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Blood and Glory 1500, Sylvaneth vs. Death


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Battle Report – 1500 points – Sylvaneth(1480)  vs. Death(1480) (Blood and Glory), 5 turns

The Forces – Sylvaneth

Treelord Ancient – Gnarled Warrior – Silverwood Circlet

Branchwych – The Dwellers Below

Branchwraith – Regrowth

Drycha – The Reaping


Kurnoth Hunters – Bows – 3

Kurnoth Hunters – Scythes – 3

Dryads – 10

Dryads – 10

Tree Revenants – 5


The Forces – Death

Vampire Lord (General)



Cairn Wraith

Corpse Cart

Zombies – 4 units of 10, later merged to one unit of 40

Spirit Hosts – 3 units of 3

Blood Knights – 5

Hounds – 5


Deployment – Terrain is rolled for and very little open space is left for wood placement. This looks bad for my Sylvaneth already. There is one objective that is totally open, so I elect to place my woods on that objective. I winthe roll and elect to have him place units first.

He places 10 zombies in the woods. I place a unit of dryads in the center of my deployment zone. He places a unit of Spirit hosts on his non wood objective. I counter deploy with 3 bow hunters. He places the necromancer behind the zombies. I place a unit of dryads opposite the wood zone. He deploys another set of Hosts, I counter deploy with Drycha. He places the Knights and I place my Regrowth Wraith behind the center dryad unit behind hard cover. He places the hounds in front of his knights, I place my Ancient off center to the right so he can support against the knights and the zombie horde. He places his last spirit host and I place my Tree Revenants behind my first unit of Dryads in the zone across from the woods. He places his Cairn Wraith to support his 3 spirit hosts and I place the Scythe Hunters in my center zone beside my Ancient. My deployment is complete, so I will get the first turn. He finishes deploying his zombies in the woods.


Turn 1 – My ancient fails to summon his woods, bummer.  He casts to awaken the woods thanks to the circlet – Mannfred unbinds the spell. The regrowth wraith casts mystic shield on the scythe hunters.  No other casting happens. The bow hunters shoot the center unit of spirit hosts and remove a base. No other shooting is in range.

 I advance just far enough to be out of charge range of most of his units. If he wants to charge it will be into the heart of my army with the scythe hunters, ancient, dryads, and a regrowth wraith ready to counter the charge.  My turn 1 ends.

He casts a bunch of stuff to buff his zombies. They don’t move far enough for it to matter in the end. He awakens the woods on two casts, losing 4 zombies and is able to pass off one wound the necromancer should have taken. The necromancer takes 1 wound (4 remain). He merges two zombie units to make a unit of 20 and 2 units of 10. His dogs move forward into charge range. He moves Mannfred forward and has his knights behind.  His spirit hosts move forward with the Cairn Wraith behind. His vampire lord sits behind the woods, waiting.

The dogs charge my unit of Dryads who hold strong, losing only one model. His dogs also lose one model.

Objectives: 2-2


Turn 2 – I win the roll and go.  My Ancient fails his wood summon, again. He casts to awaken the woods. Almost the same result. The zombies take 4 wounds, but their undead ward save makes it so only 2 die. The Necromancer doesn’t take any, the Vampire lord takes 1. My Branchwraith shields the Scythe Hunters. The Branchwych casts the Dwellers Below on a unit of 10 zombies, killing 2. Drycha casts flutterflies and causes two wounds to the closest two units of spirit hosts and one wound to the Cairn Wraith.

Shooting phase has the ancient fail his shot. The bow hunters cause two wounds to the far left spirit hosts, putting one base at one wound.

I move everything forward but the bow hunters. My dryads on my right seal off the only passage to my half of the board that isn’t the center lane. The Branchwych moves in behind them as support. The Tree Revenants teleport behind the Cairn Wraith at 9”.

The Revenants need 9” on their charge dice, I roll a 4 and a 3. I use their reroll and roll a 2, bleh. The scythe Hunters charge an exposed Mannfred.  Drycha charges the Cairn Wraith and gets into base contact with the closest spirit host also.

The scythe hunters tear into Mannfred, reducing him to one wound. Drycha obliterates the Cairn Wraith and reduces the spirit host unit to two bases with her attacks. The loss puts the spirit host outside of combat range and will open the charge for them on the next turn. The center dryads kill another hound.

He begins his turn casting to buff his zombies. They end up with an extra attack each and two attacks in the turn. Since they are only a unit of 10 it isn’t that bad. The woods fail to awaken. He casts Mystic Shield on Mannfred, but I unbind with the Ancient.

He consolidates his zombies from a 20 and 2 tens to a 30 and a ten. His small zombie unit moves forward. The small 10 man zombie unit moves forward and charges my Dryads on my right flank. His knights counter charge my Scythe hunters who are mauling Mannfred. Two wraith units advance toward my objective being held by my bow hunters, while one unit charges Drycha. His movement is now over since his zombies are blocking his corpse cart and necromancer from advancing.  His Vampire lord flys over my dryads and lands behind them, but in front of my Wych. . His lord charges my Wych.

