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[1500 khorne] Friendly tournament list. How far can this gimmick take me?


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Missions will be three places of power, escalation, and gift from the heavens. I'm worried I don't have a camping unit for gift of the heavens. Also I wanted to get another skull cannon in lieu of he demon prince, but couldn't find the 20 points. 




Bloodsecrator (120pts)

Bloodstoker (80pts)

Daemon Prince (160pts)

-hellforged sword

Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (360pts)

-Great Destroyer 

-Runeblade (+1 attack)

Skull Cannon (180pts) 

Bloodletters x30 (300pts) 

Bloodletters x30 (300pts)

Basically the stoker whips one of the bloodletter bombs and wrath BT uses his ability on them to add +4" to run and charge rolls as well as run and charge in same turn. I'm hoping to come in at least 8th/16 teams

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My original list had 2 skull cannons. When I switched to the wrath BT because of the command ability synergy with the bloodstoker. Fury BT and Wrath BT both have the same weapon. 


Here are the rules:

You will need to build a 1500 points Age of Sigmar list using the Pitched Battle points system found in the General’s Handbook with the following restrictions. 
1-4 Leaders 
2+ Battle Line 
0-2 Artillery 
0-2 Behemoths 
Any number of other units 
Pick all command abilities, spells and artifacts and note them on your list 

All models must be built and WYSIWYG

You don’t have to have your models painted but it does make them fight better

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