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  1. Ye, probably. More curious what people think about 2x warp cannons πŸ‘€
  2. Would love some feedback om this list! I'm going for "competitive but not broken" LeadersGrey Seer on Screaming Bell (220)Arch-Warlock (160)Warlock Bombardier (100)Battleline20 x Clanrats (120)20 x Clanrats (120)20 x Clanrats (120)Units40 x Plague Monks (280)6 x Stormfiends (520)War MachinesWarp Lightning Cannon (180)Warp Lightning Cannon (180)Total: 2000 / 2000
  3. As a new skaventide player I feel unsure about what weapons to use on some units. What is the optimized loadout for these units currently: - Plauge Monks - Fiends - Clanrats (20 and/or 40 man) My meta generally plays optimal lists. Thank you in advance! πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ
  4. Im curious, what do ppl think of the warp lightning cannon? ...I can't decide if i think its good, or just average with high risk of killing itself πŸ˜…
  5. Hi! I'm sitting here saying to myself: "can you make a good list using all units from 2x SC boxes in 2k?" 40x PM=Awesome. 2x bells seems to be a thing in some lists I see here. But how about the 2x canons? I'd like a competitive 2k shooty list. With all the units from the 2 SC boxes...jezzels,fiends or whatever works best. The Clanrat (20/20/20) BL seems like a good route? I would love some help with building a 2k list! What heroes to use, articafts and so on! Side question. Were do people go to find tournament lists? Is there like a good website for that or something (noob) Got a whole army in the cart and ready to click "buy" πŸ’£πŸ‘
  6. How do people think the mawtribe will fare competitivly? At least mid-tier? Is it better to go for a mixed army or what faction seems like it got most love?
  7. Hi! I own quite alot of FeC models and have played some 1k games (undefeated so far with 8 games under my belt) but.... My gaming meta is moving up toward 2k games and...i'm not sure how to expand my army. Things i own: 2x Start collecting 1x Ghoul box 2x Flayer/horror boxes 1x Varghulf With what I own, how would you expand my army to 2k? please share several lists if you have played different once to great success. I'd like lists that have some punch, my meta is quit "competitive". please share details like court, artifacts etc.. Cheers
  8. With the updated points, what do you (more experienced) players think about Nagash lists for competitive play? what have you played that you liked? Always loved the model and i'm looking to make a death army the next chapter in my book.
  9. And....has anyone tried painting skaven with just/or mostly contrast paints? Would love to know how to speedpaint them to a good TT standard with little effort.
  10. Ok, Thanks! Remove the wheel and the AW. And use a warpseer? What you think about this? All models will be used in 2k when I expand the list.
  11. Hi! I would love to hear people's thoughts on this list: AW 40x Clanrats 40x Clanrats 1x Doomwheel 40x plauge monks 1000p (Vanguard list) Will one Hero be enough? How would you tweak the list to improve it? This is just a list I like but i'm not sure how good it is. Appritiate all the help!
  12. Ok! Can you elaborate "if you use them absolutely perfectly? πŸ™‚
  13. Spears or not on grots? I Believe the non-spear version in general is better. But i have no real game experience and would love to hear the community opinion on this matter. I'm open to change my mind πŸ™Œ
  14. Went good! We called it at the end of turn 2, slayer victory!
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