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Help! Nearly 40... Need to paint!


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Things have reached crisis point, I'm going to hit 40 this year in December and I have set myself a before 40 bucket list.. One of my items being is to get a fully
painted force done! Not just a single 2000pts, but a collection that I can change and switch lists, pick up and take to tourney's. My ultimate dream is to be able to pick up small projects and be able to complete them without having to simply add to the massive backlog I have created! (I do think that is every gamers dream!)

I have loved the AoS concept from day one for a variety of reasons, but when GW revealed the GT's are coming back to Warhammer World, I had a massive nerd splurge and bought a huge Bloodbound and Khorne daemon force... This is the list of shame:

18x Skullcrushers
1x Lord on Skullcrusher
60+ Blood reavers (20 done)
30x Blood warriors
10x Wrathmongers/Skullreapers
2x slaughterpriests big axe
1x slaughterpriest (the free one)
Exalted Deathbringer
Aspiring Deathbringer
Skarr Bloodwrath
Mighty Lord of Khorne
6x Bloodcrushers
Khorne Bloodthrone
Bloodletter x20 (adding another 10 for unit of 30)

Plus the the Silver Tower box... (Im not including that on this pledge!)

My aim is to get around 2000pts done so I can go to the GT heat 3 in July (TBA) and then get the rest of it done before December!

This is my hobby space.. (basically a cupboard!)



A sample of my shame


Some painted example and WiPs (currently working on getting the Skullcrushers done)





A board Im working on... (hopefully will find a weekend in the summer to blast through it in garden)




Im going to need a lot of bog roll to get through this!


Thanks for looking!


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I find using the high density insulation with a hot foam cutter is great for rocky stuff... 

I got lucky with a load of the pink foam as my local DIY store stocked some big sheets (Wickes) and I stocked up, but they stopped selling it a few years back. Ebay is the place to get it in the UK, I think its much more widely available in the US. 

I found this on ebay, but probably an idea to shop around

I use this foam cutter - order plenty of spare wires, but works great!


I also use no nails to glue the foam, you cant use PVA as it doesn't dry and you end up in a sticky mess!

But aside from that, if you have an idea of what you want, just get creative with the foam cutter!

Also you need to paint it with a mix of PVA/emulsion (in your choosen colour)/some wall filler powder and a bit of water.. I havent got the mix amounts as I make it up each time I have done it!! but roughly equal pats PVA and emulsion, tip some wall filler powder in.. if its to thick as a bit of water... :)


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Thanks, real font of knowledge aye? :) I am planning a (just over) 1 foot by 1 foot display board for a contest at my local, so I was thinking of using the foam as the base and carving in, as well as building it up to form a cliff on the back half, and use cork bark for the cliff face. Then use spare foam to build a ruin and wooden dowel to create an orky watch tower.

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sounds good, I personally would use 1x1 board of some kind and build up the foam on the board how you like. you can stack the foam sheets up to get higher cliffs and you should easily be able to carve rock faces without the bark... altho seems a sound way of getting a good texture. I did these rocks for a jungle board a while ago/carved and then brushed plastic glue on areas to create texture.


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Damn good job. I just turned 40 and had a similar goal (but less talent). My Huge death army is nearly all painted.

And I just tom-Sawyer-ed my wife into painting my sylvaneth (she is an artist,).

My next goal is making scenery, and yours has inspired me to up my time table, thx! 



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