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Fallen Empires: "Cities of Death" for Age of Sigmar

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We know that the Mortal Realms are littered with the ruins of the great civilization that Sigmar built during the Age of Myth with the cooperation of the other gods of Order, as well as the gods of Death and Destruction, before his Pantheon fell apart and the Realms fell under Chaos. That means lots of ruins, which is cool... but what about fighting it out in an entire ruined city, complete with multiple intact buildings, hazardous ruins on the verge of collapse (and rules for turning the former into the latter!), choked with rubble and debris.

I'd like to work together on inventing some rules to make this happen.

From my perspective, we need to invent the following:

  1. Specialized Battleplans (3 to 6) built around encounters in ruined cities.
  2. Rules for interacting with terrain (ie. turning intact buildings into ruins with suitably powerful magic or attacks from Monsters, better rules for shooting from garrisoned building to garrisoned building, etc.).
  3. Something equivalent to Stratagems (rules and tactics you can add to your army).
  4. Other assorted changes and cool things.

Thoughts? I'd love to go so far as to create and share a Battletome: Fallen Empires for the whole community to enjoy.

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The Battletome: The End Times has rules for city battles. You'll find them in the Glottkin section. They include rules for occupying and burning down buildings and some other stuff. Not quite as extensive as what you're looking for maybe, but it's something. Also includes a few battleplans built around the rules. Check the link below or in my signature to find it.



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