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Halfway through painting the Gortide


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Looking grand Wrath, you've come a long way from painting your first model even!

The only thing I'd really recommend adding to them would be maybe a bit more ink in the recesses between the models' ****** and pecks (I'm assuming you've already used inks, the flash on your camera is quite bright), and (entirely optional) maybe having a go with some Blood for the Blood God technical paint on their weapons:


Beyond that, brilliant minis, keep up the good work! :D 

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I've been working on them every chance I get. 

My photo skills are lacking... No one would guess I have a photography medal from high school (that was 16 years ago...)

Yeah, I still need to buy more colors. I was planning on getting "Runefang Steel" to highlight the metal, but I'll add "Blood for the Blood God" to the list!

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