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Ogor Pistols + Mournfang Horn Wanted!!

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Afternoon guys,

I'm looking for 4 Ogor pistols, preferably the loose one you get in the Mournfang Pack box. Not sure if there is one in the Stonehorn set as well?

I'd consider the hand holding the pistol, but really it's just the loose ones I'm after.

I'm also looking for a horn (as in for a musician) from the Mournfang Pack as well.

Paypal waiting!



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Heya Chris, I have these 2 that I'll happily send your way if you still need them? Consider them a small thanks for the many hours of entertainment you've given me across your various podcasts - dm your address and I can get them posted tomorrow [emoji106]934bbe09b30359fdb6e417fea33781e9.jpg


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