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Best chaos artillery


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It depends what god/faction you're using. If you're playing anything Nurgle and take Epidemius then go with at least one plague claw.

Otherwise, take some skaven, get lightning cannons and jezzails.

The rest of the clan Skryre weapon teams are good as well. I think that ratling gun teams and warpfire throwers should have their points swapped, but they don't count as strictly artillery.

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11 hours ago, Jupiter said:

Gw should hire you

How do you know they haven't already?

When they started naming things Ogors (pronounced ogres) and Aelfs (homefully pronounced elfs) they should've just bitten the bullet and called them Dorfs.

Lastly; I want someone from the marketing team to tell me why Blight kings aren't called BlightKnights.

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