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  1. You also dont have to pick all of the big guys as your general. Go for an enrapturess or a epitome as one of them and you are getting that second keeper to stick with the general one.
  2. Regarding your list above and specifically the WLV. If it is a competitive environment I would never leave home without it. If it's a non competitive environment I would not bring it. In my all my games it has been the single most over powered thing in the army. In my last game (new Khorne) it single handedly neutered his entire army. And yes, he had Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster and the "auto unbind on a 8"-host. But he also (as most Khorne players will because of how their buffs work) centred most of his heroes and a few good units in one place. An ideal situation for the WLV. Especially since unbind range is 30" and the reach of the spell it's way more. The Honest Wargamer rightfully dubbed it Warp Lightning Boretex because if cast in turn one at the right spot it can decide the entire game right there. In my case combined with a Jezzail shot he took 700 points off of the table.
  3. Has anyone seen a video of the new Skaven dice? Are they as bouncy as the Gloomspite ones?
  4. Get a congregation of filth to lie number of drops and get another item. You only have one good character for the "hero" scenarios. Otherwise it looks nice! I find myself auto including the warpstorm spell just because it limits my opponent so much
  5. Never been so sad to receive an extra wound on an already good unit before
  6. Is the furnace 12 or 13 wounds in the new book? Facehammer podcast say 13 twice but app says 12. Really important for the skitter leap!
  7. Where is this artwork from? The IDK book?
  8. FYI SoJ only works against monsters and heroes. WLC is neither of them.
  9. Sorry if this has been discussed earlier, but has the Akhelian Kings Commandability been FAQ:d to one use?
  10. Sounds like a really fun event. But you really sould look up Night Runners! That run move ahead of game start will almost certainly secure you the artifact even before the game starts. If your lucky your 13" into the board at the end of deployment.
  11. Hehe, the arch warlock got roasted twice turn 1 last tournament. Once by a thundertusk and once by a VLoZD, since then I really prefer to have my artefacts on chars with more than 6 wounds. No matter their save
  12. Thanks for the input! The reason I didnt give it to the arch warlock is that I want to be able to scitter leap him offensively to tie up big blobs, get the cheeky d3 MW from his shooting attack in or capture objectives. He's a lot easier to get where you want him with his small base. Currently I'm looking at the Grey Seer and also considering not taking the storm fiends.
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