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Standard bearers, champ and musicians



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21 minutes ago, Tizianolol said:

Ok thx.. And if i got a unit with 2 champ can i build them with different weapon?

Champ is different - the key is to read the scroll exactly and precisely.  If standards are "models in this unit may have" in the warscroll, then one or more are allowed.  It unit champions are "the leader of this unit" then it's one model*.  And that's usually how both of those are worded - only one champion, but as many standards or musicians as you like.


*I'm looking at the warscroll for Gors int he compendium for this exact wording as it's the first one I came across in a quick search, but pretty much all units have the same or similar wording.

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Yep, 40 skeletons you could have 20 banners 19 musicians and 1 champion if you wanted. You only get the effect of 1 banner no matter how many you have, you only get the effect of 1 musician no matter how many you have, and you can only have 1 champion.

There is a slight advantage to having multiple banners (or musicians) in a unit of skeletons — it means you don't have to worry about where those models are for casualty removal. Say you're stretching your skeletons out in a line, and have one banner at each end. When you start taking casualties, you can choose which end to remove them from, and not worry about losing your banner.

It also makes a difference for multi-wound models (cavalry, chariots, etc.) since wounds are actually allocated to a specific model, not a unit. So if I have three chariots (champ, banner, musician), lose the champ and musician, the take another wound (on the banner), then bring a model (say, the champ) back with the banner, any more wounds I take have to go on the banner first, since it's already wounded.

There's quite a few other units in the game that can benefit from having multiple banners, even though the effects don't stack — as MightyQwan notes, some units have the option for more than one type of banner.

Personally, I feel that there's nothing wrong with having multiple banners in a unit — the notion that you should only have one is a holdover from Warhammer Fantasy Battles in my opinion. It is worth being aware that some people don't like it, though.

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And if you want to be super gamey, The champ could be a standard bearer or musican, depending on the wording in your war scroll. But typically they say one model is the leader and gets some benefit, and models can be musicians or standard bearers. The leader is a model in the unit, and this can be one of those two roles. 

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