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ElectricPaladin Enters the Fray!


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Hello everyone! I'm ElectricPaladin on every forum I belong to - and the only ElectricPaladin I've ever seen - so if you have met any ElectricPaladins out there on the Internet, that's me.

I first got into Fantasy in the dying days of 8th Edition, but found it really hard to get on board. Maybe it was the rules, maybe it was just having to buy movement trays on my pitiful teacher's salary. In any case, I hadn't played a lot of Fantasy when the End Times and Age of Sigmar rolled around, and although I enjoyed the one game of AoS I got to play, nobody else in my area was really into it.

The General's Handbook changed that, and now I've got plenty of folks to play with! We're doing a Path to Glory campaign at my FLGS and I'm hoping to start some narrative play after that's done.

I started the game with Seraphon, and while I still love my lizards, an experimental game with some ghouls I had lying around has convinced me to focus on the undead for a while. I really like how the Flesh Eaters play, they're fun and easy to paint, and their background is compelling. I'm looking forward to expanding my Soulblight and Nighthaunts as well, when their battletomes come out.

What else do you want to know about me? I'm a middle school science teacher in Antioch, California, though I live in Oakland and play at Endgame. I live with my wife, two rats (Melly and Sid), and a bearded dragon (Lir) and keep a Russian tortoise (Miranda) at school. I'm (obviously) a professional nerd.

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