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  1. Nice. What armies do you usually face? You play this regularly? You use the grots as screen? Just find it interesting how one guy says that they are good, and another bad 🤣 I do not need top tier, but a Good 1k army.
  2. Is there anyone here that plays Gutbusters at a 1000p? Are they totally worthless or is there a way to make them viable today? Please share your xp!
  3. Do we know any date for the new release? If not, what would you guess? For my wallet's sake, i hope not to soon!
  4. Won my first 2 games with my 1k hermdar army! Fyreslayers are really fun. Now, I want to expand my army to 2k and i got a list in mind with the units i own. Please give me feedback on how to improve (and the reason why) if you think something is off. LEADERS Runefather on mag Runemaster Battlesmith Runesmiter Knight-Incantor (allies) BATTLELINE 10x VB 10x VB 10x HGB 20x HGB BATTALION Lords of the lodge Why this list? - 20x HGB in the battalion, or should i use 30? Not sure on the unit sizes for these, please share your opinion! - The VB will be used as objective campers and/or screen for the HGB. - Incantor for some well needed anti-magic So, what you think? Would love to hear from more experienced players!
  5. Thanks! After you've fought with the unit using the command ability, can it fight again in the combat phase? Or is that command ability just letting you fight before eveeyone else and not an extra time? Thanks
  6. Question: How does the Hermdar Command Ability work? - Can you use it more than once and fight more then once before the combat phase?....and after that, the combat phase begins, do I get to fight with the unit again in addition to the fight before the phase? Can I use it in the enemy combat phase? Got my first game tomorrow, would love your help so I do it right in the game! 🤣
  7. Hi! I'm a returning player looking for ways to upgrade my warband. As of now I own the cards from the core set and have used this deck before: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,176,178,179,180,183,184,188,189,190,191,193,194,195,201,433,427,424,384,383,343,331,340,271,244,N506,N504,N505,N409,N310,N306,N446,N294,175,177 I also own the Mollog's Mob cards from winning the box in a local AoS tournament. With that said, how do you play this warband competitive now with an agressive tactic? What warband/s do i need to buy and What cards should i Change to make it better? All help is really appritiated!
  8. Hobby update! One step closer to a fully painted 1k army list! A Hero and 10 Vulkite Berzerkers added to my painted collection! ✍
  9. Just a general question. What is the better weapon for the HGB? Or is it just flavour? Would love to hear people's opinion since I have to little xp myself with the unit. Thanks! 🤙
  10. I loved it. White is usually a hard color to use with regular shades (in my opinion). With just the contrast white on a wraith bone undercoat it turned out great. With the addition of a Light drybrush with white it did all I hoped it to do. I'm gonna use it on the entire army!
  11. FYI the hair and beard on my slayers is with one of the new contrast paints (apoth white) 🙌. With a Light drybrush of white on top
  12. Just started painting my new fyreslayers! Love it so far. Went for a rather unoriginal look. Atleast the beard and hair is grey/white 😉 what you think? Soon i will have 1k painted and ready to hit the table!
  13. Hi all! Looking to start a 1k point project and the rats have my attention. How do they do now with the new book? Mid-tier, High-tier? Have you played the army successfully at 1000p? Please share your list and why it worked so well! Cheers!
  14. Hmmm! I like the look of one big blob...but two? Is there a way to build them effectivly with 60 stabbas? Using the other 260p elsewhere? Thanks for the help!
  15. I would love some feedback on this list. Is it atleast somewhat competitive? If not, how would you optimize it? Would love to hear what people think if they played something similar. Leaders: - Runefather (foot) - Runesmiter - Battlesmith Battleline: - HGB (10x) ((what Weapon would you use?)) - VB (10x) ((what Weapon would you use?)) Other: Auric (10x) 1k on the nose! 💪 Or...should i just skip the Auric's to enhance the HGB up to 20? Or split into two groups of ten? Please share your experience!
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