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  1. m8, sometimes it seems like you have a bit of hard-on for hating on the Oldhammer lol. Let people enjoy their things.
  2. Except in real life, the original Spanish conquistadors didn't bring many pikes, and instead relied on good old swords and shields (rodeleros) along with some guns and crossbows, because real-life Euros weren't dumb and knew pikes did not work well in rough terrain.
  3. Stardrake list works for me. Are the skinks necessary? Can always proxy them as men-at-arms (peasants are chaff anyways) but am curious how it does without them. What would the Celestial Vindi list look like? Only ever seen Hammers of Sigmar and Anvils lists run before.
  4. Any competitive list that goes heavy on Fulminators, or possibly evocators on dracos? Recently came into a whole slew of vintage Bretonnian bitz, wanna make some Grailcast Eternals, hoping to make it a cavalry themed list cuz duh.
  5. Have literally never seen prochuvi post anything that wasnt extremely negative, so can't say his opinion surprises me.
  6. Hearthguard and Grimwrath spam will be murderous IMO. I am happy.
  7. I still hold out hope that Doomseekers or Grimwraths will be rebadged as a unit of heroes. Like take 1-3, counts only as 1 leader choice for purposes if army comp. Would fit with the theme of Fyreslayers as norse heroes writ large (or rather...well, ****** it they're still brolic as all hell, that counts).
  8. I am excited to see what playstyles emerge. I hope we see some viable differences, like march of the magmadroths list with Lofnir, grimwrath-spam with greyfyrd, hearthguard berzerker deathball, and more familiar "our vulkites will blot out the sun" builds as well. I love giant monsters and desperately want Magmadroths to be good.
  9. If poleaxe keeps the "on 4+, deal an additional mortal wound" and Lords of the Lodge keeps the "pile in twice with Hearthguard" rule, Hearthguard Berzerkers may legit be one of the best infantry units in the game.
  10. I imagine the save after a save will either be an armywide trait, or limited to the hearthguard, or a buff from prayers/endless spells.
  11. Greyfyrd Grimwrath with Blood of the Berserker and the Chamon artifact that gives -3 rend, coupled with a nearby Runemaster using Expert Cohesion and Prayer of Grimnir's Fury. For even more lulz, use Sword of Judgment and aim him at a hero/monster you want deader than the deadest dead times infinity. Khazukan kazakit-ha!
  12. Its gonna be the terrain feature for Fyreslayers, most likely. Pile of ur-gold.
  13. Yeah that seems pretty cut and dry. Oh well, just stick him against a big unit of Ishlaen I guess and kill everything else in his army.
  14. I imagine it will be resolved similarly to the mirror match high tide ruling: on my turn, my Deepkin strike first; on their turn, the ghoul king strikes first. But yeah, one for the faqs.
  15. I dunno man, would making the other units morr viable even do that much? If you have 12+ morrsarr or 9+ allopex, what is really the difference in playstyle? Its still fast moving cavalry that hits hard with a lot of attacks buffed by an Akhelian King. It would be cool to swap out the models (he says, as he paints up his growing collection of eels) but it would end up playing pretty similarly.
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