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Stonehorn question


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When attacks do damage against a Stonehorn they get to halve it (rounded up)  through their Stone Skeleton ability. But when is the damaged halved? Is each dice halved or the total? The scenarios, 3 attacks do d3 dmg each. They do 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Does this equal

(1+2+3)/2=3 damage

or 1/2=1+2/2=1+3/2=2  == 4 damage

Now the odd thing happens when you split the attacks to two Stonehorns. The second equation stays the same, they do 1+1+2 damage that you can split either way.  

The first one hower can now be split so that (1+2)/2=2 in addition to 3/2=2, totaling damage on two targets.

An additional interesting way to look at it is when several models doing 1 damage deals damage to the Stonehorn. Do they count as 0,5 damage each, totaling up eg. 0,5+0,5+0,5=1,5==2 or is each damaged halved, and then rounded up at once ending up with 1+1+1=3?

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When you go to apply the damage to the Stonehorn, he cuts it in half. Damage is applied after all attacks have resolved. So in your examples:

1 Stonehorn, attacked with (1+2+3) = 6, cuts it in half to 3 damage dealt.
2 Stonehorns, split attacks -- one gets (1+2) = 3, cuts to 2 damage dealt. The second gets (3) = 3, cuts to 2 damage dealt.

If 5 models in a unit do 1 damage each, you try to apply (1+1+1+1+1) = 5, but cut it in half to 3 damage.

If 5 separate units each do 1 damage to the Stonehorn, you try to apply the damage from each unit individually... 1/2 rounds up to 1, five times. So the Stonehorn takes 5 total damage in that case.

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