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  1. His spell is good, but it is an 8 to cast. With no bonuses to casting its not going to be reliable.
  2. I think it sounds like B it's your best bet. I also like A, but I would use an undivided war shrine over a nurgle marked one, unless you'll be keeping it close to the harbinger and want it to get +1 attack from glotkin.
  3. Seems like we have many of the same questions. I hadn't thought about sacrificing the Girdle to the fane and possibly getting a wound back. That is an interesting thought!
  4. Here are the questions I have asked. Some of them I have an idea of what the answer should be, but because we have this opportunity, I want to see what GW intended the answer to be. I'm also not interested in debating the rules until after GW has had a chance to comment on them. If you're thinking of asking any of these questions to GW, I'd recommend changing the wording a bit so that it doesn't seem like a bot is hitting their FAQ team. Does the model I select as the target for the ritual knife special mortal wounds at the end of the combat phase have to be the model that first has mortal wounds allocated to it, or does my opponent allocate mortal wounds to the model(s) of his(her) choice? When will the recommended base for the Slaanesh Exalted Seeker Chariot increase? The base that the model is currently on makes it difficult to play with and store as a large portion of the model hangs off of the sides of the base. What happens if a unit has the ability to strike first, has been affected by the locus of diversion at the end of the charge phase, and then is affected by Horrible Fascination? Does the targetted unit attack in the normal way in the combat phase, or does the unit now strike at the end of the combat phase? Shalaxi Helbane's irresistible challenge rule states that if the target hero accepts the challenge that hero must attempt to charge, and must finish the charge move within 1/2 in of Shalaxi if it is possible for it to do so. What happens if there is a unit of daemonettes between the target hero and Shalaxi and the target hero cannot fly? Additionally, what happens if Shalaxi is 10 inches away and a unit of daemonettes are 8 inches away and the target hero rolls a 9 for charge distance? Does the target hero get to complete a charge move against the daemonettes, or can the hero not make a charge at all? Many Slaanesh abilities, like the contorted epitome's spell overwhelming acquiescence, say something to the effect of "You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for attacks that target those units..." Does this mean the caster of the spell, or is the "You" referring to me as the player of the army and as such all units in my army can re-roll hit rolls of 1? Do the attacks from a hero's mount also generate depravity points or just the attacks from the hero itself? Do endless spells cast by Slaanesh heroes generate Depravity Points? How does Syll'Esske's Deadly Symbiosis rule interact with the Keeper of Secret's Excess of Violence command ability? Does Syll'Esske get to activate to attack up to 4 times with three of those activations getting to re-roll hit rolls? If a Keeper of secrets is within 1 inch of an Umbral Spell Portal and casts Cacophonic Choir can units within 6 inches of the other Umbral Spell Portal be targeted? Can a Slaanesh hero sacrifice an artifact of power that can only be used once per game that has already been used? Can the herald versions of the chariots be taken in Revellers battalion? If you summon a Slaanesh wizard with depravity points, does that Slaanesh wizard get to pick a spell from one of the spell lores it qualifies for at the time it is summoned?
  5. Remember, we have a brief window to send AoSFAQ@gwplc.com emails with our questions. Waiting for the FAQ to drop before asking your questions doesn't serve anyone.
  6. Just a friendly reminder, we have roughly 2.5 weeks of sending AoSFAQ@gwplc.com any questions that may come up with a chance of getting those questions answered when the faq drops 2 weeks after the book officially releases. I personally have sent about 9 emails asking many of the questions that have come up for me as I read through the warscrolls. We have this awesome window of opportunity to get questions answered by GW directly, let's use it.
  7. The Ungors or Gors would count as battleline for Slaanesh if taken as part of the Depraved Drove battalion. However, the Bestigors can't.
  8. Before when there was no penalty for denying the temptations hardly anyone accepted the gift of Slaanesh. And I would almost never even bother to bring up the rule. Then the exalted came along and you didn't get a choice, but it only triggered on a 6, and I've only seen it happen once or twice. Now that there is a real choice between 1d3 mortal wounds and +1 to hit, but dying on a 4+, I really like the rule. It actually feels like there is a real tactical choice to be made between offering and accepting/denying.
  9. They are comparable in size. I'm at work right now and might be able to get a picture later. Here is the best size comparison photo I can find on Google right now.
  10. One correction to this. You only need to end at least as close to the closest enemy model when piling in, not as close as possible.
  11. Warshrine won't work on the beasts models. It only helps models with the Mortal keyword, which beasts of chaos models do not have. The only model in your list that the Warshrine is supporting is the Lord of Slaanesh on a Daemonic mount.
  12. The wrath and rapture rulebook for AoS has the new summon points for the units in the box. The Infernal Enrapturess is a summonable unit on the new chart.
  13. The feather charm also gives you more tactical flexibility with your hellstriders, which I like.
  14. You can also check it out with the best coast parings app.
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