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  1. Problem I'm finding with venator is sure he'll hit and wound but being only rend -1 hurts becaus it's the most important part of the ability(failing the save) and you have no control over it. Also like I said I take the veritant cuz I like him better as a character. His dispelling does help too. always bows on judicators
  2. That's almost the exact list I'm taking to an event next month lol. I take a veritant over a venator. List looks solid to me.
  3. Wooooow nice job aos app. Ya there should be a unit of 10 retributors
  4. Hey everyone need some advice on my list. There's a big event coming up in a few months that I want tom start getting ready for. C+C as always is welcome.
  5. That looks pretty solid mate. You should do well!!
  6. Tzaangors are amazing. Easily one of the best battleline in the game. If you can take 30 and max out the different options. The Tzaangor coven makes them even better. If you can I'd try to get more skyfires
  7. Durthu with hand of glory is a disgusting combo as well
  8. I want to try the tempest lords out too. I feel they're a hidden gem that is being overlooked by players.
  9. Like others have said it's incredibly rough. You need massive amounts of damage to deal with them. Ben Curry talked about dealing with these sorts of things last week. It's well worth a listen. With Stormcast shoot it to hell then try and smash it with protectors under the hammerstrike buff.
  10. I love it. I'm running almost the exact same list except I'm running a lord-veritant instead of azyros and gryph hound. It's mainly because I love the model. I'm wary of a lone azyros because I don't want him getting blasted away before the job is done. I also have a very good win record with this army.
  11. I would personally switch about your Kurnoth hunter load outs. Go for more bows. In 2k I feel you need 3+ heroes so you can at least contend in 3 places of power. I would also run tree-revenants in a unit of 10. They're very fragile so 5 of them will probably just evaporate.
  12. Alliance is this weekend and there are a few Stomcast players going so we'll see how they preform. Hopefully they do well against nonsense like 21 Kurnoth hunters.
  13. Ya not nowhere near efficient which is why I'd dint consider it at all lol. I do think the conclave has potential however.
  14. Yes it's just a one time thing as there is no way to get all 3 put back in pursuit.
  15. I think you'd be fine with a unit of 6 long strike and a unit of 3 hurricane. I only say a unit of 6 long strike because I'm honestly not sold on the it in smaller numbers(or in general really) but they will benefit m out from this battalion.
  16. Depends on the circumstance imo there are a lot of neat items and combos in the book. I agree lamp + mirror shield is good, Champion of the realms + strife ended or Obsidian blade makes for a very smash character. Obsidian amulet is good. Sigmarite pendant + savage loyalty is cute.
  17. Im not big on hunters but I do like palladors. I feel like people don't give them enough credit and probably haven't played them enough yet. With proper buffs they become pretty resilient and are already nasty objective grabbers. Don't send them at a large blob or anything tho. Go after chaff and medium units the chargers are pretty good in combat. I'm going to be running a unit of 6 next week.
  18. Hey everyone! I'm really enjoying the new Stormcast stuf. Having multiple ways to play the army and a nice mix of items is sweet. I'm considering trying out a very shooting heavy list. It's a death by 1000 cuts style list inspired by Ben Currys latest podcast. I'm not 100% sure on items yet hopefully you can help!
  19. I have a tournament coming up in 2 weeks and I'm going to be bringing my fancy new Stormcast. The jury is still out on artifacts and the such but that's part of this post. I own all the models but I'm willing to change it up if need be.
  20. Greeting fellow followers of the ruinous powers. I'm come seeking your advice. I have a 1500 point tournament coming up in a little over 2 weeks and I'd like some advice on my list. I own all the models in this list minus the warp lightning cannon. Give me your harshest critiques. I'm going out of town for the tournament so I don't know what the field will be like. From past events in the area it seems there will be sylvaneth, stormcast, brets and bone splitters to name a few. Like I said be as harsh as you can. Leaders Bloodthirster of Insinate Rage 280 Bloodsecrator 120 Bloodsecrator 120 Battleline 30 bloodletters 300 10 blood warriors 200 5 blood warriors 100 Other 10 flesh hounds 200 Warp lightning cannon 180 Total 1500pts
  21. Looks like it would be fun to play but I don't think you should count on winning. You have 20 bodies for objectives which half of th have a terrible save and the other half have no save at all. I think youll find that your opponents will just tie up Skarbrand or just out right kill him(he can't take on a whole army) then kill your naked dudes and pretty much ensure the win
  22. Fate sworn warband makes Knights amazing. Sure it's pricey but it also make halberd warriors very strong too
  23. I run a similar list with a bloodletter bomb. I'd suggest giving the bloodthirster Lord of War instead. Getting hide bloodletters To hit on 2s and mortal wound on 4s is devastating
  24. To use his command ability Archaon must be the general
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