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1000 pts battle next week


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So.. I have a 1000 pt battle next week against my boss's storm cast. (During work hours) sweet deal.... 

I'm taking the following:

leaders - skarbrand

battleline - (10) reavers

                    (10) gors

behemoth - soul grinder 

war machine - skull canon


not the most tactical of lists... but it's going to be fun. 

Let me know any thoughts..



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Looks like it would be fun to play but I don't think you should count on winning. You have 20 bodies for objectives which half of th have a terrible save and the other half have no save at all. I think youll find that your opponents will just tie up Skarbrand or just out right kill him(he can't take on a whole army) then kill your naked dudes and pretty much ensure the win

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Well I lost.... but only by 1 point in gift from the heavens scenario..

I was winning until the 4th round when the celestant prime dropped in and took back the objective and the points. Oh well... what do you do. 

Skarbrand DID take on the army and was extremely triumphant.. lol. He killed 5x Libs, 5x retributors and the lord relector. Without losing a wound!! He's a good kid. 

Skull canon failed me once again with rolls of 1 for the first three turns. Soul grinder wasn't much better!! But they did provide distractions to allow skarbrand to run rampant. 

Great game in the end and much fun!!! 


Next battle : TK's (me) Vs old school Empire (my boss) - 2000pts

hmmmmm..... Settra may need some dusting off! ??


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