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  1. Mossback

    Do all races in AoS have red blood?

    I think from the stories the Sylvaneth have a golden colored sap as their life fluid.
  2. Mossback

    Sylvaneth Wyldwood: "Wyldwood" scenery rule question

    This is seriously one of the most hateful threads I've come across here. It has gone beyond a simple question and disagreement over a game rule to personal attacks on my reading comprehension, education, and ability to voice an opinion. If the question was posted, then it means others didn't like the wording on the warscroll either. To appease the forum vigilantes, I will agree the warscroll intends it to be only a run or charge move, and does not relate to a regular movement. To those here that supported my opinion the wording could be clearer, I appreciate it. To those that felt the need to be nasty, insulting and unhelpful, you can imagine my opinion I hold of you. You can put away your torches and pitchforks now; the dissenting opinion has been squashed.
  3. Mossback

    Sylvaneth Wyldwood: "Wyldwood" scenery rule question

    I'm perfectly happy to accept an official response from GW on this. The way the wording is on the warscroll and deadly terrain description leaves too much room for confusion. It is not a matter if just saying the run/charge is what GW meant, because for over a year, everyone was playing the placement of the Wyldwoods wrong. Nearly every game I saw on the battle reports showed them strung out in a line or other varied configurations. It wasn't until the FAQ hit last fall that is said each wood must be within 1" of each other, and visual descriptions of what they intended were posted. If I'm playing a game and either the other player or a TO says it is run/charge, I'm not going to fall on my sword over the ambiguity. Keeping the game fun is what is important, and there shouldn't need to be a team of rules lawyers and grammar police on call to intervene.
  4. Mossback

    Sylvaneth Wyldwood: "Wyldwood" scenery rule question

    Look, I'm not trying to be argumentative on this. Reading the warscroll for the Wyldwoods, I can see how that interpretation is being made. But the Wyldwoods are just basically deadly terrain that has the benefit of not harming the Sylvaneth. If deadly terrain is only deadly if you run or charge across it, it doesn't seem all that effective. If I can walk and park myself inside of deadly terrain, then what is the point of being deadly? Maybe roots to trip over, or low hanging branches to knock you off your mount or feet? I think this could definitely use a FAQ. I don't recall any previous FAQ addressing deadly terrain, Sylvaneth or otherwise.
  5. Mossback

    Sylvaneth Wyldwood: "Wyldwood" scenery rule question

    It is not that complicated if you think of it as logic gates. There are basically two OR gates at play. The first OR gate has "Run" and "Charge" as inputs. If either of these conditions are true, then you have a One output. The Second OR gate has the input from the first OR gate as an input (Run or Charge, if true, =1), and the second input is "Finish On". If you have a true input from the first OR gate, or a true input from the "Finishes On" input, you have a True output. The point of the rule is to stay out of the woods, as it is deadly terrain. If you run through the woods or charge through them, then you are going to anger the spirits in the woods and they may kill you. If you linger in the woods, and are not a Sylvaneth, Hero, or Monster, the spirits of the woods may kill you.
  6. Mossback

    Sylvaneth Wyldwood: "Wyldwood" scenery rule question

    See that little part, right after it says, "a run or charge move across"? It says finishing on. That means if you finish a move on the Sylvaneth Wyldwood. It is pretty clear to me that any movement short of a normal movement pace, or ending up your movement on the woods will result in a roll.
  7. Mossback

    Sylvaneth Wyldwood: "Wyldwood" scenery rule question

    Run across the woods=roll. Charge across the woods=roll. End movement on the woods=roll. Hero or Monster=don't roll. Sylvaneth=don't roll.
  8. Mossback

    FAQs for London's Calling 2017

    I like the explanation and rules on the Balewind Vortex. Seems that is what GW intended but didn't address in the FAQ.
  9. Mossback

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Looks like a good list to me. All bases seem to be covered. Just tell them next time, "I'm here to kick butt and plant flowers, and I'm all out of flowers."
  10. Mossback

    Square Bases Opinion:

    Just read through all six pages of this topic, and it seems to me to be a matter of standards. Bases are sized in millimeters, but all the rules are measured in inches. Sort of like when the US and EU space agencies tried to land a joint probe on Mars. Each side was using different calculations and the result was the probe augered in to the surface of Mars, rather than have a controlled decent. End result was the loss of a multimillion dollar (Euro) probe. Our problems are much simpler and less costly. Since GW is not going to rewrite their combat system to use metric measurements, a compromise needs to be made. One inch is 25.4mm. A model with a one inch combat range can reach 25.4mm. A model with a two inch reach can range an enemy at 50.8mm. Anyone down with measuring a tenth of a millimeter during combat? No? Then let's come to the consensus that a model on a single round base ROUGHLY 25mm (30, 32) and with a two inch combat range can attack through another line of models in front of them. Dryad have a two inch combat range. Two rows of Dryad could then attack a row of enemy. A model with only a one inch range behind another model would not be able to attack, despite your best Tetris stacking skills. This keeps the game flowing despite the Mars probe crashing measurement differences. If having precise distances are that important at tournament, then insist on a calibrated laser range finder rather than the grossly inaccurate Sigmarite Combat Guage or plastic ruler from the dollar store. This is a game about collecting, painting, and fun.
  11. Mossback

    Which paints do you use and why?

    If you like the Vallejo or Reaper line of paints, but follow the colors of GW in the videos, you might want to get an app for your phone called Paint Rack. It keeps track of pretty much every hobby brand of paits and will give you the closest match between brands. It will also do triads and analogous colors. There is a free version and a paid version for the Android. Not sure about for iPhones. Well worth the price if you decide to purchase it.
  12. Mossback

    Magnetising Really Useful Boxes

    Aluminum isn't magnetic. Use steel cookie sheets. They can be found pretty cheap and won't have sharp edges to cut your hands.
  13. I'm doing a Celestial Hurricanum for my Sylvaneth army and going to replace the small 50x100mm rectangle base with a 170x105mm oval. The extra size will allow me to have two pairs of fey steeds pulling it as well as more interesting basing details. I did an overlay of the two sizes using PowerPoint, and it isn't really as drastic of a size increase as it may sound.
  14. Mossback

    AoS Wishlist for 2017

    I'd like to see Sylvaneth cavalry or swarms. I think it would add an interesting dimension to the army.
  15. Mossback

    Most fun-to-play armies

    What could be more fun than playing a Sylvaneth army? You literally get to pound your enemy to death with trees and vines. And when they try to run away, you sprout another forest in their path! Even being near the forest filled with Spite Revenants is enough to break an army's spirit and cause them to flee. Think you can bring torches and axes to the fight? Drycha is crazy enough to charge your army and take out everyone, including herself! Seriously, what could be more fun than that?