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  1. Chaos Sigmarines are surely just Chaos Warriors at that point, aren't they? Indeed, wasn't the idea the other way around? Sigmarines are chaos warriors, but for sigmar.
  2. True. Loved alternating activation in Warcry. It does contribute to balance favoring lots of chaff though. Have played with alternate activation in mordheim and liked that a lot too.
  3. To round out my terrible opinions: Alternate activation is more fun than IGOUGO, and we should change AOS and the The Old World thusly.
  4. I think despite the Old World being drastically smaller in scale and limited in scope, it felt larger because a good deal of the fiction dealt with either very small scale characters (Brunner the Bounty Hunter, Mathias Thulman, Goetz of the Blazing Sun, etc) or one-offs who died by the end of the book or something. We got a much more street level view of things and it made the world feel more lived in and larger. We also saw a good number of stories that embraced the length of time evident in the background: series on Sigmar, the black plague, the war of the beard, the red duke, etc. The fiction was written to expand a setting, not necessarily advance a storyline. AoS by contrast, and 40k now too, lean very hard into the larger storylines of the setting, which means that the same characters keep popping up. Makes everything feel smaller because, despite the infinite size of the realms, the same people show up everywhere.
  5. There are non racist caricatures of southland humans in the lore. A black hedge wizard is part of the pirate crew in Abnett's fell cargo. Josh Reynolds first Gotrrk and Felix novel includes Southlanders Chaos worshippers and vampires, both of whom are drawn from cultures that were no more or less stereotypical than the Norscans. I'm fairly certain WFRP 4th edition has some lore on the Southlands too.
  6. Certainly. On this very forum, I see people stereotype Old World fans as racist, misogynist and so on. I see people hope old world fails and so on and so forth. I see posters in this thread, for example, who have in the past used their own stereotypes of Old World fans as justification for saying disparaging things about old world fans without repercussion because (in their view) they are justified as they support the "good" Warhammer and old world is the old, "bad" Warhammer. So maybe chill out a bit there with tone policing m8.
  7. Congratulations on your promotion to moderator. It's recent, I take it?
  8. If you don't see it, you might be part of the problem then.
  9. Middle Earth deserves far more dev time. The attitude of AoS fans towards Old World fans is far more toxic than the inverse. Skirmish sized games are more fun than regiment sized games. Deepkin are the coolest concept yet created for AoS. Josh Reynolds was the one true Warhammer author and without him, no one is writing AoS novels worth a damn.
  10. I'm hoping since Neave is just the anglicized version of Irish name Niamh, they make her more Irish huntress than Viking. But my hopes, they are low
  11. I quite like his posts and find them persuasive. So in that sense, he's had a positive impact.
  12. Looking forward to submitting. Made it decently far last year, but story was ultimately rejected in one of the later stages. They said they liked my prose and characterization a lot though, so hoping I can convince em this year.
  13. If GW has similar taste in legal firms as it does in video game developers, I could see this being all-too true.
  14. Yes yes, I'm sure all the primaris lieutenants sleep easy in their boxes at night knowing no evil teenagers will be playing dirty 3d printed models in the utopia of gaming that is the corner GW store.
  15. Unsurprisingly, would love a new Idoneth wave. Easily my favorite of GW's concepts with AoS, kind of like Dark Elves that make more sense (flying sharks aside). Wasn't terribly happy with Guymer's novel, which is a shame because I generally quite like his work, but would love to see more models and attendant background.
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