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  1. Why not? All the cards have "Even if this fighter doesn't have a wound"
  2. Ok, they made a version, published it, realised it was misleading and edited it. I got to it before the edit apprently:
  3. With the new FAQ, the Cursebreaker Acolytes are reffered to as being on guard when they are inspired. If they charge when inspired, will that trigger Change of Tactics?
  4. This is pretty good . Lets you hit with an attack and try to do a couple of extra damage while probably inspiring. Will probably play. Molog looks fun and Darkoath are pretty much what I expected. Javelin girl is particuliarly sweet with her range + movement even if it's only a 1 shot. Feels like a much more nuanced Reivers.
  5. Best of luck @Desidus! Played at lunch today Vs Magore's and my dice continued to ****** out on me. I've been running very cold on them the past 2 weeks, mainly on the Gargant though, so it wasn't such a big deal, but today we were back to 1 Vs 1. Lost the board placement so got short boards. I placed at the back, he placed at the front. I won the initiative and made him start. He charged straight in with Magore turn 1 and succeeded Vs Rastus. He made 3 move actions with his other figurines as his other 3 activations. With Magore in range from the very first activation, I proceeded to fail a Gambit roll on Ammis, moved Stormsire, hit with Stormsire's 1st Fulmination roll for 1, missed a second Fulmination twice (on both the initial roll and the Lightning Assault re-roll), missed a second Gambit roll on Ammis and then missed a Rastus charge that would have allowed me to push Magore into a lethal hex for a 4th damage. I won initiative for the second round and again missed a 2 hammer attack into Magore to push him into the lethal hex. Of course, Magore proceeds to squish Rastus before I finally kill him with Stormsire, Ghartok takes a chunk out of Ammis. I miss with Stormsire into Ghartok and Zharkus arrives to finish Ammis, of course hitting with every attack with Crits & extras to which I have no defense. I miss AGAIN with Stormsire into Ghartok before Riptooth arrives to get a successful attack in on Stormsire. I'm only in the game because of Catching Up & Escalation. I draw into Ready for Action & Faneway Crystal and again win the initiave roll. As I'm holding those and have Magical Supremacy & Cry of Thunder, I can hit with a fulmination, teleport out and drop Cry of Thunder for a couple of glory. Maybe I'll draw into some other Objective card for an extra glory point or two. So, of course, I fail the Fulmination roll and have no other choice than to suit up & teleport out and hope he can't score any additional glory, but he has Alone in the Darkness & Conquest and that's all she wrote. Hugely disappointed as I had all the cards I needed to control the game and the glory production but just didn't succeed even half my rolls. My opponent even set up Magore with no support right in front of my figs for essentially 5 activations & a reroll and I couldn't get him. So frustrating! Change of pace tonight, a friend is coming over for an initiation: Stormcast Vs Orcs on easy mode.
  6. Riddlesworth, what boards are you running? Do you change if you won or lost the roll? Same question Vs defensive or aggressive warbands?
  7. Sure, for the heck of it, 2 free images. Firstly the Orruks Jeremy gave me: And a very WIP fantasy warband. All our group are doing one, character cards & figs only. My riffs on a Necromancer and her 2 hellhound familiars: Plague & Flame. Bases, decoration & about half the Flame-Hound to finish (Necromancer stolen from Blood Rage & is actually one of the first figurines I ever painted: the Volur Witch with her bone Knife & Fox-fur cloak):
  8. Season 2. Don't have the Eyes & am currently painting the Gits so we just have Cursebreakers (and of course, noticing the things I didn't finish even as I post this!) : And the Thorns. The photo doesn't do these guys justice really. Firstly I messed up my white primer, patches & lumps everywhere. I cleaned up as best I could before painting them. If they look washed out, it's on purpose. I don't get the whole thing where a ghost can hold a real sword or plank or chains. It's a ghost so their weapons & accessories are ghostly too. I represented this in 2 ways: Firstly, on anything that's "real" (on the base), I ramped up the colour. Secondly, all of the ghosts are done in washes, inks & heavily diluted paints so that the Nihilakh Oxide on the white base shows through, even on the weapons, chains etc. Pretty happy with the tabletop result after such an inauspicious start:
  9. Rounding out Shadespire (I didn't buy the Skellies & a friend gave me his painted Oruks) : Quite happy with these in the hand but from any sort of distance they look like mud so I'll have to revisit to work the contrast: And my favourite warband for playing & painting :
  10. Wasn't happy with either Chosen Axes or Garrek's Reavers so stripped them & repainted in normal. The Axes stripped badly, it was a pain to clean them before painting and I missed some patches so they are only so-so. Reavers are now normal & boring, but between them & the Axes, I started getting a little bit of a feel for painting flesh, something I'm pretty bad at: My other painted bands that I haven't yet posted follow on.
