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What to base coat with?


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I just finished building my first 1000 points of Kharadron Overlords.04cf191e3ae100f1306a06eb359e8471.jpg


I've settled on Barack Zilfin and I'm having a conundrum. Book says to base with black. I'm thinking I might flip the color scheme between companies and boats between blue/yellow to yellow/blue to make each unique but fit the theme. I'm good with understanding how averland sunset will work with both a black or white undercoat, whether I brush or air brush. I have no experience with the thunderhawk blue. I was hoping someone here could share their experience. At the moment I'm thinking to simply use the averland spray can as the base coat but I'm a bit nervous putting the blue over it. Does the averland spray come out as smooth as the chaos black? Will the thunderhawk blue be too transparent and require additional undercoats of a bolder base paint?


Thanks in advance!





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5 hours ago, Paul Buckler said:

I used boltgun metal.  So much armour etc think it will save time. Also not gluing balloons an airships painting seperatley as well

I also left the balloons off. Will do those retribution gold spray. The hulls are so big I really don't want to be brushing on the color if I don't have to.

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