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Deathless minions how does it work?



Yes a Death question from me right deathless minions says "roll a dice for each wound or mortal wound inflicted on a Death unit from your army on a roll of a 6 or more the wound is negated and has no effect. 

Right in my store I thought it was like a ward save of sorts that after your normal save you have the deathless minions. Yet many in my store say actually you roll the amount of damage like feel no pain which we have been going with. 

So say for example unit 1 has 4 attacks 2 of them wound I make my save roll with two dice since two attacks get through and fail then I get deathless minions and hope for a 6 via rolling two dice and if I do I avoid the damage


2 attacks make it through I fail 2 of my saves let's say unit 1 has damage 3 do I roll 6 dice and hope for a 6? 

Which is it? The reason why I am asking this question is because on the warhammer tv stream they said deathless minions act's like a ward save. Sooo how do people do it? 

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13 minutes ago, BaldoBeardo said:

It's per wound.

So roll saves, calculate damage, then roll to avoid each wound.

Against Damage 1 weapons it is effectively the same thing as having a ward save, if ward saves still existed.

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Right thanks. :D 

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