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BoK - Khorne Bloodbound How to Summon



I listened to Ben's podcast the other day about what he would play in BoK and he mentioned keeping 300 points spare to possibly put in 3 units of Bloodletters as a back up unit.

Ben's unit choice was as follows:



Mighty Lord of Khorne

Valkia the Bloody


Daemon Prince of Khorne

plus units of Bloodwarriors, Marauders, Wrathmongers and Skullreapers


My question is this how do you summon a unit of Daemons with no wizards? Am I missing something like a totem or artifact that can summon, or does the DPoK give the right to play the Bloodletters?

I have looked at the new BoK battletome and I don't seem to see anything about summoning as Khorne don't like magic.

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