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Selling Throgg, Empire Knights, Ulric Priest, Old Elector Count, Artillery


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I have a Throgg, the Troll King, new in box that its crying for a new home. Also Empire Knights in the same condition, new in box, unopened.


I'm selling to the old metal Ulric Priest in horse and foot 


And the old Elector Count on Gryphon


And an old metal Helblaster Volleygun with Crew



I want preferably money ( € ). I can send it overseas and pay up to 50% of the postage cost if you buy more than one thing!

If you have models that don't want I maybe can accept and exchange or even a combination of miniatures and money.

I want preferably:

Destruction (Orruks and Ogors (Of any variant) nor grots)
Chaos (Not Slaanesh, Nurgle or Pestilens) I prefer Khorne.
Dwarfs of any type.

Thanks! MP if you want to talk in private.

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