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  1. Honestly, most non-tie-in fantasy is pretty awful too. Sturgeon's Law is in full effect when it comes to literature. I think most BL authors arent worth reading, but the good ones, like Reynolds and ADB, are a better read than 90% of other fantasy/scifi. Other tie-in universes, like Star Wars, are shockingly terrible, even compared to standard BL bolter ******.
  2. They actually have done this already. The elves in AoS, much like their Old World antecdents (and indeed, their lamer space-faring cousins in 40k) have a heavily Irish/Welsh-influenced nomenclature, interspersed with Old World Eltharin gobbledygook. The scath-cauldrons of the Daughters of Khaine ("scath" being Old Irish for "shadow," as evinced in names like the legendary warrior-woman, Scathach "the shadowy one"), the names of many characters across every elf faction (even the Sylvaneth, as they are, at very least, elf-adjacent), even down to things like Volturnos' mount, Uasall, which is literally just the Irish word for "noble" ("daoine uasal" being Irish for "nobleman" or "aristocrat"). Places/factions like Ionrach or Dhom-hain at least look kiiinda Irish, or like pidgin fantasy Irish as imagined by English dudes. This is actually most obvious in 40k, where Eldar often just blatantly have Irish or Welsh names, though often slightly misspelled or oddly placed: the Farseer Macha, her buddy Ronahn, the craftworld Halloween...excuse me, Saim-Hain, and so on.
  3. I agree with Kadeton and others saying this is spurious. In the context within which it is written, the rule is clear. Anyone trying to interpret it otherwise is being a bit of a prat.
  4. At this point, I am just absolutely dumbfounded at the tone some people are taking. The internet is truly a strange and unpleasant place.
  5. I'm not suggesting she paints that way because she's a woman at all. I just thought it was an interesting bit of trivia is all. I am colorblind myself, so I always find the ways in which color perception can differ between people (and populations, in this case) quite interesting. @JPjr Thats not really what happened at all, but you do you, I suppose.
  6. Well regardless of the reasoning behind it, it is an observable and measurable difference.
  7. I dont know what he meant exactly, but there is some truth to this, from a certain point of view. Men are far, far more likely to be colorblind than women, with about 8-10% of the male population being so. The amount of women that are colorblind is so low its almost statistically insignificant. Conversely, an unknown, but significant, number of women are the opposite of colorblind: they can see dramatically more variation in the color spectrum than others, possibly due to the presence of a fourth type of cone in their eyes (as opposed to "baseline" humans with three, and colorblind humans with two), and so can distinguish between hues the rest of us find indistinguishable. And in general, disregarding colorblindness and tetrachromats, women are more adept at distinguishing hues than men are. Sauce: https://www.bibalex.org/SCIplanet/en/Article/Details?id=10304 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/brain-babble/201504/when-it-comes-color-men-women-arent-seeing-eye-eye%3famp There are other sources out there as well, if you google "women see more colours" or some such.
  8. Nah, I agree with Kadeton, the names ridiculous and sounds silly. AoS in general has a problem with this. It bleeds over into the novels, where everything has to be written like "And then the Wrathmongers, with their bloodbladehammers, were slaughtered by the Hammers of Sigmar Liberators, with their liberating sigmarite hammers!" The Old World was more grounded and you had exchanges that didnt read like keyword soup. A knight could just be a knight, not a Bloodcrusher with Runeforged Axe and Goremetal Plate! A sword could just be called a sword, and not a Sigmarite Greatblade (TM)! It makes the books feel like advertisements for the game, rather than actual books just set in the same world. And I greatly dislike it. It vastly reduces the versimilitude of the fictional world. Everything always being referred to as some trademarked "unique" name. Its one of the reasons AoS books are a lot less interesting than the older Warhammer books. The older books could explore parts of the world that had no TT equivalent. The AoS books are very model-oriented and it shows. Every peasant somehow knows what a Bloodreaver is called, instead of just "that savage over there." Moreover, everyone magically speaks the same language and somehow understands each other with no difficulty (this is just a pet peeve of mine in general.) There are some AoS books, like Mirrored City and Dark Harvest, that go off the beaten path and are very enjoyable as a result. But most are bogged down by the ridiculous nature of a lot of the games terminology, and end up feeling lile toy advertisements.
  9. Nay, Alarielle (as the Everqueen) was an avatar of an aspect of Isha, much like Ariel of Athel Loren. The Lady of the Lake was Lileath, Goddess of the Moon, Dreams and Fortune.
  10. I imagine it will be a Horus Heresy style game with different rules, possibly new kits from FW. Personally, I hope for a Mordheim revival (but then again, Mordheim is basically perfect as-is with the fan mods available, so its perhaps unnecessary) but since they did the "square bases are back!" thing, I imagine it will be a revival of the rank-n-flank alongside the Old World. Considering the insane popularity of Total Warhammer, large-scale Old World game sounds most likely to me. I doubt a Titanicus-scale game only because there are far fewer Titan-esque monsters in the Old World and the I doubt it would pull in the same numbers as a full-on WHFB revival parallel to AoS.
  11. For many armies however, their battleline IS a tax. They are bad units you have to take a minimum of before you get to the good ones. Its fine to have preferences but youre tilting at windmills here. "Core tax" and "Troops tax" were a thing in 40k and WHFB parlance for a looooong time. Have heard them since i first started playing the game 15 years or so ago, and they werent new phrases then. This isnt so much a "dont let the language change!" thing as much as it is "the language changed a long time ago and im still grumpy about it." Which is fine, being grumpy is a tradition among wargamers. But its a bit silly to expect the phrase will change now, particularly when its often quite accurate in what it describes.
  12. She's alive again three years from now anyways, when the REAL Warhammer comes back 😉
  13. Its a grail. Bretonnians confirmed! But on a slightly more serious note, all the Grail Knights and Damsels did go somewhere. Is it possible that Tyrion and Teclis found their souls and mingled them with the elven souls they rescued from Slaanesh? They were the favored beings of an elven goddess, after all. Hysh elves as Elftonnians confirmed, calling it now.
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