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Stormcast Etarnals 2000p army, need feedback!


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Hi Everyone!

so...im trying to build a fun and competitive Stormcast army! the list is suppose to work in a competitive envoirment.


How would you improve it? or will it work as it is?


also....can someone please school me in what items thats the best and on what character?, kinda new with it all!

Lord-Celestant On Dracoth (220)
- Tempestos Hammer & Thundershield
Lord-Celestant (100)
Lord-Castellant (100)
Knight-Venator (120)

10 x Liberators (200)
- Warhammers
5 x Judicators (160)
- Skybolt Bows
5 x Judicators (160)
- Skybolt Bows

10 x Paladin Retributors (440)
5 x Paladin Protectors (200)
6 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (160)

Hammerstrike Force (120)

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I like it pal. It definitely has precision with the HAMMERSTRIKE however my personal preference is a big squad of protectors. 540 points on heros is expensive also. If you could try and fit a Knight heraldor in it will stop your retributors getting tar pitted.

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