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Drycha, Teclis, or Alarielle the Radiant?


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Hello everyone!


I wanted your input on what Order wizard to bring as part of my 2000 Point Gnarlroot Wargrove list. Before you mention it, I do have a list that includes a Celestial Hurricanum but I wanted to try using something a little different.

Current list is:

1x Treelord Ancient

1x Branchwych

3x Tree-Revenants

5x Kurnoth Hunters (Magnetized bows/scythes to adjust on the fly)

Gnarlroot Wargrove + Household Battalion.

= 1700 points

Right now I'm trying to decide which Order Wizard I should bring as part of the Battalion. I'll list my rationalization below.

The theory behind this list would be to cover the field in as much Wyldwoods and possible and using spells to get the d3 damage off on a 5+. It's not as competitive as it could be but I think it would be really fun to play and really take advantage of the Sylvaneth Allegiance Abilities. 


  • Ability to thin out large single wound units with her ridiculous Squirmling shooting attack.
  • She benefits from having the Sylvaneth Keyword and therefore has access to all allegiance abilities.
  • She's a heavy hitter and with her above average movement she can provide some necessary support where she's needed.

The only downside to using her (in terms of my list idea) is that she can only cast one spell and her dedicated spell is pretty lackluster. I can give her a spell from the lores but she still only casts one.

Adding her to the list would bring my total to 1980



  • can cast 3 spells per phase, adds 2 to casting rolls,
  • any casting rolls that are 3 higher than required doubles their effective range
  • Tempest spell halves the distance a single unit can move. This is extremely helpful when dealing with big monsters like Archaon, Alarielle, Maw Krushers, or other threatening units. This also allows my Hunters to get a ton more shots off and for the scythes to get into position to deal with it.

My plan would be to give him the spell to summon wyldwoods and since I can deploy my sylvaneth units in the grove, more often than not I can take first turn and use it to create a huge vertical tree-line in the centre of the board or plant it on certain objectives.

Downside is he lacks the Sylvaneth Keyword and is therefore not nearly as mobile and would not benefit from cover. Actually being in the woods would potentially kill him. I could keep him 1.5 inches away from woods and still keep him safe from the d3 damage. Also low wounds and an average save of 4+. Adding Teclis to the list would bring my army to 1900 or 2000 with an additional unit of Tree-Revenants.


Alarielle the Radiant

  • Casts 2 spells
  • Heals 1 wound in the hero phase 
  • Boon of life can heal d6 and gives a wound/mortal wound save on a 6

Same idea as Teclis just a little less intense. The real benefit here is the Boon of Life Spell which makes my Kurnoth Hunters even more survivable. Overall not my top choice but I have the model and she would be neat and thematic. Adding Alarielle to the list would bring my army to 1900 or 2000 with an additional unit of Tree-Revenants.


I've also thought about using Sisters of the Thorn, Battlemage on Griffon, and Luminark. 


Let me know what you think! 


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Teclis is basically the anti-Stonehorn. Worth it for that alone. Pop him on a Balewind and he can snipe a few artillery crewmen. You could also use him to seriously trigger Wyldwoods 3 times a turn (though as you say, he would need to be outside of them).

Are there even points for little Alarielle any more?


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Doesnt the Gnarlroot allow all wizards to cast/unbind an additional spell?

Drycha is names so she cant use artifacts only the spell.

And I think only sylvanthe wizards can acess the deepwood spell lore!

What I found out there are three powerful choices:

-Clesetial Hurricanum

+1 Hit, Shots out Mortal wounds like nothing of the sylvaneth

-Sisters of the thorn

with a big block of dryads 20 or better 30 their thorn shield can wreck faces! if the dryads are in cover they get+1 save additinal to their +1 save for beeing more than 12. if you also manage to cast an mystic shield upon them they have +2 save and on 3+ they reflect an mortal wound...ouch!


This guy buffs one model massivly! Play him with spirit of druthu, drycha or alarielle the everqueen and this model will have massive impact id it get to fight without suffering to much wounds!


You could take drycha anyway so she doesnt take the place of the order wizard in the gnarlroot!

Maybe you should swap out some revenants for some dryads, they do way more when fighting in the open!

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