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I'm one of those!


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Calgary Alberta.

We have a (closed, obviously) Facebook group, but otherwise we're in a bit of flux. 

We lost our club forum (BS hosting thing, gone forever). 

Interestingly, the guy who took over 40k Radio and the Freebootaz forum from Romeo/Battlefoam is local to us here, and we have made some baby-steps toward making Freebootaz our new online home, but it still in its infancy and it requires paid subscriptions...

This might be a better place for us.  Hmmmm.

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Greetings from La Belle Province!

We are a growing community from Trois-Rivieres, Québec called Les Tireux de dés (Dice rollers). We held our first AoS event a few weeks ago with a dozen players. Really looking forward discussing AoS with my fellow Canucks!

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