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  1. but are there many armies out there competitively taking more than one battalion?
  2. I saw a video today of the meeting engagement from guerilla games and it was neat if not some mistakes here and their. Watching the one guy start with a ranged unit then build a castle when everything came on end of his turn and the other guy bounce off of it was hilarious but very real... made me think a spearhead approach is bad unless you go first and snipe the guys slann he laid down. Wanted to try and make a nighthaunt list around what i own/want. I own hexwraiths spirit hosts and reikenor, i want black coach. So thinking if i get black coach, then i want to start maxing out those big body models for the rezzing, and then lord of the spirit hosts for more, so need a KoSoES. Turn 2 will have two 2 command points to throw at the hexwraiths and bump up the scythes and hooves. These will all probably be main body. I have 170 points after that. Need a spearhead unit to deploy, probably rasps as they are very disposable. Still not a lot of points to spend so I was thinking for rearguard go dogs as an ally since they fast and can catch up to an objective, or more rasps, if i go dogs, i could drop reikenor and go guardian of souls for even more rez, and bonus to wound rolls, then use extra 50 for command point to help the hexwraith blob even more. Don't know if triumphs are still a thing in meeting engages. Reikenor isn't the best cause no spell that i mandatory must cast at such low point values, though a 50 point purple sun would be freaking hilarious in a meeting engagement XD Also anyone have an idea of how the underworlds reserve ability would work? could i use it t bypass the way units must come in layers or are reserve abilities null and void.. I have a coven throne, and the coven thrones spell is really good in low point games but i want to use the coach so coach it is.
  3. Agreed, they wouldn't talk about its nerf being how popular it is in NH AND LoN armies if it could no longer be included in LoN armies
  4. are spirit hosts worth it now? you might get better value with lord of the spirit hosts but hexwraiths being only 20 points more have double the move, 1 more wound, easier to regenerate models if you have to roll equal to or higher than wounds, more attacks with a better profile, even though less chance for mortal wounds, rend -1 is nice, better battalions. Spirit hosts could've dropped 20 points too
  5. I doubt nighthaunt got any significant changes though, like blood knights dropped 60 points, i doubt we will see those kind of reductions. If our endless spells drop though to 20 they technically got a 50% point reduction and very few things if any could claim that XD
  6. I imagine reapers and hexwraiths switched places in points making hexwraiths more durable per point but not as strong offensively. It'd be nice to have a max unit reduction on hexes. Black coach go down?
  7. Yes. Same time effect means you choose the order
  8. If you want to go the bladegheist route I do have a couple suggestions. Drop the 8 chainghasts and go down to 2 maybe. Saving so far 240 points. Trade your 4 -0 man bladegheists to 2-20 man units for another savings of 80 points at 320. Take a spirit torment, throw in the shroudguard battalion costing 230, you got 90 points left. If you can, reduce your spirit hosts to chainrasps. Spirit hosts won't do outstanding work for you anyways at 3 man units so may as well save there, add a vampire lord and chronomantic cogs. If you don't have the models for this then just focus on getting shroudguard and cogs. Vampire lord gives you some healing for your bladegheists, and has a command ability which you don't and considering you have kurdoss you should. Cogs really multiply the potential of deepstriking nighthaunts and reikenor for double corpse candles and spells once you don't need the deepstriking and movement. The vampire lord isn't mandatory but you should be thinking of a guy with a command ability and he turns your bladegheists up to 11 with torment rerolls and an extra attack. I think some of these changes will help you get more of a wow feeling out of the units you want to take and 10 man bladegheists are too vulnerable
  9. Does anyone know if LoG uses the same battlelines as the legions of Nagash list? I'm not sure its mentioned anywhere what exactly counts as what. Edit nevermind, realized that grimghasts and such were only battleline in a nighthaunt army if its a nighthaunt army. Forgot ruins my point XD Wanted to take a big unit of grims as a battleline and skimp on 2 units of dogos for my other 2. Sigh.
  10. It was mentioned somewhere here or in the nighthaunt discussion Q: If I include a Chainguard, Execution Horde, or Death Stalkers warscroll battalion in a Legions of Nagash army, is the battalion (and the units in it) an ally? A: Yes. This is because battalions got errated somewhere that they no longer just require the units in them to take them. They are treated as the same allegiance as the book that took them. Since you aren't making a nighthaunt allegiance but a LoG allegiance, the battalions and any units in them benefitting from it would probably take up your ally points and be too expensive to use. Its not that you can't take them. Just they cost too many points .
  11. I got the battalion problem, just needed to make sure their army rule wasn't a copy pasta of the other legions. Wish we could ally in a vampire. Arguably better than night of shrouds
  12. The tools are there to buff your magic game for bravery bombs but you would want to take Arkhan but then have to take Olynder and then hurt your bravery bombs. I don't see this army as the bravery army people want it to be. I think its just a way to get regening myrmourns and bladegheists. Cast an endless spell near the myrmourns, dispel it, us a GoS or something to heal the missing banshees, give them a KoSoS buff and send them to mess something up, Might want the mortality glass or cogs to add +10 inches to their threat range. Have a necro with danse macabre. Going this route you probably want the mortis engine. hit with like 8 banshee attacks a model. That rend -2 d3 damage with probably kill a couple big things. Your opponent kills them, hit with bladgheists, summon banshees etc. Against something with a 2+ save, banshees would do 16d3 wounds after saves. Wish banshees moved faster, but bladeghiests would still hit hard too with a larger threat. Does someone know if the LoG can take nighthaunts in their normal army or does it count as allies like any of the other Legions?
  13. Lady Olynder is your general... like how if you take arkhan in LoS or the other mortarchs in theirs. Olynder actually hurts the army more than helps it cause she doesn't assist with the bravery bombing and takes away the trait from you. And doesn't have good synergy with them since the multiwound nighthaunt models aren't good in LoG. I imagine the way to play LoG is to do either: LD bombs with chainrasp and skellie blobs as a secondary threat Regening murder units like myrmourns, grimghasts and bladegheists for the attrition style cause nighthaunts do damage, they just can't take it so wildly throw them at them. Not having a full spell lore hurts for spamming casters. And the necro is probably better than the GoS, His offensive spell is better than +1 to wound and heals two units 1d3 for free instead of the cast to heal 1d6 so thats pretty fair All in all I think it won't be meta defining. Just more options to LoN and nighthaunt but doesn't mix those options at the more neat levels like more ghostly battelines for LoG, no battalions, Lady Olynder having to be general if you take her limiting the bravery gimmick.
  14. Well he definitely is but hes totally fun anyways. I would do direwolves for the 2 battleline. More solid than 10 man zombies and can be more independent away from the big guy. Plus they are only one box set so cheaper and easy enough to paint. Plus dire wolves stay competetive at high point games. Zombies don't. If you are worried about nagash in a small game you could look at the skeleton start collecting with arkhan. Get a malignant start collecting. Go from there. Great flexibility and arkhan, skeletons, and mortis engine are top tier with the two big models make amazing centerpieces to work on. Build up painting skills with the hosts, then more detail with the skeletons. Move onto bigger and cooler looking nights and then you have better painting skills to work on the mortis engine and arkhan
  15. PFI