  11. Ok, here' s the rules parsed into easier steps: If he’s not on guard, he goes on guard. End turn. If he is on guard, players determine who controls him. Player with no figs controls him or a dice roll determines the controller. 1.) He may “kick” an adjacent figure of the controller’s choice (1 damage + 1 push) 2.) He “moves” twice. a) If he cannot move, he Bellows (1 damage to each other fig) and ends turn. b) If he can move, once he has finished moving, if there’s a figurine in range he chooses an attack, resolves it and ends turn. c) If he can move, once he has finished moving, if there’s no fighter in range and he’s not inspired, roll 4 def dice and heal = number of Shields & Crits and ends turn. d) If he can move, once he has finished moving, if there’s no fighter in range and he is inspired, he Bellows (1 damage to each other fig) and ends turn.
  12. Ok, I'll have a look. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Briar Queen has lots of models but the weaker ones generally feel that you're not connecting with attacks often and, when you do, you're not causing much damage. Great for Objective strategies now that the bans have come in but an 8-year old is likely to want to smash face rather than play the strategic game they are better at. Beautiful minis though. Garrek's Reavers is generally considered to be the worst band in the game because, for every strength they have, there's another band you could play that does that thing better. Really needs their pick of cards across multiple releases to make a deck that doesn't feel like you're going into matches with an automatic disadvantage. Not difficult to play but your figs are squishy so can occasionally be a feel bad when you know that running in to attack will likely see your guy die on the riposte. Stormsire's & Steelheart's are very similiar (good stats, small band count, can play defense or attack, hit hard) with Stormsire's being probably the more adaptable band of the 2. Magic just gives them an extra dimension that Steelheart's doesn't have and season 2 is all about spells & magic, so every new purchase will add good cards to the deck. Against that, you have Steelheart's inspired advantage of a second defense dice on shields, largely considered to be the best inspired advantage in the game so far. So, if your son wants to smash in with shiny knights and not worry as much (statistically) about losing his guys, Steelheart's is the choice. If he wants a band that does the same, throws magic about & add the best new spells to his deck with each new purchase, (though a little more fragile), then it's Stormsire's. Just on Echoes of Glory, you don't *need* it. It's just the universal extra cards you would get in the box if you bought the Steelheart's / Reaver's in their new individual format rather than the core set. That said, there's a lot of good cards in the box and I don't regret adding it to my collection. I think the game is evolving and there will always be discussion about the best warbands. If you have access to all the cards and know the warband, your card deck & metagame very well, Farstriders is objectively the best warband. Behind them (and not too far behind either!) is a big clump of bands that are very good and can easily win in the hands of an experienced player: Stormsire, Steelheart, Orks, Magore, Skaven & even possibly Guard. It's all down to personal choice, playstyle, practice. With so little to choose between them, my advice is to go with what you enjoy playing rather than searching for what other palyers think is the best deck. A very good example is the recent Danish Nationals Clash won by an innovative Guard deck, a band that most players considered to be the worst band in the game behind even Reavers. Put a player who knows how to get the best out of a strategy & a band and *any* of the bands can be good. Yes, there are bands that are better for objectives or better playing defensively or aggressively, so you'd obviously go for a band that matches your personal preference. You mentionned you have Orks but just can't Grok them. They are the quintessential aggressive band, if you're looking for some other strategy, maybe they are not for you. For the choice between the 9 & the Gits, it's also a personal strategy preference. The 9 have a great magician who you absolutely have to protect, a very good fighter and an extremely irritating Blue Demon. The 2 acolytes are really only there to sit on objectives and run interference while you leverage