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Just found out of this place thanks to Mengel Miniatures. It's weird to me that Games Workshop doesn’t have official forums... 

I'm new to the mini wargaming hobby,  just purchased the original Rulebook, Storm of Sigmar mini set,  the Getting Started with Age of Sigmar magazine and the latest issue of White Dwarf. Also bought the Build and paint set since I didn't have cutters or glue at home. I've been watching YouTube videos on how to glue and paint these things,  battle reports and having fun even though I haven't played a single game yet. 

Needles to say I'm already planning on ordering the actual starter set and Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower! I'm also working on getting my friends interested in playing and collecting too. 

So yeah,  I plan on sticking with Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodbound at least until more Tzeench stuff comes out. 

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