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Events UK: June Judgement, Salisbury 24 Jun 17


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Event Title: June Judgement, Salisbury 24 Jun 17
Event Author: chunk85
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 06/24/2017 12:00 AM

The Salisbury Legion Wargamers presents June Judgement, our first Age of Sigmar event.

Event rules are here:

IMPORTANT: There has been a question on terrain, which will mean a change to the rules pack. All terrain placed by the TO will have a randonly selected terrain rule, as per the main rules. Any piece of terrain placed by a player as part of their army will use it's warscroll. This decision has been made due to army balance issues (looking at you, Sylvaneth players...) and I dont have time to classify every piece of club terrain, as I had intended.

In summary, 2000 points, with the all the usual rules from the Generals Handbook.

Battleplans will be selected at random from the generals handbook, no battleplan will be repeated.

Tickets are £15 (there will be a small extra fee if you send money via paypal). The PayPal address is in the rules pack.

Max of 20 players

1 Jake Harding
2 Jack Bicknell
3 Simon Smith
4 Steven Ward
5 Darren Watson
6 Ric Myhill
7 Chris Myhill
8 Pete Myhill
9 John Hazard
10 Louis Patterson
11 Elliot Haugh
12 James Eveleigh
13 Mike Wilson
14 Finn Milton
15 James Allen
16 Greg Westwood
17 Adam Farmer
18 Stephen Ray
19 Matt Arnold

20 Steve Phillips

Sold Out!

June Judgement, Salisbury 24 Jun 17




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Have you still got any slots left?

I'd sent some cash to you in Apr via Pay Pal but just released this evening that is still pending - bit of a technical error affecting several payments on the same day it seems.



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Final Standings:

1)  Darren Watson (Best General)
2) Michael Wilson (Best Chaos General)
3) Chris Myhill (Best Order General)
4) Matthew Arnold
5) Steve Ward
6) Steve Phillips
7) Steve Ray
8) Finn Milton
9) Jack Bicknell (Best Death General)
10) James Allen (Exemplary Army)
11) Ric Myhill
12) Greg Westwood
13) Jake Harding
14) Pete Myhill
15) Adam Farmer
16) Elliott Haugh
17) James Eveleigh
18) Louis Patterson
19) Tony Kirby (Best Destruction General)
20) John Hazard
21) Simon Smith

Big thanks to all those who attended!

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