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Hi all, I'm OneofUndivided, and by the name i'm guessing you can probably tell which faction i support in AoS. I wish to join the legions of chaos, but not for the praise of the gods, but to lead my forces against Sigmar and all he stands for >:3

I will be starting a year project (started it a couple of weeks back), slowly building up a force of my own to play in this fun game. I've been in the hobby for a good number of years but never had an army to call my own, let alone one fully painted. So i hope that in a year time i will have amassed a large collection of slaves of darkness and the monsters that have been pulled into the army. 

The army I haven't really a name for yet, but no rush. The armour colour is white, a little unusual for warriors of chaos i know but its one that i think will stand out. Black is the legion of Archaeon, Purple for Slaanesh, Green for Nurgle, Blue for Tzeentch, and Red for Khorne. I just wondered what would be a colour that would set them aside from those, and i settled for white. Not an easy colour to do from what i hear, but i can take my time ^^:;;;

So far the army consists of just a starter set (£50 one), and will over the course of the year (and a large addition at christmas xD), will help flesh out the army and grow to a large size. I hope to learn a thing or two from here, and get idea's on how to create the army, my first army, and to take them to the board to loot, pillage and slay my foes ^^

without further ado.... *ahem*



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