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  1. Is there currently any way to give Arachnarok better chance to apply poison? (other that grot Big boss command ability?). Any to hit bonusses left for destro?
  2. Guys, a question about Arachnarok Spider. Sorry if this was posted before... If it has a catchweb spidershrine it gains a keyword HERO. How does that interact with items like battle brew? Because it's Arachnarok that is the main model and the shaman above doesn,t even have any profiles listed (like a basic atack or whatever). So... in the lifht of that is Arachnarok Spider with a shpidershrine considered a mount therefore can't be fed battle brew?
  3. It's a nice list. I tend to play something simmilar. Just few things I can reccomend from my games: 1. Throggoths have extremely low bravery. Running one unit of 6 is risky if you don;t keep inspiring presence on them. Even if you loose 1 in worst case 2 can run away.... 2. I strongly reccomend to have unit of 6 fanatics and use them offensively. Or just to playtest it. They deal great dmg and have rend of -2 (great vs lizzards and stormcast). You can even surprise your enemy buy reaching great distance in 1 turn: you get bonus movement form warlord on first turn. Then you runn your goblins, then you reaveal fanatics within 3" and then you charge with fanatics.... ! 3. Since you'd probably be using inspiring presence most of the time, the grot warboss is not that important.
  4. In my opiniion best unit for Destruction is.... Moonclan Grots with Fanatics inside. 1. It is hard to kill a unit of 40+ grots with sields. 2. Nets have a lot of atacks and with swords hiting on 4+ you get realy nice dmg thanks to bonus from numbers. 3. Fanatics inside can be used ofensively (unit of 6-9) to deal INSANE damage. 4. Fanatics inside can be used defensively (small unit of 3) They are an all-starr unit realy. Also great for table control and blocking access to your characters from thos annoying teleporting stormcasts and lizards. Ad for heroes Forge World Troggoth Hag is just awesome. Very hard to kill, great dmg (including distance) and a spell that gives enemy -1 to hit and -1 to save. That combined with her stench (-1 to hit) and moonclan grot nets it makes your army really hard to be hit. With that theme river trolls (fellwater troggoths) are not that bad, becouse their -1 to hit stench has a nice synergy and they can fight from 2 row from behind the grots (and voimit!) Arachnarok Spider is another stand-alone good unit if you give him battle brew or trait that gives bonus to hit if he's wounded. He can also cast 2 spells per turn with one boosting his awesome poison.
  5. Vespan

    Free People's 2k list

    Hurricanum is really awesome and powefull, but now that Ot's cost went up, and free peoples have they own allegiance I will concider, some lists without it.
  6. Vespan

    Free People's 2k list

    As for shooting, I belive it is as follows: crossbowmen > handgunners > archers. Crossbowmen's ability to shoot twice is very scary combined with general's ability "Hold the Line". You take the command trait that you dont have to pass battleshock tets around commander, block access to crossbowmen with freeguild guard nad you can shoot twice 2+/3+ and with wound rolls of 5&6 having rend of -1. My army for 2000 points includes hurricanym + general + crossowmen + freeguild guard having controll over the table center, while demigryph knights, mage on gryphon and phoenix keep flying around for objectives and eliminating targets that won't come up close
  7. Vespan

