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  1. @Lightbox 1st rule of buying - never be afraid to make an offer! Drop me a Private Message, worst case scenario: you get a reply saying, "thanks but no..."
  2. Lovely old metal bretonnian army ; terrible camera. Painted to a tabletop standard many many years ago. Will need a few retouches here and there - or strip and start afresh. Happy to offer it on forums for below ebay value for a "job lot" sale Asking price is 630 495 euros, EU shipping included. Basic breakdown: Two units of spearmen, 5th edition metals. Each led by a knight. One unit of spearmen, 4th edition foot-knight with kettle helmet; led by a knight and the battle-standard. One unit of archers and another unit of archer skirmishers The foot-knight commander and his retinue of banners and champion A mounted unit of knights - all sorts of models including grail knights, Repanse de Lyonesse, Baron Odo, The general is mounted on a seriously dynamic ral partha steed. And there is a champion to maraude around the battlefield on a unicorn, I would substitute him as the green knight. still struggling Any interest let me know and I'll work to provide clearer images
  3. Empire models are sold. Dwarf job lot still available.
  4. two little packs of bretonnians that somehow escaped the previous sale... also a pack of slayers also doing their best to hide from the dwarf army I've currently got advertised here on the forum... sold
  5. Dwarf army SOLD Highlights include a rare Malakai Makaisson’s Goblin Hewer + crew The original "White Dwarf" released to celebrate issue 200 of white dwarf magazine. (1996) Some "Grudge of Dong" characters: Runesmith Grung the Grudge Bringer (1997), Miner Hero Krudd’Mad’ Mattock (1997) and an unnamed engineer. The plastic models were the latest incarnations: dwarf quarrellers x12 undercoated, dwarf warriors x10 undercoated, dwarf warriors x10 painted The warmachines are metal from 1997 all with their appropriate 3x original crew members. Rock Lobber, Bolt Thrower, Organ Gun, Cannon. A few more metal regiments: 11x metal miners including standard + musician, 15x metal slayers (dragon slayer x1, giant slayers x12 + standard & musician) bundled with all my old paints, (14) movement trays, dice etc. €190 free EU postage (worldwide at cost) Thanks all
  6. you know when a thought pops into your head and you say it outloud without thinking, I did the same typing! Publicly apologising. reading back what I wrote it wasn't cool. I was rude. Sorry man. I'm interested in everything and anything. If I see a price on an ad that looks good I buy it. all the best and good have a good sale
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