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Sylvaneth Celestial Hurricanum Kitbash Idea


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Knowing how the Gnarlroot Glade loves all things magic and prizes artifacts of sorcerous power above all, I was thinking of thinking of incorporating some relics from the end days into their arsenal. The most popular seems to be the Celestial Hurricanum, but I would imagine finding some Wizards from the Collegiate Arcane not exactly willing to follow around a Sylvaneth army. My idea is the Sylvaneth come across a long forgotten, and most likely damaged, Celestial Hurricanum that they wish to press into service. Rounding up four strong Stags shouldn't be too much of a problem for them, and a Kurnoth Hunter might even give the wagon a push. Riding atop the Hurricanum would be a Branchwych and a couple Dryads in attendance. I don't think I'm the only one with this idea as I could swear I had seen a picture floating around the internet like it. I want to give it an ancient feel with rusted and moss covered parts. The many candles providing illumination of the pristine wagon would have long melted away, and would be shunned by the Sylvaneth anyhow. In their place would be lanterns of Faerie fire or Fireflies. For the planetary objects of the original would be instead replaced by Spites of varying shades.

Gamewise, all of the abilities of the original Celestial Hurricanum would still apply. Stags attack like war horses, Dryads attack like Acolytes, etc. Do you have any thoughts, opinions, or ideas on kitbashing one? I'll need, of course, a Celestial Hurricanum, Sisters of the Thorn kit, Branchwych, couple Dryads, maybe a Kurnoth Hunter if I can get him into a pushing pose, and several Spites from the Treelord kits. For a base, the largest oval from GW is the 170mm x 105mm. I don't have the Hurricanum yet, so would it fit on that base with all the other models? All advice and inspiration is appreciated!

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