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White Dwarf Delayed for All US Subscribers


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Hi all,

If, like me, you have yet to get your subscription copy of White Dwarf #1, there appears to be a reason.

When I called them on Wednesday last week to see when my issue would arrive, they told me to call back after mail delivery on Saturday if I didn't have it yet and they would send a replacement.  I called on Saturday and they were closed (nice).  I called again Monday, and they were closed for the holiday. I called again just now and they said the US Post Office had denied their bulk shipment of the magazine and returned it to the distributor, who reprocessed the issue and sent them again on Friday.

I won't be getting mine until later this week, but gosh, if I still don't have it then, I can call Friday and they will send a replacement that I'll get next Tuesday- almost two weeks after the rest of the world's subscribers, and retail buyers, will have received theirs.


I know I'm getting roughly 3 issues for free by subscribing, but I'm already accepting that my issues will come folded up (to fit in my mail box), and losing "get it early" as well is tough to take.

Question for you all, though - If you are also a US subscriber, do you have yours yet? With how much GW has done right lately, I would hate to think they would lie about this (especially since it's such an easy lie to catch), but when I worked there we had a number of instances of times we were told to deceive customers to save money or for other reasons, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.


Do you, US subscribers, have yours yet?

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