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  1. And BRIAN BLESSED voices Gotrek in the game as well
  2. Your explanation for why he ruins things for you doesnt make much sense though. Which is fine, we all have gut reactions. But that is why the pushback.
  3. Implying there is a more majestic sight than a proud dwarf atop a pile of dead skaven? That's a grudgin'
  4. He can be allied into any order army despite the points limit, per his own rules.
  5. I mean, its a 520 point 4" move model with 8 wounds. Do you also tip your king when you play against Gristlegore multi-fight blender monster? Or Khorne bloodthirster super-friends? Or any number of annoying smashy model combos (almost all of which can move further, faster and with the ability to take advantage of oh-so-fun army abilities and so on)? This isnt even getting into things like "all plague monks all the time," "hearthguard berzerker-star," and other such things. Honestly, he's a cool model with awesome lore and rules. Why not try playing against him a little bit before deciding "ugh broken, bad, game ruined"?
  6. As an ally to Ionrach, does he not then get run+charge turn 2 and fight first turn 3? And can also screen him with Ishlaen guard because of Forgotten Nightmares. Is Gotrek a better Eidolon than the Eidolon?
  7. Upon 2nd reading, I also think zilberfried may have meant his original post that was quoted was in reference to someones speculated Gotrek rules, which makes his response make more sense
  8. Do I misunderstand the rules that bad? Because he clearly says "if attack, spell or ability does more than 1 damage, change it to 1." That seems pretty cut n dry. Also factor in that Gotrek gets look out sir and also chaff is a thing for Gotrek too, i.e. yeah if he just stands in front of your firing squad he is toast but fat chance of a good player obliging you in that manner.
  9. Panzer gets it. Dwarf>duardin confirmed. Old World pride going realmwide. Gotrek shall be the god of a new faction: it will have airships and armored beardy guys and naked mohawk guys and cannons and magic forges and its runes will have runes. We shall call them...the Dwarrows? No no, thats not right... Dwarves? Hmmm, closer, closer but I feel like Im off by a letter or two...
  10. So on one hand I feel like artifact counts as ability. On the other hand, if Dispossessed are the only ones that can teleport him, I will allow it based solely on the principle of DFY (dwarfs, ****** yeah!) Also, Old World>Mortal Realms confirmed
  11. He cannot be teleported can he? Cannot start in reserve or be set up again after the battle begins? I am no expert in GW legalese though. Also I was right, he is better than silly Unforged
  12. That would be profoundly underwhelming ruleswise tho. Unforged were one of the worst models in the Dispossesed list. Definitely not the caliber of rules that someone like Gotrek deserves.
  13. Okay yes yes the new Bonecast Eternals have "me and the boys" faces, and their Mortarch is the most metal thing since Lemmy. You're all missing the point. Warhammer Legends is getting points values for matched play. Within 1-2 years time, I predict a Horus Heresy-style Warhammer Legends ruleset and setting. Expected taglines: "Fight in the World-that-Was." "Play your Total Warhammer campaign, but with better graphics and shorter turn times!" "Your cake: have it, and eat it too!" I am legitimately happy about this. Thorgrim Grudgebearer shall march again. The dwarfs endure!
  14. Deepkin

    Future Warbands

    I wanna see rules for Fyreslayers and Dispossessed. I want them to be competitive but something tells me they will suffer from Ironjawz-syndrome: hitty but super slow and bad at objectives.
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