Combat begins with Mannfred attacking the Scythe Hunters. The rolls are poor and he does 4 wounds to one hunter. I counter attack with the hunters who manage to do nothing to Mannfred. He attacks with the Knights who finish off the wounded hunter. I have the wych try to take out the vampire lord. She does 3 wounds to him. He counters with the vampire lord who does two wounds to the Wych. I use the dryads in the center and attack his hounds. My dryads kill another hound. He attacks with his charging zombies on my right flank. The terrain and my dryad positioning allows only 7 zombies to attack. They kill 3 dryads over 2 combat rounds. Dryads kill 3 zombies. But zombie save (5+) reduces it to one loss. The spirit host attacks Drycha causing two wounds. I have Drycha attack the Spirit Host she is in contact with. She destroys the spirit host and sits at 7 wounds.

We each hold 2 objectives.


Turn 3 – I win the roll and elect to go. The Ancient fails his wood summon again, sheesh. I cast regrowth on Drycha, healing her back to 9. My Wych casts and hits some zombies, but with their regenerating each turn it doesn’t amount to anything valuable.

I shoot the advancing spirit hosts with my bow hunters who miss. The Ancient misses his shooting attack on Mannfred.  Drycha is able to shoot the spirit hosts and causes two wounds, destroying one base. He now has a unit of 2 bases and a unit of one base.  They will be on my hunters in turn 4.  

Drycha moves forward and captures the backfield objective abandoned by the Spirit Hosts.  I advance my Treelord to get ready to charge Mannfred if he survives another turn. I teleport the Tree Reveants back to the table edge to support my Branchwych who is going toe to toe with the vampire lord. They fail their charge even with the reroll. Everything is in combat already, so we get down to it.

I have the scythe hunters attack Mannfred and they finish him off and kill a knight. His knights deal 4 wounds to the scythe hunters putting one of the two at one wound. My dryads in the center attack his hounds and wipe them out. He attacks my dryads on the flank with his small zombie unit. They are wiped out. I attack with my wych, who puts the vampire lord at 1 wound. His lord also puts the Wych at 1 wound.   Combat is now over.

I hold 3 objectives, he holds 1.


Turn 4 – He wins the roll and gets the double turn.  He casts to buff the zombie unit. I’m able to unbind the double attack spell, but they will get an extra attack each.

He merges the final 10 into the big blob. He moves the spirit hosts into charging distance for my bow hunters and they engage. The one base spirit host unit fails the charge, but the two base unit gets in. He advances the gigantic blob toward my ancient, but will only be able to get 7 into combat on the charge. His knights attack my scythe hunters and finish off the wounded one. I’m left with one scythe hunter who counters back, Killing a knight. There are 3 left. His vampire lord attacks my Wych and finishes her off.  I attack with the bow hunters and they whiff. His zombies attack my Ancient, but only one wound makes it through. I attack back with the ancient, killing six of the 40. Combat is over.

For the fourth consecutive turn my ancient fails to produce a wood. If he weren’t my general, I’d kill him myself. He casts and awakens the wood killing 3 zombies and the corpse cart. Kaboom. I take back the killing him part. My regrowth Wraith heals the ancient back to full.  Drycha casts lightning at the spirit host that failed it’s charge. Weakening it to 2 wounds.

The bow hunters shoot and whiff on the spirit host that is on them. Drycha shoots the spirit host that failed it’s charge and finishes it off. The treelord shoots the knights and kills one.

I move my Tree Revenants into charge range for the Vampire Lord. They make their charge. I move the 5 dryads and charge the Knights. That finishes movement.

I attack with the Revenants, killing the vampire lord. He attacks with the 3 knights that are left, but splits his attacks against the dryads and the scythe hunter. The hunter takes one wound, the dryads take three.  I attack with the hunter killing a knight and wounding the other. There is one wounded knight left.  He attacks the ancient with the zombies, doing no wounds. The bow hunters kill one base of spirit hosts, reducing the unit to one base. His spirit host does one wound to the hunters. I attack with the ancient, killing a handful of zombies. This ends combat.  The dryads die to battleshock.


End of 4, I hold 3 objectives, he holds one with a lone necromancer.


Turn 5 – He wins the roll for turn 5 and elects to go. He casts to buff the zombies, but I unbind them both.

The zombies shamble forward to get as many into combat with the ancient as possible. The necromancer is left exposed, wounded, and alone to guard the final objective.

He attacks with the zombie horde, wounding with 4. The ancient saves all 4. I attack with the scythe hunter who finishes off the knight. He attacks with his spirit host who misses my bow hunters. I attack with my ancient who kills more zombies. His turn is over.

I move the Tree Revenants into charge range and charge the necromancer, they surround him but do not kill him.

The ancient kills more zombies for fun and the game ends with Sylvaneth holding all 4 objectives.

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Good battle report.


My ancient fails to summon his woods, bummer.  He casts to awaken the woods thanks to the circlet – Mannfred unbinds the spell.

How was he in range to unbind turn 1? You need to be near the casting wizard and not the spell target.



For the fourth consecutive turn my ancient fails to produce a wood. If he weren’t my general, I’d kill him myself. 

Craig would sympathise with this. @Bowlzee

Get a Skink Starseer!


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2 hours ago, Nico said:

Good battle report.

How was he in range to unbind turn 1? You need to be near the casting wizard and not the spell target.


Craig would sympathise with this. @Bowlzee

Get a Skink Starseer!


My Treelord Ancient fails so many woods rolls, and don't get me started on the 1 attack rolls :(:(

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8 hours ago, Nico said:

Good battle report.

How was he in range to unbind turn 1? You need to be near the casting wizard and not the spell target.



We both deployed those units near the front of our deployment zones. I tried to eyeball it and misjudged how close they were. They started just at the edge of 18" total. It was a misdeployment on my part mostly. 

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