    Free People's 2k list

    General on warhorse (or on foot) has better command ability and is easier to hide from the enemy. If you want to field a griffon, the battlemage version seems little better (save not as good, but with swiftness potion you don't have to worry too much about it).
  8. This is a really nice work! What do you use for snow?
  9. I'm starting Free Peoples too. I figured the same about "Hold the Line" and Hurricanum. But i find Crossbowmen better than handgunners. If you have 30 of them, they shoot twice and with all the buffs (general and hurricanum aura) they make 60 shots hiting 2+, wounding 3+ and all wound rolls of 5+ have rending. And since I start this army to rest a little from my horde goblin army, I will put some more points in Leaders ( maybe Luminark, battlemage on griffon, regular battlemage etc.). Mostly to have fun
  10. I often use Great Moonclan battalion anyway, so the problem of having too many units and no control over who's going to get the first turn is gone. You can set any amount of units form one battalion as one move
  11. What about teleporting 10 decimators to maximize their cleave atacks? They seem very good against big blobs of units, which lately seem to be a core of many armies?
  12. One unit of 30-40 high elf/dark elf spearmen could be a nice pick. They are cheap, decently durable and with inspiring presence they can hold most dangerous units off for few turns. Also having at least one big unit greatly helps you contest important objectives! or blok enemy acces to certain points of the map. Or screen you other units. 30-40 bodies give you many good strategic options.
  13. I like evry unit in collegiate arcane. The battalion is also intresting, but 200 points seems rather too much. Hurricanum gives a great +1 to hit buff, so Luminark should be near at the start ofthe battle. It would be also nice to deploy a big unit of elf spearmen/ human milita/ liberators To protect the Hurricanum. Amber Wizzard on Griffon could deal tons of damage if with full health, so he should carry a Quickilver Potion as a security if an enemy reaches him first. Luminark of Hysh has a very nice layzer gun, but one 3+/3+ shot is a bit unreliable BUT I recommend adding a Loremaster to your army- his spell gives rerolls of all hit and wound rols for a single MODEL- epic for Luminark or Griffon. Insted of Chain Lightning consider a Gyran mage who can heal. All your big toys get much weaker if they drop to the second row in the dmg table. The rest of the army should be relatively fast or durable to allow sezing nad holding objectives.
  14. This discussion is very funny for me anyway. Bonesplitterz aside, I belive that shooting in this game actualy sucks :-) My destruction army thx to allegiance bonus and bonus run or charge form musitians, van engage the enemy on second turn (or even first if enemy starts and rushes for an objective in the middle). So far ony problem I had was against tzeench daemons due to nice mobility, flying and shooting.
  15. Kunin' Ruk seems very strong but if you look at the cost it would be Minimum 560+ cost of the wizzard= 660-700. This is a cost of 4 units of judicators. So you invest more than third of your points to pull that silly shooting off. And 2 volleys of shooting mean 180 shots, 60 hits and 30 wounds. That is potentially a dead Archaon. But vs Lord on Dracoth who is not a monster might not be enough. Especially if he's hiding in terrain. Now the 4 units of Judicators will deal ~20 wounds (thank to leader's bows), but they will always have a rend of -1 and they are not dependant on 2 heroes buffign them nor on their numbers. And they are some combo-breakers. Like luminark of hysh that can one shot him with 10" move and 30" range. Or one unit of cameleon skinks which appear from nowhere and dart him to death.
  16. @Beasts of Nurgle One monster on 1000 points is enough to fill the rest reasonably. But with 2 it rather too much.
  17. Anyway moonclan is generally better. The battalions bring some ballance and give a reason to actually use gitmob grots :-)
  18. Yes. But squig herders and bellowing tyrant provide hit bonus. Outside of that its's not very strong. You also get a +1 bravery bonus to whole batalion :-)
  19. No, but in Great Gitmob it is 4+/4+ and they are better with bows than other weapons, becouse they will usualy stay behind guarding my objective etc. (I mean the small unit of 20 grots, 2x40 are for meele). As for Great Moonclan, it doesn't seem as good as Great Gitmob (that's probably fair, becouse moonclan grots are just better than gitmob grots). Nevertheless it can be stron in some combinations: Great Moonclan battalion bonus allows you to make an additional attack when you roll 6 or more to hit... Now you have a unit of suigs that hit on 5+ BUT they get +1 to hit from herders and +1 from bellowing tyrant trait on your general. This will make them hit on 3+ and generate an additional attack on 4+. This is 50% more hits that chomp really hard
  20. Nasty skulkers are good in batalion becouse of +1 hit if they outnumber the enemy. In unit of 6 this will trigger mortal wounds on 5+ vs small units and monsters. Bows work also nice. The downside is that this blobs of goblins shine most with inspiring presence, and spiders want their command ability at the same time. But since i learned not to rush spiders into combat and wiat for good moment, that problem somehow dissapeared. Wolf riders are also very nice in this batalion. Good shooting, great speed and wolfs usualy making two 3+/3+ attacks.
  21. Oh, I don't know how I missed that! That is a considerable difference indeed!
  22. These are soooo much bettern than GW color schemes. Really top level! Can you tell what colours and techniques you used on this yellow steel armour and banner tusks? Ps. I consider myself a good painter, but I could really learn from You!
  23. As you probably alredy realised, Stonehorn is better suited for Frostlord, while Thundertusk is better suited for Huskard. Frolstlord is meele badass so durable meele mount is perfect for him. Huskard on thundertusk has his semi-spells that buff or heal your units and should aid him maintain full health and shoot with full power!
  24. I was thinking about some kind of wizzard conclave escorted to battle by a regiment of human infantry: Conclave: Battlemage on Griffon [280] Celestial Hurricanum with battlemage [320] Luminark of Hysh with battlemage [240] Battlemage (probably amber/beast or jade/life) [100] Loremaster (great boost for Luminark to do damage or for griffon) [100] Regiment escroting conclave: Freeguild General (probably he would be the general with "strategic genius" for his awesome command trait and inspiring presence). [100] 20 Freeguild Guard [160] 20 Crossbowmen [200] 20 Crossbowmen [200] 10 Great Swords [160] .... and 140 leftover points for a battalion or one small cavalry unit for speed. Inspired Guards will be forming protective wall around hurricanum, crossbowmen will be shooting boosted by hurricanum and command ability. The drawback is that most of the army relies on buffs, so it would be forming a gunline or a bouble rather than move freely on battlefield.
  25. I can think of many better ways to invest 120 points. Apart of that one special shot (which is indeed very strong, but somehow unrieliable) he seems avarage.
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