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Jabberslyth bile blood




With this rule it states every wound inflicted, so is that before identifying the amount of damage, eg do you roll once someone has wounded it, or if some did 3 damage in one hit would you roll 3 times?


Sorry if it's a simple once.








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On 5/14/2017 at 7:12 AM, Mayple said:

That's really strong. Nice.



Hmmm I should have shouted more.  YOu'll see threads here or on FB where people who use them are nuts for them cause they know.  Or people just ignore them fully or possibly just hate the model (totally valid).


Beastmen players often take 2 at 2000 points and 1 at 1000 points to deal with the lack of rend in that army when facing high armour or serious threats they dont' want hitting them hard.  "go die on this sword,.. jabber."

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