the other 3 models (though I've occasionally seen their 3 range Zap attack to be decisive). I think the lines are very clear with the deck: Inspire & protect the 2 principals, give the Horror some Glory gaining upgrades and make sure he's around at the end of the game. You can be aggressive if necessary but it's generally a defensive or Objective band. Losing Vortemis is hard though because the deck leans so heavily on his magic. The Gits are a much more technically difficult band because there are a huge number of figurines & choices and every game is different, requiring you to evaluate & adapt these choices constantly. They score well if you can keep them alive and organised together in the right groups, which is hard because they are all small & squishy. Zarbag is an excellent Wizard, the Squigs are great aggressive threats, the archers work fine when adjacent to each other and the Fanatic..... is.... yes, well, just dont count on him being your principal fighter! They have great in-band scoring objectives and really have to be completely massacred not to score a decent amount of Glory. If you like puzzles, multiple decision paths and leveraging your actions to maximise your objective cards (rather than just attacking blindly for kill-Glory), you'll enjoy playing the Gits. If you're still unsure of some of the rules, or cards or you don't do random, probably not the best band for you.
  14. Hi Everyone, Myself and another player in our group are putting together our own "fan-made" warbands to play in our group and we're looking for some help on mocking up the character cards. Has anyone else gone this route and do you know where we could get personisable image files for the character cards? Thanks for your help! My friend's band is Conan / Valeria / Subotai & an as-yet-unnamed cleric healer. I'm running a Necromancer with a pair of Hell-hounds, one of Fire, one of Rot.
  15. Right now: The best cards on the restricted list are the easy objectives and the uniquely powerful plots. As you’re restricted to only 5, if you’re building a deck to score Glory fluidly, you’re mostly going to take 2-3 objectives and 1-2 plots unless you have a very specific role for a unique upgrade. So there’s a pile of upgrades on the list you’re essentially never going to play again. Or if you play them, you’re relying on “less good” objectives and plots to help you get the glory needed to actually play them. It will take some adjustment, it should be ok, (if only because other players have the same problem) but it feels like making decks much worse overall and making the majority of the reserve list upgrades unplayable in competitive play. The RL objectives & plots are mostly a strategy choice, RL upgrades are essentially blank cards. That's a real pity as they are already the weakest card type of the 3. Going forward: So, UW releases Molog’s Mob & Godsworn hunt. They have loads of good universal cards. Do they take cards off the reserved list to make room for the new easy to score hotness that is put into every deck or does the list grow by 1-2 cards with every release? There’s those 2 & another 2 bands just in season 2 alone. Essentially, where does the Reserved List stop? My worry is the huge amount of testing that goes into deciding what comes off a reserved list & why. How do you decide whether, random example, Awakened Weapon is now safe to come off into a card pool that’s even bigger than it was when it was first put into the list? Adding cards to a pool allows you to leverage everything just a little more. Reserving cards makes it next to impossible to gauge the strength of cards in the wild. You have to test it yourself and I don’t think GW has the means to do that amount of testing. And taking it off is not just saying “You can have Awakened Weapon”. Taking a card off the list, any card, is allowing players to have their choice of any other “too good/common” reserved list card in addition to the card that comes off, which makes it very tricky to actually take any card off the list. That feeds directly into the list growing with nothing ever coming off. I don’t like Bans but I hate reserved lists. They are a nightmare to police and become an erroneously easily way to “deal” with cards that haven’t been properly balanced. And, as I have already mentioned, it’s almost impossible to take cards off reserved lists like this with any real understanding of what does to the metagame. 2 thumbs down for me.
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