    Bladd of Dark summons

    Well tots not the most competetive. Scratch not competetive at all. Just thought it would be a hilarious 500 point game gimmick for a useless allegiance
  16. Would itbe a cute little trick if you take a blade of dark summons in a small game and summon 2d6 myrmourns or bladegheists?
  17. PFI

    Nighthaunt Army List

    This list might not seem much but i think its got potential Reikenor Chronomantic cogs mKoS pendant of fell wind, rulef ofthe spirthosts 40 chainrasps 30 grimghasts 30 grimghasts Black Coach Black Coach 1940/2000 You start with an additional command point which allows you to give your buff to both ghast hnits on turn 1 You have 7 drops which seemed low from a competetive standpoint 30 grims under+1 attack can kill a blob of 40 skellies on average so they arent lacking in the dmg department, you have the coachs which can most likely get run and charge turn 1 for 19" plus run +2d6 +2 charge And you cover your rear with 40 chainrasps
  18. Yeah under spell lores first line is each nighthaunt wizard in your army can roll or choose 1 spell
  19. So whats the best way to run ghosts? Nighthaunt or a legion from a competetive sense? Im thinking sacrament or night and i bet sacrament beats out night here. I get that nighthaunt has regen and good regen at that but sacrament has way better since heroes and gravesites would be plenty on top if the endless legion ability which is grandslam. Nighthaunt has double attacks but so does vanhels and would be more reliable on the one unit you want. Magic dominance would be better with the battalion and then just take the units you want as a hammer. You can take a ton of the ghosts since they are in the army list and you could ally the one or two units you coukdnt take. Youd have to take 3 units of chain guys for battleline but lets just be nice and say you can make dogs look ghosty too. Even Arkhan and mortis engine have ghosts.. So from a competetive sense if i wanted to run a ghost themed army, prove to me why it wouldnt be as a legion and why nighthaunt is the way to go.
  20. Was wondering, with the masters teachings you could do two blobs of grimghadts or even myrmourn squad. Then suicide thd one unit to cause max dmg, it dies, kill one thing witn thd othef heavy hittef unit and use mastedx teachings to summon the unit to a new gravesite. Then thd second heavy hitter dies and uou use the new fresh unig to kill one unit and revive the dead unit and so forth. Invest in your objectives plus hero support and revolve around the 2 killh units for damage
  21. Yeah, cut the scythe short, apply this bit and the scythe blade at the end for whirling dervish chainghasts
  22. My go to army might be the riders battalion for +1 charge andthd +2 move and charge endless spell clock Take pendant relic and a couple coaches for 19" coach movement with +3 to charge and possibly runand charge Reikenor for endless spell cast Maybe blob up the hexwraiths to 10 man units, take kos mounted for bonus attacks on them deepstrike for 6+charge rolls Then a horde of chainwraiths for the backline, maybe even a big unit of hosts Might nothappen as it feels like the points are piling up but yeah. Guess i gotta be carrful because its easy to make nighthaunt too elite and then the melt to mass attacks like harlequins would
  23. Why dont you take the 4 grims from thd starter and convert them to be wielding chaing flinging maces. Get some cheap chain, super glue and tombstone bits or something Bam, chainghasts
  24. PFI

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Lol spirit hosts are already pretty good at smashing. It'd be a strong army indeed if they weren't the unit intended to do the bashing, because everything did it better. I imagine the chainrasps will do a good job at being an anchor for the army . For sure they will need to find a way to give some mitigation to minuses to hit because losing frightful touch to a modifier hurts damage output way more than usual.
  25. PFI

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    In the faction focus they mention …Terrifying in Close Combat Offensively, the Nighthaunt tear through foes with a deluge of mortal wounds, whether at range or with their Frightful Touch. No matter how armoured your foe is, you’ll be able to take them out. Now I know frightful touch has always been a thing but their ranged game has been pretty sore except for banshees. Does this mention of mortal attacks at ranged mean we are gonna see a ranged death unit? Or are they still just talking about banshees?
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