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The big glue review. Mitre Bond explained.


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For as long as I can remember I have been using a glue called Mitre Bond (or similar 'none branded' versions) to stick together almost everything related to sticking in my life.

To skip the review and just get my recommendation click HERE

It doesn't get used for finger painting with my daughter, but anyother time that I am required to stick something the Mitre Bond comes out.

So officially it's used by joiners for sticking together architraves and skirting board mitered joints, so I thought that anything strong enough to hold bits of building together will certainly hold together a few Warhammer models.  

Check out this video for an in-depth review.

Here is a shorter 30 sec clip of the actual 'gluing' 

You can get the glue from you local tool station or other hardware store.  You can also use my Amazon link (LINK) to get the same brand of glue I used in the video.  

I'll be updating this article in the future with other ways that I use mitre bond including gap filling and a Lava/slime base tutorial.  



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Tried finding a US brand, and the chemical ethyl cyanoacrylate (found in the tech sheet here), seems to be the same in Loctite Superglue in the U.S. and may be the same as in GW Superglue. 

I know some people recommend accelerants for superglue for that faster bond, but some think it may make the superglue more brittle. 

Dunno though, I may not have gotten the right info. 

*throws sour grapes*


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I used the Mitre Fast Bond, and it lasted for ages - got it from B&Q and had to get it through the trade counter. 

I've now got the Mitre Fast Bond and it seems OK. Used it today to stick some magnets to the bottom of some Treelord bases. Seems like its 'good stuff' as Ben likes to say. 

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