads though.
  13. At least have the balls to follow through when you call someone out. Don't be resort to this catty "oh no offense" BS. Ignore my posts it they don't suit you, you'll be happier in the long run.
  14. You consistently have some of the worst takes on this site, but this one stands out as particularly egregious. Never have I said I hate AoS or the models. Don't project your insecurity regarding the setting and its popularity onto me. I don't like these particular models. I like the Deepkin range, however. I like the Scions of the Flame (in particular the flamberge model) and the Iron Golems from Warcry. I like the Kharadron range. I like the new Chaos Warriors and Knights. I like some of the Fyreslayers. And so on. I can like some parts of a model range and dislike others. Some people are nuanced like that. If that's hard for you to understand, maybe take a moment of self-reflection. Or, keep adminstering purity tests for AoS Stasi or whatever keeps you busy.
  15. No. I like what I like, and dislike what I dislike. You deal with it.
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